Tyaga is asserting your higher existence by dropping your lower existence.

त्यागेनैके अमृतत्वमानशुः
Tyāgēnaikē amṛtatvamānaśuḥ
It is only by tyaga, that amrittatva – the immortality – the nectarine space, is achieved.

Any fear you have, is nothing but fear of tyaga. Build a fire of tyaga. Then nothing can frighten you in the universe and you will become immortal. It will make you feel that life is already too much of a blessing!

The most beautiful thing that happened in my life is Paramashiva’s grace.

The second most beautiful thing that happened is, taking birth in a small indian village where tyaga is lifestyle!

People just live it! It is not that they are taught and they struggle.

My grandfather had so much wealth. He worked hard and built himself from scratch. He is such a sincere hard worker, but till his last day he went to this office from home by walk or by two-wheeler. No car. He can afford not just one car but cars. I asked him, ‘why don’t you have a car to go to office?’ he patted my cheek and said, ‘just because we have, we should not jump around. We should buy it if needed.’ from home to his office, it is less than one kilometer. He said, ‘I am capable of walking. I go only to two places in my life – the Arunachaleshwara temple and my office. I can walk to both places. Then why car?’

Tyaga was a lifestyle!

My mother is an extreme tyagi, being born in a very good family and married into a very good family. Of course, my father lost all his wealth. His tyaga is, he will never ask money from whom he gave but he will shower money on people! That is the tyaga that he understood! After he was liberated, I saw his ‘black box’. There was absolutely no cunningness! When your soul moves to Kailasa after death, it stops being cunning. See, even when you build a hospital with a cunning context, you will go to Naraka. Even if you do good you might go to Swarga, but your entry into Kailasa will be stopped!

When I went to join Ramakrishna mutt, a great Ramakrishna mutt swami, Gautamananda swami told me, ‘only if you are 18 we can take you as a brahmachari.’ I said, ‘I have not completed 18.’ legally speaking they are not supposed to accept me because if my father files a case, they can be in trouble! But I told him, ‘please keep me in the mutt, because my gurus told me I should get trained in the Ramakrishna mutt.’ he said, ‘get me your parents, I will talk to them and decide.’ how to call my parents? They will not agree! I have run away and come! I told Gautamananda swami, ‘give me a few days, I will convince them and get them.’ he said, ‘till then, be in the guest house and do volunteer service. You cannot have the mantra deeksha initiation or the shikha (tuft of hair) or the brahmachari dress. I said, ‘ok let me at least be in this breathing space.’

In a few days, my parents came to know that I have run away to Ramakrishna mutt and they came. I spoke to them and did all the drama. They went to Gautamananda Swami and touched his feet. He said beautifully, ‘getting a son who wants to do tyaga is very rare. It is a blessing. Allow him, he will liberate all your 7 janmas by his spiritual contribution.’

Gauatamananda Swami himself is a great tyagi who lives the principles of tyaga. So what he spoke clicked with my parents. My mother is a sweet tyagi type of person. Immediately they fell at his feet and said, ‘we are giving him to you. Please groom and train him.’ he said, ‘take them for a meal.’ he is a revered vice president of the Ramakrishna mission and president of the Chennai mutt. He will never allow anyone to go without food. My parents came out, and kept a few rupees at his feet like a pranami and said, ‘we are giving our son also to you along with this 10 rupees.’ he said, ‘alright! Leave him in the temple and put this money in the hundi and handover him to Ramakrishna and you go!’. That’s all! Some of the greatest tyagis I have seen in my life.

In every level of life, tyaga is needed. It is actually a power! It is not the english word ‘sacrifice’. It is more like a negative translation. If I have to translate the word tyaga properly as it is used in Kailasa, I will say: tyaga is asserting your higher existence by dropping your lower existence.

Assert you are Paramashiva and go on dropping your fears.

  • Dropping the items is the first level tyaga.
  • Dropping patterns is the second level tyaga.
  • Dropping your emotions is the third level tyaga.
  • Dropping your SDHD (self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial) is the fourth level tyaga.
  • Dropping your root pattern is the fifth level tyaga.
  • Dropping your fears is the ultimate tyaga!

Once you drop your fears, you are Paramashiva. Then greed will not be your last enemy. Fear will be your last enemy.

In the war, the king always comes last, like in the Rama-Ravana yuddha, Ravana comes last. Same way, the last one will be fear, not greed.

Do not take decisions instigated by delusory fears and reactionary assumptions. That is the highest tyaga. 

Because I renounced the delusory fears, I know the real dangers and I can easily win in my life. And I am continuously winning!

Many people fear even in the dream – like they are being beaten or as if they running away from chasing elephants, tigers in that imaginary fear. And in that fear, they kick the wife sleeping next to them! That is the real danger! So don’t act out of illusory fears, you will create real danger. I am not joking! Many times, we miss the real danger in the illusory fear.

Sacrifice! Go on doing tyaga of all fears like feeling terrorized, being pushed to take decision due to fear. Then you will see the real danger is never a danger. And you will know how to solve it.

Each emotion releases certain hormones and chemicals intensely in your body. Fear, stress and lust release intense powerful, toxic, chemicals. Same way, tyaga releases amritattva, nectar in you intensely. Example: if you are suffering with anxiety related to work, decide: ‘I am going to face what comes. I have decided to do tyaga’, you will see the nectar getting flooded in your body! You will be so successful! Even you will be shocked how you have transformed so much. If your body is struggling with a disorder, decide tyaga, no food.

Do tyaga of food and sleep. You will see your whole systems aligns.

For problems with the head, do tyaga of your mental patterns. For problems of the heart, do tyaga of your emotions. For problems with your ananda gandha, do tyaga of all your fears.

Tyaga is life. Whenever I heal people, I breathe only tyaga energy of Kailasa into their system. They get healed. The amritattva happens.

In every level, breathe tyaga in your life. You will be successful. Keep giving up, giving up, giving up! You may think, ‘Swamiji says don’t give up. Now he is saying to give up.’ there is a big difference between the two! Only if you give up all your delusory patterns and fears only, will find the real patterns. Don’t convert illusory danger into real danger like kicking the wife in the sleep!

When I sacrificed my family at the age of 14, Paramashiva made this larger family for hinduism – Nithyananda Sangha – for me! At the age of 41, I sacrificed the whole of humanity.

It is through tyaga that life is achieved, manifested; all the auspicious and best things are achieved.

Whether you are a grihastha or sanyasi, tyaga is the core of life. Most powerful life positive principle is tyaga. For sanyasis: sarvavid tyaga – all the great things are manifested by tyaga.

I can see just a handful of sanyasis whose tyaga is the whole Ramakrishna sampradya, whose tyaga is the whole Swaminarayan sampradaya. Tyaga of sanyasis does the greatest contributions to the world.

’Strategic tyaga’ like thinking, ‘let me give up my grihastha life and become sanyasi’ is much simpler and initial level tyaga. But everyday, sacrificing your negative patterns, laziness patterns, is the real tyaga.

I have seen people do these initial level sacrifices. You can even do it even to escape from responsibilities. But tyaga of violence in order to be in the Paramashanta swarupa is the ultimate tyaga.

Strategic tyaga is easy. But everyday spontaneous tyaga is the real tyaga. It is not difficult. Assert you higher being. Ask yourself, ‘I am Paramashiva. How can I be this cheap?’

Whether your greed or fear come in front of you, cognize: ‘I am Paramashiva. How can I have these cheap fears?’ Tyaga is asserting your ultimate reality and dropping your lower identity.

Tyage naike amritattva manusu.

Write this 108 times in your facebook and post it. Tyaga makes the immortality as a reality. It makes you manifest immortality – amritattva. It makes you experience nithyatva – eternal ‘is’ness.

If you decide to sacrifice your fears, anxieties, anger, violence, it brings such healing in your system; the impact of adrenaline in your system is drastically reduced; it detoxifies your whole system. The toxic impact of adrenalin makes you take decisions in delusion. It gives you a wrong idea about your enemy and your strength. It gives you a wrong idea of even who is your enemy! Do tyaga, you will understand who is your real enemy and who is your real friend.

Life will become intensely clear if you decide to cognize tyaga in your life. Think: ‘I am Paramashiva, how can I be this cheap?’ go on doing tyaga by asserting your identity as Paramashiva.

Asserting your reality that you are Paramashiva and dropping all other identities fears, everything is tyaga.

From Kaivalya upanishad, verse 3, which is also called as ‘sanyasa sukta’

न कर्मणा न प्रजया धनेन त्यागेनैके अमृतत्वमानशुः ।
परेण नाकं निहितं गुहायां विभ्राजदे तद्यतयो विशन्ति ॥१॥
Na karmaṇā na prajayā dhanēna tyāgēnaikē amṛtatvamānaśuḥ ।
Parēṇa nākaṃ nihitaṃ guhāyāṃ vibhrājadē tadyatayō viśanti

It means: neither by actions, nor by (acquiring) progeny and wealth, but by renunciation alone is immortality attained.(that supreme state) is far beyond the highest heaven, and the sages perceive it, hidden in the cave of the heart, shining brilliantly therein.

‘prajaya’ for a householder means ‘your next next generations’. If you are a king, it means ‘all your citizens’.
‘dhanena’ means ‘resources’. It means that neither by karma nor by progeny or by resources, only by tyaga, immortality is achieved, realized, the supreme reality, ‘the Parama satya’ is manifested. This Parama satya is far behind the highest heaven.

Feb 14th Nithyananada satsang, source: nithyanandapedia.org

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