Living Advaitha XIV

..continued from Living Advaitha XIII

I wanted to make these few statements on Living Advaitha. The more and more violence you cherish, more and more you become pieces, disintegrated and useless to yourself and others. Listen. Never ever believe, out of ignorance or innocence people will become useless. No. Only out of cunningness, people become useless. It’s law of life. If somebody is not useful to themself and others, be very clear, it is intense violence they are cherishing. See, when the land when there is no water, it becomes too hot. It breaks and gives way, goes to pieces. Same way, in the Being when there is too much of violence, heat, it gets disintegrated.

I tell you, not once or twice, thousands of times I have seen, whether it is Thanedars, Kotharis or Mahants, whenever I see inefficiency, I see a deep anger inside them, arrogance, feeling that they need to be given more in everything. I never accept innocence or ignorance with inefficiency. It is a deep violence and anger, arrogance. So, listen. This is law of life. This is law of life. You cannot debate with it. You cannot fight with it. You cannot change it. There is nothing even to accept it.

Anywhere you see people carrying impossibility, dry, cannot relate with the reality of life. Please understand, whenever you relate with the reality of life joyful, auspicious things simply happen around you. If the people around you, who see you, live around you, if they cannot celebrate your presence, you are completely infested with intense violence. Be very clear, people should be able to celebrate your presence. If people around you celebrate your presence, you are a Sannyasi. Otherwise, you just live in your arrogant shell. You need to do lot of Completion. I tell you, please understand, these are some of the law of life, may look paradoxical, but these are truths. Your body should celebrate your presence inside it. Your stomach should bless you after you give food. After food if you are feeling tired, sleepy, your stomach is cursing you, feeling heavy, uncomfortable, be very clear, you are not eating for your body, you are eating for your tongue. Few inch muscle can destroy your whole life. Your body should celebrate your presence in it. The people around you should celebrate your presence in their life. Somehow, this not being in tune with life is considered as one of the spiritual quality or it is being tolerated.

Please understand, you should not accumulate wealth immorally, adharmically. But, if you are not able to generate whatever wealth you need to fulfil your mission, there is something seriously wrong in you; your goal is not as you declared, there is hypocrisy in it; there is a strong inauthenticity, cheating. I tell you, just if one body and one mind is integrated to one goal, Cosmos can never say, ‘No’; even if the goal is so-called ‘wrong’. If a body and mind is integrated to the goal, authentic to the goal, Cosmos has to simply say, ‘Thathaasthu’.

From Tiruvannamalai Mahant I recieved a mail, ‘I am not able to run; too many staff. No income. I will drop two staff.’ I just told him, ‘Drop this pattern of ‘how much I can do’, and look around. You will see what you need immediately will be there.’ By evening I received a mail, ‘Yes, I dropped that pattern ‘how much I can do’ and looked around. There were people already giving what I wanted.’

Understand, the practical, what you call as practical problems are nothing but your arrogance, abusal behaviour to life; constantly imagining by retaining your arrogance and cunningness, incompletions, you can be successful. Understand, law of life does not work that way. It is only with Completion, establishing yourself in the space of Completion, anything great can express through you. Immediately we start thinking, ‘No, no, no. There are millionaires, billionaires. Are they all in Completion or what? When they can all accumulate what they want, why not me?’ First thing, how do you know they are not in Completion? May be they built the Completion in the past births. That is why they are able to handle that huge responsibilities in this birth. They built enough inner space in the space of Completion. Or, if they don’t have Completion, wealth may be around them, but they may not be living it. The zeros growing in bank is not wealth. The heroism you feel inside you is wealth. The possibility you feel inside you is wealth. Even if there is billions and billions in the bank, trillions in the bank, and if you are not carrying possibility in your Being, I don’t call it as wealth. If you are carrying possibility and just making what you want to happen go on, I’ll call that as wealth.

Deep down, the violence and arrogance you carry is responsible for keeping you away from people and happening. Understand, life is a great happening. It is a constant Utsava, celebration, from morning till night. You just need to drop your frustration. Life is literally Varanasi. It is a celebration always. If you see the people coming in, it is fascinating. If you see the dust they leave it and go, it is frustrating. Now, it is your responsibility to remove all the frustrating things and make the place more and more fascinating. Same way, in your life; If you are constantly be stuck with some of the failures which you created and doesn’t want to complete, life is frustrating. And if you decide to stand up, complete, life is fascinating. Understand, whether it is fascinating or frustrating, life is life. Life is life. If you are ready to fall in tune with life, you are ready to complete with it, it will become more and more fascinating.

So, the first thing, stop cherishing the constant anger and violence, feeling life is not just. The more and more you cherish ‘Life is not just. Life is adharmic. Life does not give my right. It is not equal to all’, the more and more you cherish this ideas, the more and more you will develop anger and violence, and more and more you will become dry. When you become more and more dry, you will be broken to more and more pieces and when you are broken to more and more pieces, you will become more and more powerless and exactly you will become what you thought – dirt! Exactly you will become what you thought as you – dirt! Now what I said is vicious circle. Now I present the virtuous circle – Start cherishing, ‘No! Life has done so many things to me. I was only not ready to take it up responsibly.’ Then, naturally, the first seed will start happening. Cherish it more and more with responsibility and Completion. You will see the seed grows, become a plant; plant grows, become a tree; tree grows and gives the fruit. The fruit tree delivers is Living Advaitha.

When you celebrate the life happening in you, first thing, your body will be so happy. Next, the joy will be such, the people around you will start feeling you are such a strong presence. When people around you celebrate you, understand, everything you call as LIFE will simply happen. Your body celebrating your presence is ‘Health’. People around you celebrating your presence is Wealth, Relationship, Fulfilment, Life, everything. In this teamily process, both will happen. Your body will also celebrate your presence.

Your body celebrating your presence is ‘Health’.

Your mind celebrating your presence is ‘Bliss’.

People around you celebrating your presence, is ‘Life’.

The teamily process will teach you that.

Wherever whenever you are cherishing impossibility, first you need to do is dropping the violence, anger you carry inside you about life. Even if you think ‘how much I can do?’ Then just die; that’s all. Do you want that? Then why are you living the Indian divorce? This Indian Divorce, Indian Divorce is a unique lifestyle; neither you are married actually nor you are separated legally. You live your life, she lives her life, kids live their life; and when she goes for her dinner she leaves a note ‘I am going for dinner with my friends, your dinner is in the cook book page number 42, ingredients are available in Reliance Fresh! The Indian divorce!!! Don’t have Indian divorce with life.

Either live happily, at least, otherwise disappear! You can take another one body and, when I say disappear I don’t mean commit suicide. You can’t commit suicide. In Hindu tradition suicide is not allowed. In our dharma suicide is not allowed. Then the only way is as long as you have the body you have to live. You yourself don’t have a right to destroy your body. Actually there is no option. You just have to make it happen; because you took the body. Don’t live Indian divorce with life. Understand I just wanted to repeat this word ‘Don’t live Indian divorce with life’. No if you are constantly nagging baby who wants? Behave with life like a friend. You don’t cry all the time to your friend. You know what kind of a face you should show to your friend. Show the same face to your own being.

Even to yourself; don’t be a constant frightened child to yourself. Complete with it. Get rid of that identity. Build yourself authentically; don’t constantly be a frightened baby. The first step in living Advaitha is to get rid of the, please understand your fear is not cute. It is nothing but your own violence which you don’t want to accept as violence because you thinking you have violence is too much. Fear is a coat sugar coat done on violence.

There is a beautiful verse by a great saint from Tamil Nadu, Manikyavasagar. He sings people who carry inside a deep violence but believe that they have fear, oh Mahadeva let me be afraid of them and keep them away from me. First complete with that frightened child inside. Show yourself as a friend to you. Let you seeing you bring tremendous confidence to you. Even when you go to a temple, when you go to a God, Guru, the way you carry you and present you to them, they should feel YOU ARE THE OFFERING you are offering to them, not that few banana and coconut. Who wants that? I see the person who brings, not what is brought. Nothing can be brought to me, understand? Nothing can be brought to me. Neither I enjoy, nor I lack. Neither I enjoy what is brought to me, nor I lack if I want anything. Please understand, I am making this statement with all my integrity and authenticity. Neither I enjoy what is brought, nor I lack if I want something. It is the person who brings, the being you bring, not even the body and the mind which brings. No. The Being which brings!

Don’t have that ‘Indian divorce’ relationship with life.

People come and ask me, ‘What is the secret of happy marriage, Swamiji?’

I tell them, ‘secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.’ HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Listen. When you start thinking for the whole teamily – the homework which I gave you yesterday – the first thing you need to do is, Complete and drop your violence, anger towards you and others, and the impossibility. All impossibility grows out of violence. All powerlessness grows out of violence. And don’t think your tantrums are going to be treated by life as cute. No. Tantrums are dealt only with ‘gadhas’; means, mace. Tantrums are not dealt with candy in life. May be your parents would have dealt your tantrums with candy, but life is not going to deal your tantrums with candy. Your parents were inefficient and they were in the hurry to do something, so they just want to silence you. And they throw what you want, when you throw tantrum. They have no time to spend with you. But life has lot of time to spend with you. Your tantrums are going to be handled only by mace, not by candy, be very clear. So, stop throwing tantrum. Throwing tantrum is not cute. Cherishing violence and fear is what is ‘throwing tantrum towards life’. That is not cute, and life does not enjoy it. Complete with it and decide to cause the reality of your teamily.

So, you will continue to do this homework till tomorrow. Yesterday I gave you this homework. I gave you forty-eight hours time. So, till tomorrow’s satsangh, you will continue to do this homework. This homework is not for the I A participants. I A participants, I am guiding you through the Inner Awakening session. You don’t get confused. This is for the satsanghis. Satsanghis are the group of people, devotees who are attending the satsangh every day. Actually, without even attending I A, I am leading them also into the same Living Advaitha process by small, small, small processes, step by step by step. .

Whether you decide to fight or flight, the frightened child inside you is wrong, not cute. Complete with it. Your tantrum towards life is not going to be handled with candy; it is only going to be handled with mace. So, complete with your fear and violence. Both are not cute, be very clear about it. Powerlessness is punished. So, be very clear, powerlessness is punished. So, complete it.

In life, law of life, powerlessness is not helped, sympathized, empathized; it is punished. You are given the knowledge to get out of powerlessness. If you are not ready to apply and use it and get out, then you are punished. Don’t get into that vicious circle. Please understand, whatever I am saying is law of life. Whether you give the title ‘It is bad’ ‘It is good’, nobody is there to receive the title, because life is YOU. Any title you give, you can paste it on your forehead, because the title belongs to YOU. Any title you want to give for life, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘just’ or ‘unjust’, please stick it on your forehead, because that is where it belongs to. The title you are giving to life is for YOU. Just understand the simple truths of life and tune yourself to it. That’s all.

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