How can I heal my broken relationship with my wife, husband, sibling, son, daughter?

Listen! This is a straight answer I am giving you! Decide, however difficult it may look in the initial level, decide to have Completion with yourself and Completion with all the relationships in your life. Look in, how “The World”, the actual happenings, facts, have been twisted, manipulated, interpreted by the “My World” happenings. Listen! Just see how “The World”, the real factual happenings were interpreted, manipulated in your world and do this like an exercise. Sit and look in how the relationship with your spouse, with your sibling, with your son, with your daughter, started getting incomplete, started getting broken. Look into those incompletions and pen down, intranalyze, whether it is because of the fact or because of your interpretations. I can very clearly tell, mostly, in a way, almost always it is because of your interpretations. Have enough intelligence and patience to look into your interpretations and how many times it is proved your interpretation is wrong, how you hold them up, look in, and complete with that. Complete with that! Complete with that! And sit and openly talk to your spouse, sibling, son or daughter, with whomever you have broken relationships. Sit and openly have a discussion with them, talk to them. That is the only way you can heal the broken relationships, you can complete.

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