Pornography – Lust, Food, Sound

See, the lust pattern is created in you because you did not enjoy love.  When the love is experienced and the fulfilment starts, even you will be surprised how your lust pattern has melted down.  You will feel cheated by your lust pattern.  You will really feel cheated by your lust pattern. ‘You fellow, trusting you! I have done so many things of building a house, catching a wife! Building a whole family. Suddenly when I am kept everything ready you are not there!’ Trusting your lust pattern and building your life is like trusting your sneezing and building a Hot House!  

Because you sneezed once, you never, ever, wanted that again, you create a special temperature house around you and you carry that with you wherever you go.  For a simple sneezing do you need that big a solution?

Same way, many time the lust pattern is nothing more than a sneezing, but you have built so many things just for that one pattern.  By the time you built and prepared everything and looking in, that pattern is not there!  ‘Aiyyaiyyo!’  Understand because, for the lust pattern when you build whatever you need, somewhere you will hit and experience love.  Suddenly because of that love, the lust pattern loses its power.  

Why do you think pornography has become such a large multi-million dollar industry in the Planet Earth?  

Because the foolish fellows are cheated by the actual lust pattern, because they worked so much for it, by the time they completed the work and looking in to the lust pattern it has disappeared!  It is like there’s a small plant, small mango tree going up, and you feel, ‘Wow!  The Mango is going to happen and let me fence it!’  You go around and fence and do everything.  And by the time you come back, the plant is dead! You walk six kilometre and cut the wood, five kilometres and brought the thorns, two kilometres and brought the rope, one kilometre and brought the scaffolding and you tied everything. When you get there plant is dead!  So then what to do?  Come on at least bring pornography! In trying to infuse power into the dead pattern is pornography, understand.

 Whether it is food or lust, anything!  A big, big advertisements for food, the McDonald’s tower, is food pornography. The big, big burgers advertisement is food pornography!  Trying to infuse interest into the dead patterns and making it look like larger than life is pornography.  It does not need to be restricted only to lust.  Food – in every field!  And ear-abusing Rock Band are also sound pornography!  Ear-abusing Rock Bands!  I defined Pornography, understand.  It is not restricted just to lust.  

In any field trying to infuse interest into the pattern which does not have power over you, but, because you believe that pattern has a power and you built your life, now the pattern is dead you realize your life is empty, you want to give false pseudo life to that pattern, you put ventilator on that pattern,  is pornography.  

Through ventilator you can keep somebody alive, but not living! You can keep somebody alive, but not living.  That is why pornographists may keep the lust pattern alive, but not living.

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