Living Advaitha XIII

…continued from Living Advaitha XII

I gave few days’ time for that Living Advaitha process participants with a certain homework, the homework of penning down the reality you want to cause, and each one in your teamily, the reality they want to cause, sharing it with the whole teamily.

Listen. Incarnation is a person who makes the ultimate spiritual truth psychologically easy to practice in every Age. Listen, every Age the human-being psychology changes – your fears changes, your love changes, your greed changes, your pain changes, your difficulties changes, your comforts changes. See, the time of Rama, the fear of people is animals, demons. That is why he has to be all the time with a bow and arrow and he has to show himself as master of bow and arrow. But now, we don’t need bow and arrow, because, through bow and arrow I can’t protect any of you. Forget about protecting me, I can’t protect any of you, because our fears have changed, our pains have changed. It is no more the wild animals threatening us. We are threatening their existence. It is no more our fear. Our fears have changed. Demons don’t come with big teeth; they come with OB van. No, I am not saying all OB vans are demons. Listen! So, our fears have changed, our pains have changed, our comforts have changed, our way of thinking has changed.

In every Age, please listen, if these seven items change, means –

  • our greed,
  • our fear,
  • our concerns, worries,
  • and the way what we think as love,
  • and the comparison, the way we compare,
  • and our identity,
  • and our satisfaction of life; means, our lifestyle.

These seven, all these seven are related to your seven Energy Centres, Chakras. If these seven changes, all these seven changes, one Age has changed, one Yuga is over. Please understand; I am defining Yuga. If these seven changes, one new Yuga has happened. In every Yuga, your psychology functions in a different way.

I will repeat:

  1. Your desires – Mooladhara,
  2. Your fears – Swadishtana,
  3. Your concerns – Manipuraka,
  4. What you think as love, what you love – Anahata,
  5. With which you compare yourself – Vishuddhi,
  6. Your identity, with what you identify yourself – Ajna,
  7. Lifestyle – Sahasrara,

If these seven changes, one Yuga changes, one Age is over.

In every Age, naturally your psychology functions in a different way. Beings who happen in every Age and make the ultimate principles, the Advaitha, user-friendly, easily applicable, easily practicable in your day-to-day life, are ‘incarnations’.

This whole teamily process, making you experience Advaitha with people around you, with your body. Please understand; I am not lying. You can actually make your organs listen to you. You can just say, ‘Hey, liver, what, from today morning you are doing some gada bada, gada bada. Heal yourself.’ ‘Hey heart what are you up to? Why are you so fast? Get settled.’ You can talk to them. They will listen to you. Just little Completion is required with them; that’s all. You built certain incompletion. You see, just like when you built some incompletion with your friends, there is no talking terms. Same way, you built incompletions with your organs, you are not in talking terms with them; that’s all. Just because you are not in talking terms with them, don’t think you can never talk to them. With your body, with the people around you, bringing Advaitha is my way of teaching you to make Advaitha user-friendly, understand? This is the best, most efficient way of making the ultimate principles as your lifestyle day-to-day, user-friendly, practical; most easiest. Please understand, what I am sharing with you is the message for this Yuga.

Ultimate principles are same. What Vasishta taught Rama, Krishna taught Arjuna, Mahadeva taught to Devi, Kapila taught to his own mother, I am teaching to you; the ultimate principle is the same. Each of them time; see, when I assume your psychology and your physiology, means, this time available physiology and psychology, and bring those principles to penetrate through this, you get the best version of those principles to be practiced in your physiology and psychology as easily as possible. Because, the way in which that Advaitha penetrates this body and mind, it will penetrate your body and mind, it will become part of your body and mind. So, this teamily process makes Advaitha as reality for you.

Sometime you may feel this process is too simple for you, these are all for beginners. No. Listen. In every step, the success you feel brings you the courage and fulfilment, understand? In every step, the success you feel brings you the courage and fulfilment. I tell you, anything you think as too simple for you and reject, and pick up too complicated things and struggle, takes away your courage to travel, takes away your excitement and joy to travel. So, even though you think this is too simple for the initial level people, please get in. You will understand, sometime through the process I just awaken the excitement and feeling ‘so simple’ in you. When you make a kid jump and cross a small stick, it is not that you were thinking the child cannot jump and then you made him jump. No. You are just teaching him the excitement of jumping, the joy of jumping. Understand, most of the time, which you think as very simple and reject, even through simple things, some of the qualities need to be awaken in you, you may miss that. Don’t reject.

Now the teamily process which I am sharing with you all is very simple. What I am saying, just prepare the list of what you want to cause as reality, and make your team also list out, and all of you share. It looks ‘How can this be Advaitha? For Advaitha, you have to go to forest and sit under a tree, if banyan tree is there great otherwise some tree, and you have to close your eyes and meditate till your hair grows and penetrates into the earth like a root. How can that Advaitha happen by this small paper and pen?

Please listen. It happens. That’s the first statement I want to make.

Second, with this process I will prove you are able to cause what you want to cause, so that excitement, joy, strength, which is awakened in you will become a great support for me inside you. I need my man inside you. The joy you carry, the bliss you carry, is my man inside you, my person inside you, so that constantly you are excited to live Advaitha. First I have to plant my person inside you. Only then you will not give up in-between. I know the modern mind; it wants instantaneous, quick, immediate result; only then it will even continue to listen. I know.

Somebody told me, ‘Swamiji, your satsanghs are super hit. I am hooked to it. Because, anywhere I click, switch on, anywhere I start listening, in two minute I get a click.’ I have to design the whole satsangh like that. You watch any satsangh anywhere in-between; means, pick up any satsangh I gave any number of years before; you don’t have to start from the beginning or in the end; just go in the middle; within two minutes, means that is the maximum your attention span, within two minutes you will have a strong click. You are hooked. Any of my book, open any page; before you finish the second paragraph, you will have a click. Only then you will be hooked to read, because, that is the only way the modern man’s attention can be gained, he will start getting interested.

So, understand, this science will immediately give you the result. The moment you see the result, you will be excited, joyful, then start moving in that direction. The probability becomes possibility. Whenever you start a spiritual practice, you start with the mood of probability. The first step of the Master is to move you from the mood of probability to possibility. If you are lost in that first step, from probability if you move to impossibility, gone! May be one or two births of your life, you will never turn towards this direction. You missed him, I missed you. I can’t afford that.

Understand, when you miss me, I miss you. When you love me, I love you. Because, life is You-Me, Me-You

All the technique, all the method, all the spiritual practice, is nothing but just to give you the shift from probability to possibility, that’s all. And, listen. The moment possibility is confirmed by your heart, your heart knows the direction. After that, I don’t need to do something big; I just need to be available to you, that’s all. See, when you are in the space of probability you can either fall into possibility or impossibility. At that moment only I am required; crucial period, critical period. I just have to see to it that you enter into the space of possibility, that’s all. After that, simply you flow, simply you flow.

Listen, those days, the kings from Bengal, they used to come by boats through the Ganga to conquer the northern parts of India. If their boats in Prayag – Prayag is the place where Ganga and Yamuna is meeting – if their boats by mistake gets into Yamuna, they conquer Delhi. If it gets into Ganga, they conquer this side cities. When you are in the space of probability, you are same, exactly the same way. Are you going to fall into Ganga, ‘possibility’ or, I don’t want to compare Yamuna with ‘impossibility’ – maybe, are you going to fall into the other direction, ‘impossibility’? I just have to help you to move from probability to possibility. This whole teamily process is to help you to move from probability to possibility, that’s all. All the rules, all the things, whether I give Kotharis the five-thousand mala, or Mahants ten-thousand mala, everything I do i tfrom this angle only; this ‘yatha sthaanam’, everything.

So, understand, don’t think this teamily process which I am asking you to do is too simple and avoid.

Few Facebook messages I received ‘Oh, Swamiji, what is this? Such a simple process you are giving, you are asking us to do. I feel these are all for beginners.’ Please understand, still I consider myself as a beginner. And I don’t even want to use the word ‘still’; I just want to say, ‘I consider myself beginner’. Do not reject something in the name it is ‘too simple’, because the effect can be very exciting and inspiring for you to take a big jump; very complicated things.

Ultimately, I tell you, Advaitha is neither easy nor difficult. It is just the truth. The Sun rising in the east is a fact. It is neither easy nor difficult. Based on the fact, plan your strategy; when to wake up, where to put the window, how to sleep, which is the best way of putting the door. Use that fact and strategize the way you live, your shelter, your agriculture, your lifestyle, whatever way you can manipulate and use best that fact.

Advaitha is the fact available to you. If you are arguing to get convinced or arguing to prove it is wrong, if you are fighting with it to establish your supremacy, whatever you are doing or you believe it and not act upon it, all this is foolishness. Advaitha is a simple fact. I don’t even want to use the word ‘truth’, because the ‘truth’ word is too loaded. ‘Fact’! Use this to strategize things about your life.

That’s all I have to share with you all. So, may be in the further satsanghs, I will lead you further into the teamily process. Today only one instruction: After you shared the reality you want to cause with your teamily and listened to the teamily’s reality, now decide you will cause everyone’s reality in your teamily; start thinking for everyone, start thinking for everyone. This is the next step.

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