Your Ego is enough to Kill you !

First of all, understand, the space you have inside you is like an inner organ.  Just like your kidney, heart, intestine, your physical organs, the space you carry is an inner organ.

I have seen in the villages, one man will do electricity, plumbing, construction; anything you ask, he will do it!  I have seen like that hundred, at least hundred people in the villages.  He will be the naadhaswaram player (naadhaswaram = a South Indian musical wind instrument).  And don’t think like a very cheap, low level quality of music he will do.  He will be the village barber.  I have seen!  Those people only, I have seen, so egoless!  The powerful space they will be holding!  They may not have created wealth using that space, but, I tell you, they have created life for themselves having that space. 

The urban bringing up first destroys your belief, the possible.  The moment the possible is destroyed, every small thing is complicated.  No one wants to look at the other side.  Even for you guys to sit in the order, I have to put one Mahant as in-charge, and, finally, again the mess only!  I can see now.  Even a small thing you are brought up by constantly feeding impossible, impossible, impossible!  Abusing the space you need to carry, understand?

Whether you are handling money in your life – business; or knowledge in your life – learning or teaching; or power in your life, means having somebody under you or being under somebody, either a leader or a follower, that is “handling power”; “handling knowledge” means, either a student or teacher; “handling wealth”, either earning or sharing; whatever you may think you are doing, please listen, whether you handle life, whether you handle wealth, whether you handle power, if you don’t know to create the space and melt down, your ego is enough to kill you!  Your ego is enough to kill you!

Anything which you are handling with your ego, without creating a space, you already internally aborted the possibility.  Ego and Creation of the Space, these two are completely opposite. 

“Ego” means, the frozen….means, the stools which has not come out of your body. 

 “Creating a space” means, the ability to have, ability to visualize and hold anything you want, anything you want to create, your ability to create and hold anything you want.

Listen!  “Ego” is like frozen; “Space” is like a pure vastness, living vastness.  Living emptiness is space.  The word “emptiness” always you think is dead.  Living emptiness is space.  Living emptiness is space. 

Ability to create the living emptiness as and when you want, not being affected by the ego, is what we call in Sanskrit as “Chittha Shuddhi”. 

In the traditional Vedanta, “Chittha Shuddhi” is life.  Anything can be done for “Chittha Shuddhi”!  Means, complete inner-space, the space which has achieved Complete Completion is “Shuddha Chittha”.  Tremendous authenticity is required for life, understand? 

Again and again, I wanted to tell you, your impossibility makes your life so difficult, by the time you do small things you are tired.  It is like without even releasing the hand-brake you are driving the car.  With the hand-brake on if you drive the car, how will it be?  That is exactly what you are doing!  With impossibility you are pushing your life!  When you are pushing your life, just like car being driven with the hand-brakes on, you will live with minimal things, life only in a minimal level, because you always think, ‘Oh, I am new to this.’  Or, ‘I am not going to be doing this forever.’  Either, ‘I am new to this’, or I am not going to be doing this forever.’ If you are asked to do puja, ‘Oh, today only I started.’  Or, you will be thinking, ‘Anyhow in one week they will change.  I am not going to be doing this.’  Constantly approaching life with instability!

Instead, ‘Oh, only today I got a chance.  Within a week, they may remove me.  So let me do it.  Authentically let me learn and do it.’

Just in these two lines I will define the science of creating a space: 

Complete with the constant non-committal attitude with life.  Complete with the constant non-trusting attitude with life. 

Decide to wear life. 

Life is a pond; get into it. 

Again and again and again, verifying whether your thinking, the direction in which your energy is flowing, is this authentic? 

Means, is this in tune with your inner-image, the best inner-image you want to have? Is the thinking going on inside you now,

  • is it supporting the best inner-image you want to have? 
  • Is it supporting the best outer-image you want to have? 
  • Is it supporting the others-image you want to have? 
  • Is it supporting the life-image you want to have? 

Again and again and again, see the way you are thinking now, always try to come back and see, the way you are thinking now, is it in alignment with the best inner-image you want to have, the best outer-image you want to have, the best others-image you want to have, and the best life-image you want to have?  This is what is “thinking Authenticity”, making yourself authentic, making yourself authentic.  Thinking Authenticity, making yourself authentic.  Thinking whether your thinking is going in the direction of your authenticity, think whether your thinking is going in the direction of authenticity.  See continuously whether your thinking is going towards your best inner-image, best outer-image, best others-image, best life-image, and align your thinking towards that.  This is what is the essence of creating the space, the essence of the Science of Creating Space.­

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