I tell you, O my dear ones, with tremendous love I tell you, don’t be agitated to practice Advaitha. And, remember, my love is so powerful, it comes from Advaitha. Allow it to sink in your life. When it comes back to me, by that time it would have made you an Advaithi! Love OF the Master engulfs you, fills you, completes you, and raises you to the space of Advaitha, and comes back as love FOR the Master. So, just wait; allow my love to sink in you. When a Master’s love, love OF the Master is showered on you, suddenly you feel that nothing in the world matters anymore; matter does not matter anymore; you feel you are on top of the world; everything is forgotten! That is what I call “Visishta Advaitha”. Means, you feel that everything is part of you, you are part of everything. And then, when the love FOR the Master starts in you, you feel in the world there is nothing else other than you and the Master, nothing else matters! When the circle is complete, you understand there is no you and the Master; you be the Master!

I tell you, Advaitha is the fact, is the truth. Fighting with Advaitha is utter foolishness! Saying, ‘No, no, no…that cannot be practiced…’, is utter ignorance! Today or tomorrow you HAVE to land up only in that space. Already you postponed enough for janmas (many lifetimes)! Landing up in the space of Advaitha, now don’t postpone any more. No need to waste life. All success happens from Advaitha. All failures are happening from the fighting with Advaitha. The space of Advaitha is a simple fact. I don’t even want to use the word “truth”, because it is loaded with so much of meaning. I just want to say, it is a simple “fact”.

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