Living Advaitha – X

…continued from Living Advaitha IX

Listen, from today, we will start moving towards Completion.  The first step you should take is, listen, now you wrote all the incompletions.  It can be as less as twenty-five, thirty, or as huge as one-thousand, two-thousand.  Now decide from this moment this incompletions will not have power over your decision or cognition.  Listen.  Understand the meaning of this word.  Even till you complete, these incompletions cannot have power over your cognition, your decision-making.  You can sit and complete all these day by day, one by one.

 See it’s like a elephants; I have seen temple elephants eating.  They will catch hold of a huge bunch of sugarcanes.  They will eat the sugarcane one by one, or two-three.  But, till they complete eating, till they eat also they will not allow anybody else to come and touch the sugarcanes.  Once they declare it is theirs, it is theirs!  They may be slowly eating, or not eating, they may eat even tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, but no one can touch it!  Same way, you may complete tomorrow or day-after-tomorrow, but those incompletions cannot have power over you, be very clear!

Declare Completion NOW!  You know all this is incompletions. Understand, Completion works more with your conscious decision. Completion works more with your conscious decision.

Completion is more a conscious decision, less a technique. Pranayama, Yoga, all of them are more a technique, less a conscious decision. Completion more conscious decision, less technique.  Means, your decision plays a major role in completing than actual technique. You just decide now you are complete….over!

I never did in my life sitting and reliving, going through or looking at the mirror twenty-four hours.  I never did all these things.  Simply my Masters showed me, ‘Hey, this is incompletion!  Drop it.’  Over!

So, it is your decision that plays major role. See this penning down is like a identification.  Now what you penned down, even if it is twenty-five page, you should paste it next to your bed.  And every day for next few days, you should read that and tell yourself, ‘I am complete with all these.’  After a few days, you will be bored to read them, because they have no more power over you.  Then you can tear them and put it in the dustbin.  You should feel bored to read your incompletions; then you are COMPLETE.  You should feel, ‘What is this?  This looks like somebody else had all this!  Why am I reading?’

See when I speak to some of the people come to me for healing. Recently, some people came to me for healing, psychological suffering.  They came to India from both side Muslim countries after being tortured.  And you know worst thing, it is not that only Hindus are tortured in Bangladesh and Pakistan; many Muslims are tortured and they run away to India for a peaceful life.  So some of them came to attend the satsang and have the blessing.  When I listened to their problems and the deep – I am honestly telling you, with all my compassion and love for that soul, I put my hand on them and attended to them, healed them, but for a moment I thought, ‘Oh God!  Thank God I was born in Bharat.  Let us keep this Bharat alive!’  Because I can’t even imagine this amount of suffering can be put into people.  I was so shocked!

Same way, I have seen some of the Sri Lankan Tamils who moved to Toronto and Malaysia, even in Tamil Nadu, when they come for healing, ask for healing, Oh God, when I put my hand on them and try to heal, the amount of pain!  Only then you will understand all your incompletions are foolishness!  Because you don’t have suffering, you just create suffering. If you have gone through the real torture in the life, you will not torture yourself, because you are too busy in handling the real torture.  Most of the time, the torture we create for ourselves is just because no work, like entertainment you start creating!

Understand all the incompletions you wrote should look like meaningless.  Till then go on reading it every day and declare Completion.  When you feel some of them you don’t even remember them anymore, you can scratch them.  I wanted all of you to do this very sincerely. One side, the authentic inner-image, outer-image, life-image, others-image; the other side, all the incompletions you are supposed to complete to achieve that authenticity. This is the process for Authenticity.

Integrity to Advaitha, Authenticity to Advaitha, Responsibility from Advaitha – responding from Advaitha is Responsibility; Enriching the world with Advaita; Causing everyone to experience Advaita; is the goal of me and our Sangha, understand?  Integrity all of you know; it is very easy and simple.  For practicing how it is I don’t know; that is up to you.  But, for understanding, it is very easy.  Authenticity is what we are doing now.  The whole process is about Authenticity.  To bring authentic Advaithic experience into you, this whole teamily exercise.

Every day I wanted you to read all the incompletions and declare Completion. ‘These incompletions will not have any more power over me’.  And there are a few incompletions, may be like a pain point in you, they will be the pain factor.  Complete with them.  Complete with them.  Complete with them.

Because today’s satsangh is all about the technique, all about the process.  So, listen. Even you understanding Completion is more a decision, less a technique, is very important for you to do it.  Even you understanding Completion is not much to do with DOING, it is less to do with DOING, much to do with understanding, deciding.  Even you clearly understanding which part is tumour and which part is your body, which is your organ and which is the tumour, that understanding itself makes the tumour powerless, understand?  Tumour also gets power from you.  The moment you understand it is not part of you, it loses power over you, the energy supply towards it is stopped.

One: Place all your incompletions and the authentic identity you have to achieve, both, next to your bed.  That is the first instruction.

Second: Every day read these incompletions and declare, decide you will be complete and you will not allow these incompletions to be in your cognition or decision-making.  You will go on be completing it.  Even till you complete, just because you understood they are incompletions, you will not allow them to be part of your cognition any more.

 Just these two is what I want you to do today.  I’ll give further instructions tomorrow.

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