Don’t live your default future !

I have seen some times, the spiritual seekers, till the end of their life, they only had their default flow of life; they never conquered, completed their Prarabdhas and rewrote their future.  Please listen!  That default flow of your life because of your root-pattern is “default future”.  That is there for all of you.  It is called “default future”.  The side-effect and the after-effect, and how your life will flow with these root-patterns, it is happening.  All of you have a default future.  If you completed with all the root-patterns and you are running your life, that is called “Prarabdha”.  The default future because of your root-patterns is called “Agamya”.  Root-patterns are so powerful, you are going to accumulate more and more suffering and karma that is Ágámya.  They are so incomplete, you are going to accumulate more and more incompletions.  The more and more incompletions you are going to accumulate, the more and more incompletions you are going to accumulate because of your root-patterns, and naturally they are not going to keep quiet, you will constantly accumulate more and more karmas.  That is what is Ágámya, the default future.  If you complete with all your root-patterns, the default future you will experience is Prarabdha.  If you complete with all your root-patterns and create a new space and re-write your future that is called “Eeshwarathwa”.  You conquer your own life.  Rewriting your future, rewriting your future is what is all about Inner Awakening.  This is the right one-liner for Inner Awakening: “Rewriting your future”. 

I wanted all of you to understand these few things.  Don’t live your default future! You default future is not going to help you.  It is not going to work. Don’t support your root-patterns to win over you. Don’t help your root-patterns to succeed over you.  Default future is what we call “Ágámya”.  And, when you complete with your root-patterns, the flow of your life is called “Prarabdha”.  Only when you re-write your future, you achieve “Eshwarathwa”.  Please understand, Jivan Mukthi comes only for the people who achieve Eeshwarathwa; because, for Jivan Mukthi, exhausting your Ágámya and Prarabdha alone is not enough, you have to complete even your Sanchita.  So, complete with your root-patterns, complete with your Prarabdha.  Completing with your root-patterns liberates you from the default future.  Liberating yourself from the default future is what is liberating yourself from disease, poverty, depression. 

Please listen, in the Inner Awakening I am not teaching you to develop your life, the best techniques to develop your life, develop yourself, and change yourself.  No!  You need to know, till the root is not burnt, even if you try to change your life, develop your life, whether you succeed or fail, you will continue to struggle.  For example, if you change the time you wake up and the Yoga you do, even if you are successful in changing it from 7:30 to 4:30, you will be struggling with some other pattern.  You will be struggling with smoking pattern.  Even if you are successful in giving up smoking, you will be struggling with the depression pattern.  Whether you win or fail, you continue to struggle.  That is what the Law of Development of Change is.  Even if you change yourself successfully five times, you will become more greedy to change yourself in different places.  So, that will continue to make you struggle. I am not teaching you the science of change or the science of developing yourself. 

My programs are not Self-Development Programs.  My programs are not Personality Development Programs.  Understand, I’m teaching you to re-write your future!  Simply re-write: ‘till yesterday, you were sick, broke, sleeping till 10 o’clock, lazy, fat, ugly, all——–‘.  Just from today you start rewriting the whole future as you want.  Understand, Inner Awakening is all about giving you that breakthrough.  It is not about teaching you the science of change.  It is teaching you the science of rewriting your future, burning the roots from which your old personality is established, and giving you the free space to re-write your new personality. 

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