Exact methodology of Completion: RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING!

Yesterday, when I explained Completion, one of the unique important truths was revealed which I wanted all of you to listen now. The exact methodology of Completion: RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING! Listen! Once you write down all the incidents you need to complete, sit and start re-living, not just remembering. Please listen! Not just remembering! Re-living! I will explain the exact difference what is “re-living”, what is “remembering”.

Listen! I will give you an example:

At the age of six, you are playing in the rain. Your mom sees you suddenly and drags you into the house and locks you in the house and shouts at you: ‘Don’t play in the rain! How many times I told you that you will get cold, you will fall sick!’ Now if you look at that incident with the present intelligence, you will always feel your mom was so careful about your health. You will feel, ‘Oh, she took care of me throughout her life. At that time also she took care of my health.’ Understand, when you look at that incident now, your interpretation, your understanding is different. Don’t look at that incident from the intelligence you have now. Go back to that same six-year-old child, same intelligence, same logic, same understanding you had at the age of six. If you see from the age of six, naturally you will feel terrorised, you must have been screaming at your mother, kicking the wall, kicking the door, telling your mother, ‘You will die! Leave me to play!’ At that time you may not have had the intelligence thinking your mother is taking care of your health, your mother is taking care of you and all that. No! At that moment, you would have been only terrorized by your mother.

Understand, go back to that moment, the same intelligence, same intellect, same level of understanding, knowledge, same place, same space, same memory, and start re-living. This is the difference between “remembering” and “re-living”. If you try to recall from the space you exist in now, it is “remembering”. If you go back to that same space and recall, it is “re-living”.

Understand, when you re-live that incident, the layers of guilt, shame, fear, suffering, sadness which got accumulated in your bio-memory, when you re-live that incident, it will all start melting down, leaving your bio-memory. That is why I say, RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING! Let all those experiences and emotions unwind in your bio-memory, in your nervous system, and get eased! Let them just melt down and leave your system! Every incident, the incompletions built during the incident, becomes stress in your bio-memory, in your nervous system, becomes a knot in your nervous system. When you re-live, that knot, that stress melts down, melts down, melts down; but re-living has to happen from the context when the incident happened, at that same age, same memory, same intelligence, without justifying anybody, any situation, from the understandings and memory and intelligence you have now.

In this incident – your mother thrashing you and locking you in the house – if you look at that from the context now, you may feel your mother has done good for you to protect your health, to save you from wheezing, to save you from pneumonia, to save you from sinus, to save you from cold; but if you go back to that same space and start re-living without any of these understandings you gathered now, you may look at your mother as a wild, powerful animal, controlling you! Whatever emotion, idea, experience, perception, knowledge you had at that time, whatever context you had at that time, whatever interpretation you had at that time, re-live, re-live, re-live. A tremendous load, unexplainable load, which is a combination of fear, sadness, depression, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, which is a combination of so many things, all those layers will just start melting down; it will just start melting down! If you use the present intelligence, intellect, context, and try to re-live those incidents, it is only “remembering”; it can only give you the intellectual understanding, but not the complete relief, Completion, in the bio-memory level. But if you go back to that same context and re-live at the age of ten, or eleven, or twelve, or thirteen, or six, or seven, the nervous system will be completely eased and so much incompletion will melt down, so much incompletion will be cleared. Re-living is relieving. Re-living is relieving.

More and more precise way the method of Completion is getting expressed when Mahadeva gives initiation. Every time initiation happens, I invoke him, ask him to be directly giving the initiation. So, every time he initiates, he gives more and more precise way, precise methodology which helps all of you to achieve more and more, deeper and deeper levels of Completion.

So, all the disciples, devotees, samajis, satsanghis, Mahants, Shrimahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, practicing Completion, understand the precise difference between “remembering” and “re-living”. You need to understand the difference between “remembering” and “re-living”.

And, now, it is time for all of you to start re-living and relieving, practicing the Completion process precisely. I will repeat once more. If you are completing the incident which happened at the age of seven, you should recollect that incident from the context, understanding, intellect you had at that age. You will not be recollecting with the context, understanding of now. The intelligence you have now, the context you have now, the understanding you have now should not be brought when you are re-living the incident which happened at the age of six or seven.

One devotee came and told me, ‘Swamiji, in the young age, at the age of eight, I was physically abused by one of my relatives. But, now, when I look at that person, he is such a nice person, such a good person, caring, respecting all of us including me. How can I curse him?’ I told her, you don’t need to curse that person, but when you re-live and complete with that incident, you cannot have the context that he is a good person which you are having now. You have to have that exact context you had at that time. At that time if you felt he is a good person, keep that context. At that time if you felt he is a bad person, he is a demon, he is abusing you, have that context. At that time when the incident happened whatever was the context, re-live from that context….re-live from that context.

So understand, go back to that same intelligence, go back to that same emotion, go back to that same understanding you had. With that, re-live, re-live, re-live, and relieve! When you re-live this way and relieve, you will see the heaviness, incompletion, sadness, fear, suffering which you were carrying in your bio-memory at that time will not have power over your present and future decisions….your present and future decisions. That is why I am saying, please understand, that is why I am saying, please understand, I am repeating, RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING, COMPLETION IS SUCH A POWERFUL PROCESS!

When you are re-living the incident which happened at the age of seven from that context, you will naturally be disidentified……“in” the way for “out”. When you are completely trying to be in that same context, because it is past and dead, you will simply be disidentified. A ripe fruit falls from the tree. If the fruit does not fall from the tree, still it is feeling it needs some more support from the tree to ripen. Only as long as it is an incompletion, it does not fall from your system. The moment it becomes complete, it automatically leaves your system. When you re-live intensely, sincerely, simply you are relieved!

One more thing: After re-living at least five times, you will see by yourself that those memories, emotions, incompletions, hangover, residues don’t have power over your system any more even if you remember them. Even if by accident they are provoked in you, those memories are awakened in you, you are reminded about them, it will not impact your inner-space; you will not carry that heaviness; you won’t carry that heaviness; it will never be part of your cognition at all.

Complete! Complete! Complete! More and more and more, whatever incompletion happens, whatever incompletion you remember, anything which puts you in the space of powerlessness, go back to the source when you started experiencing it, re-live, re-live, re-live, and relive. Re-live, re-live, re-live and re-live! Any Completion done once, it will not impact your future anymore; you will be free from the effects and side-effects and after-effects of that. Even the modern-day psychologists are confirming that your brain does not know the difference between real experience and one that is re-lived. Joseph Carver, he is a Ph.D., psychologist, he has shown in his research that when we re-live with a new cognition, means the new cognition, your cognition is continuously growing, your cognition is continuously growing…. New cognition means, the cognition in which Completion process is initiated. So, after the initiation into the Completion, you are sitting and re-living not just to brood over, but to complete. With this new context to complete, when you sit and re-live, the memory gets saved back in that new cognition, over-writing the whole memory, removing the emotional part of the memory, and removing all the incompletions, powerless part of the memory. All the past emotions which put you in powerlessness, all that is removed, and a new memory gets saved removing the powerlessness part of the old memory. The rewriting happens.


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