Completion needs tremendous love and care

Completion is the lubricant with which you will clean, overhaul the whole inner-space. It has to be done with tremendous love and care. You will open your Being only when there is a complete security for you, only when you feel your Whole Being will be safe. See, only when you know the spare-parts will not be destroyed, you will open yourself. I know, in your young age, all of you would have done – I have done it – with a lot of love , enthusiasm and excitement, dismantling the alarm clock, and then hanging it over in a carry bag! How many of you have done it? I have done it! Dismantling anything in the house, whether it is an alarm clock or watch, or something, you dismantle it with all your excitement and joy and, finally, somebody comes to you house, some guests, or your parents who have gone out, they come back, you don’t know what to do, you put the whole thing in a carry bag and hang it! You can’t open you unless you are sure the spare-parts will not be lost, you will be able to put it back. The person who dismantles it can put it back. He doesn’t need to put it in a carry bag and hang it in the wall. There was a time when the house where I was born and brought up, in the walls, every nail will have a carry bag!

So, you cannot dismantle your Being in that space. It can be dismantled only in a very deep loving space, a powerful loving space, and lubricated, assembled back for the smooth functioning forever and ever and ever.

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