Living Advaitha – VIII

..continued from Living Advaitha VII

Yes….I will start on the process of Living Advaitha, the Teamily.  I will continue.

See, when you work with all your incompletions, I gave you the time today, with the help of teamily, you will pen down all the incompletions you need to complete with, to achieve your authentic identity.  Please listen!  Just like the same cloth, because of confusion, gets into a knot and fights with the same cloth….it is the same one piece cloth, but when it starts getting confused about itself, when it is not sure about itself, it gets locked here and there and gets knotted.  Once the knot happens, the cloth itself is fighting with itself, neither it is going to be useful, nor it is going to have longevity.  It will destroy itself.  That is exactly, our own inner-space is doing.  I don’t want to use the word “mind” for inner-space, because the word “mind” is polluted too much.  Our own inner-space is doing to ourselves.  This is what our own inner-space is doing to itself; that is the right word.

You can see, the deep tiredness you cherish, kind of a deep-rooted pattern of “Give up” that is the source of all your tiredness, boredom and pain.  Don’t ever entertain that, please understand.  Don’t ever entertain that.  Whatever field you may be in, you might have achieved the peak of your field, you would have taken up a career in a Company and become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), but, still if you have not completed with the deep-rooted pattern of giving up, you have not seen your peak, please be very clear.  You may be accidental Prime Minister, accidental Chief Executive Officer, accidental Chief Minister, accidental religious leader, accidental Adheeenam.  You may not have achieved your full potential.

Please listen!  See, from the young age people who oppose you, people whom you think are against you, it will not be some top big guys, like a Prime Minister, President of the country is opposing you; a mithaiwala who sells candy in your street corner.  All your enemies will be only that level.  You gave fifty paise, he gave candy only for forty-five paise, and five paise he cheated you.  These are the complaints you start developing in your life.  When you start building the idea that some enemies you have, some people are cheating you, some are exploiting you, slowly, slowly, your over-remembrance about them makes you shrink and stops you deciding in your continuous expansion.  That is why, in our Gurukul I said, even getting the fruits and eating in the garden…..

Rishi Advaith was saying, ‘We will get all the mangoes and serve them one day in the lunch or dinner.’  I said, ‘Have you eaten like that when you were a child?’  When you steal and eat only, it is tasty!  Not when it is served for everyone!  So, have more trees. Now you don’t even need to use the word “stealing”.  If it is banned and they do it, only then you can call it “stealing”.  We should not even use the word “stealing” for our kids, because we never banned them.  I only tell them, ‘Tell your tree; let it give ten times more mangoes, and all of you enjoy; that’s all!’  So, there is no question of stealing, because they are the owners, they are the inheritors.  So, it is their own father’s property.  You cannot even use the word “stealing”.  But, anyhow, we always feel it is tastier when we directly pluck, and eat, share only with people whom we love.  That is a kind of a pattern with which we start growing.  Anyhow… is okay.

Listen!  The idea I am trying to convey to you, the over-remembrance of enemies and the enmity constantly tires you.  It is like the A/C machine (air-conditioner) is switched on even when you are travelling somewhere else.  Even when you are away, the A/C machine is running whole day and night!  When you enter the room, it is repaired. You have gone away two years somewhere, and that A/C machine is switched on, and it is constantly running day and night!  If it is constantly running whether you are there or not!  When you come back, the machine will be repaired and you won’t have any cooling effect?  Please listen, that is exactly what you are doing with your inner-space.  The over-remembrance of your enmity and enemy uses all your energy constantly, and when you really need power, you don’t have!  Like the A/C machine is used all the time, but when you really need it, it will not work, it will not be useful.  The constant remembrance of enmity and enemy will do the over-work of the inner-space, when you really need power, you won’t have it!  Please listen, the constant remembrance of enemy or enmity damages your inner-space so much, even for a small decision, you have to go through so much to come to the conclusion.  You have to go through so much to come to the conclusion!

Listen!  Because of the constant cherishing of enmity or enemy, you come to the space, kind of, giving up.  That giving up, please listen, that giving up is the most dangerous pattern, I can say, poisonous strategy you built about your life.  Poisonous strategy!  I wanted to remind all of you this word – “poisonous strategy”. Even if you are poisoned physically, you can be cured, you can be recovered.  But if your strategy about life is poisoned, nothing, nothing can be done!  Completion with your strategy about life immediately makes you enlightened.  Completion with your perception about life, Completion with your conversation about life!

Listen!  Because your classmate stole two candies from your hand, you decide never to store them in your hand, always eat it away.  That decision can go up to your whole life and never let you save for future, always spending it away!  That small pattern can run throughout your life.  Till the end, it can make you decide never to store or save, go on spending it, because, the subtle, constant fear that it will be taken away, will be there.  When constantly the fear, the remembrance, the over-remembrance…..

Please understand, the over-remembrance of non-reality, non-existential information, is “Perversion”.  The over-remembrance of the joy which is non-existential becomes “Greed”.  The over-remembrance of the fear which is non-existential becomes “Getting Terrorized”.  Understand, the over-remembrance of the joy which is non-existent becomes “Greed”.  The over-remembrance of the pain which is non-existent becomes “Fear”.  The over-remembrance!

People come and ask me sometimes, ‘Swamiji, give me memory power.’  I think, ‘Oh, God!  You don’t know what you are asking, the mess you are getting into!’

The over-remembrance, over-remembrance of the past failures and enemy can completely make you psychologically impotent.  Understand?  Psychologically impotent!  That is why, in India, we infuse the right remembrance.  All the great spiritual practices in India, if you see, we will always be infusing the right remembrance.  If you are afraid of death, you are asked to meditate on it and come to terms with it.  Understand, coming to terms with it is not accepting or committing suicide.  You are not asked to commit suicide in Varanasi; but you are asked to come to terms with that reality.  Your suffering is because of over-remembrance about death, not about the real death.

In this Inner Awakening in Varanasi, you are going to go through a unique, special death process, and in the same space of Vishwanatha, where I myself went through!  Listen!  Listen!  It is not committing suicide, or it is not inviting death earlier; it is just becoming powerful about death, not falling into powerlessness by the remembrance and indirect reminders of death, understand?  Indirect reminders of death is what?  Old age, disease….!  Remembrance or the reminders of death should not make you powerless.  That is all is “coming to terms with death”.

I sincerely recommend and request, if any of you want to do something best to your father and mother, send them to Varanasi Inner Awakening.  That will be the greatest gift, best gift you can give to them.  Send them to Varanasi.  Because, I can guarantee, they will come to terms with death!  Death, and reminders of death, they will not make them powerless.  Understand, memory of death, and reminders of death, both are separate.  Memory of death is you thinking about death.  Reminders of death is even your grey hair!  One hair which has become white, from that to any disease, all of that is reminders of death!  Nothing of this will make you powerless.  Reminders of death will not make you powerless.

So, please understand, the over-remembrance of enemy or enmity can psychologically make you impotent, unable to decide about anything in life.  And, when you sit with your teamily, you will find the deep-rooted wounds which happened in your life, which is responsible for your constant shrinking decisive mentality.

I have seen some of the people who come to volunteer or programmes, constantly they will be shrinking!  I have one Brahmachari; all the time where he is, nobody knows!  He is from some bhoota loka!  Really!  That is why I gave him the name “Come back to the Eternal Space”, don’t be in the bhoota space.  “To come back to the Real Space”!  Eternal Space means, Real Space!

This psychological impotency happens because of constant remembrance about your enemy, enmity, failures.  Please understand, don’t confuse psychological impotency with psychological mutation.  Mutation is totally different!  Mutation is coming to terms with reality and going beyond the necessity of the external world.  Psychological impotency means – listen – psychological impotency means, unable to believe anything is possible, deciding it is impossible before even you start!

So, I give you a few more days, for all of you to pen down your incompletions, based on the input of the teamily and your own contemplation.  Finally, the whole thing will boil down to your psychological impotency, your own decisions about yourself strongly.  See, the decisions like, ‘I can’t do Yoga every day’, is done in a superficial muscle-memory level.  Decisions like, ‘I can’t quit smoking’, is done little deeper muscle-memory level.  Decisions like, ‘I can’t fly!  I am a man or woman.  Woman or man are not designed for flying’, all these decisions are made in bio-memory level.  Any impossibility is impossibility with which you need to complete.  How many of you still dream once in a while as if you are flying in the dream?  (People raise their hands).  You guys are blessed!  You should complete with your decision of not to fly.  I am not saying you will start flying, but if you complete with the decision, the heaviness which grounds you all the time will melt down.  You don’t need to fly; but if you are confident of flying, your decisions constantly in your life will be in flying colours!  People who dream that they fly have higher possibility for getting enlightened by working on their Jaagrath-Swapna-Sushupthi (Waking-Dream-Deep Sleep states).  By working on their Waking, Dream, and Deep Sleep states, they have higher possibility for enlightenment!  Listen!  That is why I am saying, every impossibility, whether it is as simple as, ‘I can’t do morning Yoga”, or as difficult and complicated as, “I can’t fly”, should be completed.

Listen!  Whether it is dog’s one-two-three, or your own one-two-three, it has to be cleaned!  Both cannot be allowed inside the house.  Whether it is as simple as ‘I cannot do Yoga’, to as difficult as ‘I cannot fly’, the whole thing has to be completed.  And, I tell you, if you complete as simple things as ‘I cannot do morning Yoga, I cannot wake up in the early morning’, ‘I am not able to stop fighting with my husband; the moment I see him, all my Kundalini awakens in the wrong direction’, these simple things if you complete, suddenly you will have such a possibility opening up!  Completing with big, big patterns like, ‘I cannot fly’, will not be difficult at all!  You will simply do it!  You will simply do it!

Few more days we have time to complete with all the incompletions with your teamily, with all the incompletions.  So, understand, may be after two days – tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow – the third day, I will start the Completion process.  Because, unless you dig out, dig out, dig out, dig out, dig out all the incompletions, starting the Completion process is going to be useless.  Dig out everything; I will put fire once for all and finish all the incompletions!  Let us not do it part by part, part by part; because, sometimes if you think there are some ideas, thoughts which are not your incompletions, which is your own, but which are incompletions, if I put fire on them, you will feel as if I am burning you, not your incompletion!  So, before I put fire, you need to know, which is your tumour and which is your muscle.  Otherwise, you will try to fight with me saying that I am putting fire on your muscle.  I never do that!  I only put fire on your tumour.  I only cut your tumour, never your muscle.  Neither one inch low or one inch more, one inch more or one inch less; I am a precise surgeon!  I neither bring unnecessary suffering to you, nor bring unnecessary complications to you.  I neither support your incompletion, nor will bring one inch extra suffering to you.  I operate with tremendous compassion, love as anaesthesia!

So, please listen, my love is the space in which I operate.  My compassion is the space in which I operate.  So, that is why I wanted two more days for all of you to recognize your incompletion.  Once you recognize, destroying them is my job.  Even now I can get into your inner-space and finish off all your incompletions, but you will abuse me, complain about me that I am hurting you, because, many of your incompletions, you strongly believe them as you.  You stop believing them as you, destroying them, completing them is my responsibility.

(After a fe

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