Today I wanted to expand on the Science of Completion, as Nithya Dhyaan Yoga second day is happening. Please understand as time, when you spend on Completion, is the time your consciousness is growing. Please understand, the time you spend in your mother’s womb is the time your body got created. Same way, the time you spend in the Master’s Presence, your consciousness gets created. After your body is created, the time you spent by eating, resting, maintaining the body, makes your body grow. Same way, after the initiation here, the time you spend in Completion makes your consciousness grow. Listen, listen. Spend as much time as possible in the space of Completion! Because Completion is the time you make new decisions to have a breakthrough in your life! Please understand, Completion is the time you make breakthrough decisions in your life. When you make and cherish those breakthrough decisions, your Kundalini energy is awakened and finds it’s way to fulfill you, complete you. Neither your actions towards money, nor your actions towards your health, or your actions to have joy in relationships or your actions to have bliss in spirituality, no action will give result unless the action is from the Context of Completion! Understand, breathing itself cannot keep you alive if you cannot separate oxygen from the air and digest it into your system. Actions itself cannot make what you want into reality unless you can make the decisions out of Completion!

Come to the Completion. Bring yourself to the Completion. I am seeing everyday more and more I am getting convinced, every devotee, thanedar, kothari, mahant or sri mahant, whoever, I am seeing every day, I am seeing their life in and out, seeing their mind in and out, all types of people I am meeting, I am telling you, more and more I am realizing, it is Completion, decisions you make during Completion, that is the basis of conscious growth! That is the basis of life. More and more people spend time in the space of Completion, completing with their impossibilities, tirelessly, who are completing with their impossibilities, tirelessly who are completing with their self hatred, tirelessly people who are completing with their self denial, with their self doubt, life is only for them! Life is only for them! I tell you, life is only for the people who start thinking, living Advaitha! Who start thinking Living in the Space of Completion!

I tell you, I am revealing the logic of Kaalabhairava to you. The logic of Kaalabhairava is the logic with which life is operated, understand? None of your questions life cares about, you go on asking questions, why good people suffer bad people flourish, all those questions are from your arrogance; life will not care about your questions, life will not care about your stupid rationality, life will not care about your illogical logic. Kaala, He goes on happening! He goes on happening with this one logic, understand? Just with this one logic, the decisions made out of Completion fulfills you and whatever decisions you make out of Completion becomes reality in you! It is your decision, your courage to be in the Space of Completion, only that is rewarded.

The more you try to cheat life, with your hypocrisy, life does not just cheats you back, it beats you back, understand? The soft, goodie-goodie, hypocritical, civilized fellows go on questioning the terror form of Kali and Kaala. Whether you question or don’t question, the logic of the Kala is Life! He runs the life! His logic wins! His will prevails. Understand?

I am revealing the logic with which Kaala is functioning, logic with which Kaalabhairava functions. Out of Completion from powerfulness, every decision you make, every action you do, every thought you have is fulfilled! From the space of Completion, when you operate, you are fulfilled, blessed, showered and Completion is possible! But more and more you struggle saying “I am not able to Complete,” because of your laziness to intra-analyze your incompletions, discover your incompletions, discover your patterns, because of your arrogance, if you don’t discover your patterns, if you don’t do Completion, because of your laziness or boredom or uninspiredness or arrogance, whatever may be the reason, the more and more you indulge in the idea Completion is impossible or I am not able to Complete, Kaala destroys you! This is the logic of Kaala. Understand, helping hand comes to you only in the form of teaching. Upadesha. Teaching is the only helping hand can be given to you, that is only allowed to help in the logic of Kaala. When you reject that, you invite the wrath of the Kaala! You invoke wrath of the Kaala. After that, you can go on blaming Kala, but Kala is neither going to listen to your blame, nor going to listen to your cries. The logic of life, the natural law of life, the dharma, the wheel of dharma goes on moving. He shows His compassion only by giving you the teaching. When you are not ready to listen, when you are not ready to Complete, He has no other way, He has no other way other than destroying you. You are pushing Him to destroy you! Understand, He shows you the way and He is such compassionate being, He shows you the way. He gives you the teaching, He gives you the path. But- out of your arrogance, ignorance, pride, violence, anger, if you go on entertaining “oh I am not able to Complete, I am still stuck in some patterns, this root pattern is there, that pattern is there, this pattern is torturing me, I don’t know how to Complete, I am trying my best,” He just destroys you! He doesn’t wait, because, never you will be awakened by His waiting. His teachings are not just words, it is more like revealing the strategies of life.

When Kaala teaches, He tells you how life functions! He tells you the pitfalls in front of you, He tells you the best way to exist, and, He doesn’t leave a single problem unattended. But if you go on entertaining your problems, and if you think powerlessness is cute, He destroys you. He is straight. He is straight. Understand, your concepts of compassion, your concepts of love, your concepts of forgiveness, your concepts of tolerance, all just does not exist in the logic of Kaala. All that does not exist in the logic of life. Only your decision to Complete and operate from the space of Completion is appreciated and accepted! Anything else other than that is returned only with heavy suffering. Heavy suffering, understand? Man is all powerful and life expects him to behave as all powerful. Life does not expect you to behave childishly, and life has neither time nor interest to entertain your childish behavior and your childishness is not cute. You crying out of powerlessness, “I know there are incompletions, I don’t know what to do, I am working on it, I need a little time…”

Life doesn’t give you break. Life doesn’t listen to your arrogant cries. It goes on, the Dharma Chakra moves on, the Kaalachakra in which Kaalabhairava is dancing goes on!

When you declare Completion now, and operate constantly out of Completion, you are rewarded, rewarded, reworded, showered, showered, showered; if not, you are tortured, tortured, tortured.

Life, Kaala, doesn’t care about your concepts of Love. Your concepts of Love is nothing but hypocritical, beggar mentality which even you don’t entertain when somebody else treats you in the same way. Your concepts of forgiveness is only when you do mistakes, not when others do mistakes. Your concept of love is only when you need it, not when others need it, so, neither your concepts of love nor forgiveness nor compassion is available in life; they do not exist in the dictionary of Kala. I am revealing some of the greatest secrets of Life, stark reality of Life! Good news is, Completion is possible! Best news is, all you need is decision to intra-analyze, and decision to go on Completing till your incompletions become tired, in this game, the first person who becomes tired loses. Whether you are going to become tired or your incompletions are going to become tired, that is the whole game. It is Mahabharata War; whoever becomes tired, they are not going to get rest, they are going to get death. In the war of mays, if you get tired, you are not going to get rest, you are going to get death. Life is Maahabharata. When you are tired, you are only going to be given death, not rest.

Understand, life is Mahabharata. How much ever you try to console yourself by creating your won all love, all compassionate Gods, those idols are going to get broken to pieces when Kaala moves! You are just going to be terribly disappointed knowing those gods do not exist! They do not exist to protect you no matter how much ever you imagine they exist they will some day raise you to some loka, treat you to some party; no, they do not exist! They do not exist! Know very clearly, when you decide to be in the Space of Completion from your core, you are all powerful! When you decide to entertain incompletion, you are an orphan. There is nobody to protect you, nobody can protect you, this is Law of Life! Either you are All-Powerful, or you are an orphan, there is no middle path. Either you are Kaalabhairava or you are crushed under the feet of the Kaala! Either you stand up as All-Powerful, declaring completion, decision to live in the space of Completion powerfully, authentically, ready to face any incompletion thrown at you, ready to complete, ready to declare completion with any incompletion comes towards you,

Either you are All-Powerful, if you decide to declare Completion, or orphan who cannot be attended, who has no possibility, no-one can save you. No-one can save you. All the religions which teaches savior is going to come are lying; savior cannot come; He has to be your own outcome. He can never come from outside to in; it is only you who can save yourself. It is your decision to be in the space of Completion can save yourself. That is why I am insisting the time you spend in the Space of Completion, the time you spend in the Space of Completion, the time you spend Doing Completion with your anger, with your violence, towards everyone, only those moments, only those moments, when the new decisions are made, when the new consciousness is growing, when the new beginnings are happening in your life, when the new experience is happening, when new decisions are cherished, only in those moments, your consciousness grows. Growth of your completion is the only way you can save yourself. Any form of incompletion, powerlessness, is not tolerated and it is returned with heavy punishment. This is the logic of Kala. Logic of Time. The Dharma of Kaala, this is the Dharma, natural law of life, it is your powerfulness appreciated, celebrated, rewarded. Your powerlessness, incompletion, punished, destroyed. Powerfulness, decision to be in a Space of Completion, decision not to allow any incompletions to come back, not to allow any incompletions to influence your cognition, and your ability to be in a space of Completion, is rewarded with liberation. And powerlessness is punished with death.

Kaala is Lord of Liberation and Death. He can shower Compassion through His big, big eyes, or He can terrorize you to your core through His big, big eyes. It depends on how you want to face Him. Powerlessness is an invitation to see His terrorized form; powerfulness is an invitation to see Him in a Space of Advaitha; it’s an invitation to experience Him in a Space of Advaitha.

Don’t corrupt your inner space with powerlessness. There is a proverb in English: absolute power corrupts. No! Absolute powerlessness corrupts. In the inner world, the proverb is different; powerlessness corrupts, power purifies you in the inner world. Powerfulness in the inner world is rewarded with liberation, enlightenment, all the powers! Powerlessness in the inner world brings you suffocation and terrorized, tortured death. More and more time spent to achieve Completion, more and more space created to experience Completion, more and more growth of Completion in you, is the one and only way to save yourself!

Essence of Today’s Satsang: Go on Completing! Every night, make this Completion Process as compulsory as your breathing! As important as your breathing! Constantly decide not to allow incompletions to influence your cognition! Not to allow incompletions to influence your body, mind and actions! Because incompletions are worse than poison.

Remember this: Life has no tolerance in reality. If somebody teaches you, “God is ever loving, compassionate, forgiving,” forget about those concepts! He is ever-loving, but not the way you think! He is ever-loving because He again and again assumes the human body and reminds you the truth about Completion! He is not ever-loving as you think; He is not going to tolerate your powerlessness to Complete. Your powerlessness to complete is never tolerated. Your acquaintance and comfortable feeling with incompletions are going to be heavily punished. The good news is, you can do Completion! The best news is, it is just decision! Decision to be in the Space of Completion and not to allow incompletions to influence your cognition any more. That’s all, that‘s all.

Just yesterday I was discussing with one of My mahant, I didn’t remember at all, she reminded Me, I was sitting in the same chair almost 14 hours; continuously almost around 11 hours, with some 20 minutes or half an hour break, 14 hours. Morning I came and sat for satsang, it was around I think 8:50 in the night I completed the session. In this only the morning breakfast few minutes I went just behind the sabha and came back, with a small break for the breakfast, almost 14 hours I was sitting, and then without even any break, around 11 hours, and I did not remember it, that is the beauty of it; only if you remember, you will think of tired, boredom, all this stupidity. I did not even think till she reminded Me. And just day before yesterday, last 15 days, almost 15 days, such hectic lifestyle, hectic means really, really, really hectic… running from one place to another in such high speed travel and literally moved through thousands of people with the full body massage. See, after a few minutes, for those people who have gathered, to touch Me it becomes like a challenge. It is no more even an act of devotion, it becomes a challenge. After such hectic life, Bidadi to Coimbatore, to Madurai, to Rajabalayam to Salem to Pondicherry to (on and on and on!) to Uzure, Uzure to Bidadi!

The beauty is, such hectic trip did not leave the incompletion of restlessness in Me, which is why next day, I am able to sit 14 hours in chair all day and continue with the class! Please understand, the hectic lifestyle, if you start liking it, it leaves the restlessness in you. If you hate it, it leaves tiredness in you. If you start liking it, you will become restless for it, you will want it again and again! If you hate it, you will want to rest, you will be tired. Neither liking nor hating, just be in the space of completion, My life is what people want! If people want Me to live hectic lifestyle, come to their house and bless them, I am available! If people want Me to sit 14 hours and teach, I am available! I don’t need to sacrifice My reality to cause others’ reality, because causing others’ reality IS My reality! The whole problem is, understand, Vivekananda says beautifully: sacrifice the cunningness of selfishness or it’ll be snatched from you!

When you give up something called your own reality and decide causing other’s reality is your reality, life treats you gracefully, Life lives through you gracefully, but when you have some part under your possession and thinking “this is my reality, I’ll cause it,” Life snatches that from you forcibly. That’ll be too painful. I tell you the stark naked truth: the Nirvana, Powerfulness and the Space of Completion! Powerfulness and the Space of Completion, decision not to allow any incompletion, decision not to allow any incompletion, decision not to allow incompletions to have power over your cognition. Decision not to entertain incompletions to have power over your decisions, your cognition, your life, is Completion. Only that is rewarded with Life and Liberation. Anything else is returned with heavy torture and death. Life functions only on this logic, if you understand, understand and tune yourself, or, up to you.

Kaala is ever-loving because He gives you this warning up front in the language you understand!


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