Why the solutions you give others don’t work for you?

Humanity suffers from 1 disease – wrong association – dussanga. When you are not associated with you but with your powerlessness, you are in dussanga. When you give words as solution to others, you don’t associate with others’ powerlessness. That is why you are conscious and clear. But the same words when you use to get the solution to your own problems, you associate with your powerlessness. That is why you become unconscious and the solutions don’t work for you.

Keep enriching others.

Continuously when you will see that the spiritual solutions are working for them, you will see that for your won problems also these solutions work. When you give spiritual solutions to others, you are in the right space. Again and again when you are in the right inner space, you are more time in completion, you become mature. Then you will see that the same right inner space also gives the solution for your problem because you learn how to use the right inner space.

First bring distance between you and your powerlessness.

Don’t try to hide your Powerlessness inside you and don’t celebrate it either. Know clearly, nobody is interested in your powerlessness. Don’t encourage your powerlessness. Powerlessness destroys you physically and psychologically both levels. The problem is the inner space with which you work with others is different from the inner space you use to work with you.

If you are in the space of completion even for few moments, you will experience a new different consciousness.Same way, being in the state of incompletion few moments, years of tapas and spiritual growth can be destroyed. Continuously keep enriching others. Help everyone complete with their root thought patterns. People should importantly be given the science of completion.

Completion or incompletion are not logical. They are vertical truths.When you are incomplete, in one moment you can straight fall down.When you are complete, in one moment you can fly.


    1. Space of completion=mindful=aware=observational and accepting. Life is so beautiful when we take a step back and allow that natural mindful conscious state. Thanks for your words!


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