No soodu, no soranai, only Paramashiva!

First, I want to bless ilavarasan and viji: with Paramashiva’s blessings may you live with all prosperity. To all the Kailasavasis of Pallavapuram: with great love and friendship I bless you to live with all prosperity and fulfillment. This is my reply to news18 and gratitude to news 18 for telecasting this news. I don’t agree with the ‘rape case’ and ‘kindapping case’ part of your news in this video. These false cases have been put by people who don’t even know how to put a false case. With the grace of Paramashiva and protection of Kalabhairava, these false and useless cases will drop.

I will explain this ‘no soodu, no soranai…!’

Society is a totality of collective boiling and ignorance. Each one will be fearing what the other thinks of them. Some people spread false news and faulty generalization like ‘Hindu sanyasis are always bad’ those who become victim to these false narratives, lose their life itself. Due to small small reactionary assumptions and confusions and lack of clarity, doing things which will cause big problems is ‘soodu and soranai’.

In your mind, the continuously boiling heat is ‘soodu’. Not knowing who is good, who is bad, and because of the temporary mood swings, doing permanent damage to your life is ‘soodu’. For example, if the wife keeps the coffee on the table and if by mistake, it falls on you, you will shout with foolish reactionary assumptions. It is we who keep ‘soodu’ for ourselves.

Society will rate you, hate you, judge you, attack you, abuse you. Beyond all that, what makes you do what you need to do, is ‘you’. That is your identity and strength. Only then you are a leader.

’no soodu, no soranai, only Paramashiva!’ let me explain what it means. One man asked god, ‘give me a boon where all will accept me.’ god replied, ‘even I don’t have that boon! Everyone has not accepted me!’ by doing what we need to do, let us continuously move towards our intention. If anyone tries to give you trouble or pain, if you explode with the heat, with soodu, it will continue the karma chakra for you. Else, if you have soranai, you will Shrink with guilt. Both are wrong.

Being like Paramashiva is the greatest punishment to all the abusers. Keep doing the divine service without giving any trouble to anyone, without soodu or soranai. Be like Paramashiva. Your abusers will disappear. Nothing will happen to you. I have been beaten for the past 20 years. There is no one who has not trained themselves in hitting by hitting me! But I have not cursed anyone through soodu or died by Shrinking due to the stress of guilt called soranai. If I had to die, I should have died 10,000 times by now.

By Paramashiva’s grace and protection of Kalabhairava, I am in peace, bearing the golden Sundara vadam in my ears, not taking in any of the abuses, internalizing only the thevaram and Tiruvachagam! If you attack through the explosion of soodu, you will not achieve what you want and you will be destroyed.

I have traveled worldwide and have ashrams in 120 countries. I have seen all cultures. From that experience I tell you: the Pallava Kailasavasi youth group: you are a group with good spiritual strength! Worldwide, Hindus have a good name. It is because we attend to our life purpose. In the name of attacking back, we don’t do terrorism. Maximum, we get hurt within ourselves, but later we read the sacred Puranas – stories in Hindu histories and move on. We will understand that no greater abuse can be done to us than what has been done to our great predecessors.

In usa where hindus have settled, the real estate is higher because we are the lowest crime-level people. The schools in their areas will be top level schools. This is what I said in a modern way: no soodu, no soranai! That’s all!

A small request to my pallavapuram kailasa vasis: you are all my friends. Don’t take violence as heroism. Keep on contributing. That is real heroism! Don’t allow the community, caste, politics, cinema, religious leaders to exploit your soodu and soranai.

I came to public life at 21. My gurus did pattabhishekam for me at 14. My three gurus built a small ashram for me. Now I am 42. When the communist parties, due to their own reasons, who felt I was an obstacle to their intentions beat and chased me away from there, if I had soodu or soranai, my life would have ended there. If we gave into soodu or soranai we could not have built establishments in 120 countries.

I always tell, ‘let us live life loving those who love us. There is no time to hate those who hate us.

In the early years in Bengaluru, four Naattukkottai Nagarathars felt I am useful to them. I shared the truths with them. They started building the ashram in the forest and the forest turned into a nation! With Paramashiva’s and Annamalayar’s grace and Kalabhairava’s protection, the fire of enlightenment spread everywhere. It has been 20 years now. But a few people there due to their own reasons tried to grab that property. A few people’s conspiracies put a false rape case on me without a woman and a false kidnapping case on me without any person who was kidnapped. They even put a false case on me for using this fabric printed with a tiger skin pattern!

My two sanyasis are saying in the Indian embassy that they have not been kidnapped but even that they are questioning! So boiling with soodu or having guilt with soranai, is of no use. The only reason how I am able to be focussed on my original intention or goal of life and keep going is ‘no soodu, no soranai, only Paramashiva!’

Let your life goal be honestly contributing to the world. One thing even my enemies accept is: there is no one who has been hit like me. But in spite of that Nithyananda sangha is happening in 120 countries. Nithyananda universities are happening in many countries. 100s of temples we have created in many countries. I have spoken for more than 20,000 hours which has been video recorded. More than 5000 hours, we have already published. 3 billion views is there for my positive/negative videos. Put of that, majority are people who follow my teachings. How long can you see negative videos and pornogrpahy? I have written 700 books with my own hand on a tablet. There are 80,000 pages like that on the sacred scriptures like Bhagavad gita, Upanishad, even articles in earlier days for magazines.

I know Tamil, English and a little of Sanskrit. I am not a graduate. I finished my 10th class and did a polytechnic course.

My gurus brought me up and gave me everything. The one truth they gave me is ‘no soodu no soranai only Paramashiva!’ in this public life, I have focussed only on my contributions. Whether 10 people or 10 lac people were sitting in front me, I continued to tell the truths and do my service. When 10 became 10 lakhs and 10 lakhs again became 10, I was the same. I have seen all the ups and downs!

My strategy is to align to my life goal. If I had allowed all this to affect me, I would have become mad long back. By the grace of Paramashiva, as Paramashiva, I am fulfilling my goal. Shrikailasa is developing diplomatic relations with many countries. We will continue all the good services. Anyone who wants to spoil it, we will send him away saying, ‘no one can stop this mission.’

Today, with the grace of Paramashiva, I will instill the real tyaga in all of us. This is the definition of tyaga: ‘I am Paramashiva, that is the real truth. How can I be so cheap. Drop it.’ if you manifest this cognition, you are Tyagaraja – Paramashiva.

Feb 14th Nithyananada satsang, source:

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