O my dear, live Advaitha!

I tell you, go on showing love from the context of Advaitha; you will have so much fulfilment, I am telling you! Even when I act as if I am not showing love, I “act”, so that you just understand, you are told, ‘Hey, you are not doing right things!’ That’s all! ‘You will have to come to the space of Advaitha!’ That’s all! Nothing else!

So, understand, when you are a kid, if you go and ask your mom, ‘Give me…give me mom one rupee. I want to get ice-cream. I want to buy this…’, your mom will tell, ‘Alright! Wipe all the doors and windows. I will give you one rupee.’ How many of you have experienced this in your life? I have experienced! If you ask something, she will tell you. That does not mean your mom hates you and takes work out of you, and only if you work you will be given. No! She just wants to teach you something. She just wants you to understand some principle. Nothing else! Otherwise, what she is giving, can you equate it based on what work you have done? No! It can never be equated, understand! She is trying to tell you something, she is trying to make you understand something.

I tell you, whether my love, or my showing anger, or whatever, I tell you, it is purely just to make you live Advaitha. With all integrity, I can tell, keeping Kalabhairava as a witness, everything from me, whether it is a loving body language, whatever words….whether it is a loving word or a sharp word, courtesy word or very curt word, past, present, future, anything, anything which comes from me is purely….it has only one meaning: ‘O my dear, live Advaitha!’ That’s all! Whether you get the word in the satsangh or in the Sangha meeting or in personal interview or in Kalpataru, all my words, with integrity I am telling you, have only one meaning: ‘O my dear, let us live Advaitha!’ That’s all! And there is no other meaning, there is no other interpretation.

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