One of my biggest miracle

Understand, one of my biggest miracles….. To a few people I was talking one day and asking them, ‘What do you think is my biggest miracle?’ Somebody said, ‘Oh, this whole Sangha is your miracle!’ Somebody said, ‘The way you heal people is miracle!’ Somebody said, ‘All this materialization which you are doing is miracle!’ But, I tell you, in this Information Age still I am keeping this as a secret; here you can get advaithic experience is the biggest miracle! Still the world does not know you can get the best here! How much ever you try to tell the world, nobody listens, you see! Keeping that greatest, valuable thing secretly, and giving it only to the qualified people, that is the biggest miracle. So, understand, the most valuable thing you can get from me is the Space of Advaitha.

Now I am giving; please receive it and live it.

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