Someone I love is not communicating with me. I have tried many times. How do I get them to talk to me?’

Listen! First thing, the other person not communicating with you is nothing but he has closed the doors on you. At those moments, trying more and more times may lead to more and more incompletion. There are only two things which can heal deep wounded incompletions, deep wounds in relationships: One is “time”; another one is “friendliness”. Without communicating you can continue to carry friendliness towards the person, understand? Whether you understand it or not, believe it or not, ultimately, as truth, all of us are connected through this unifying consciousness. So, when you carry friendliness, the other person will automatically respond, start reacting even if you are not trying to communicate with that person. So, wait, complete with yourself, allow time to heal; and the power of your Completion, the way you carry the friendliness will simply make the other person communicate with you, relate with you. Please understand, I am not talking something like miracle or taking a chance; I am talking about a science!

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