The essence of enlightenment is waking up to the higher reality and ruling your life as Eshwara for yourself with more and more powerfulness. All this can manifest through one thing – talk to Paramashiva!

5 statements:

  • I remember myself in you and wake up to my reality in you.
  • When I remind my existence in you, you start seeing Him.
  • When I make you cognize I am real, achieving Me is real, prayer becomes your life.
  • When prayer becomes a continuous flow, it becomes oneness.
  • In oneness , when you start manifesting powers, you start living Shuddhadvaita

Internalize this great truth, when Paramashiva reminds His existence in you, and starts waking you up, then your intense prayer is nothing but upasana, having a dialogue with higher existence. You need to know, the moment you know Paramashiva is real, whatever you speak is not a monologue anymore.

The moment you cognize Paramashiva is real, and when you know all this is just a dream, then after that even if you forget Paramashiva is real and you slip into your dream, all these dreams will lead you one by one to Paramashiva is real!

The idea of time is the thief. It means, whenever you are sad, you are made to feel you are going to be sad forever.

If you understand whatever I am revealing today, you will manifest your future just like that.

Paramashiva is such a beautiful mother, He makes your food in such a way that it is easily digestible. It is like Parashakti eats all the food that needs to be digested and gives her milk to you! It means the whole Paramashiva jnana is digested and just the essence is given to you as milk. That is the meaning of the ‘Jnanapal’ (milk of enlightenment) given by Parvati to Jnanasambandar.

Even once if you cognize Paramashiva is real, after that every incident, every dream in your life will only lead you to the realization that Paramashiva is the ultimate.

Only what you ‘cognize’ about you matters, not what you ‘feel’ about yourself.

Why does baby Jnanasambandar need to accept the milk? How would the child know it is Parashakti herself? There is no reason. The essence of enlightenment is waking up to the higher reality and ruling your life as Eshwara for yourself with more and more powerfulness.

All this can manifest through one thing – talk to Paramashiva.

He has to respond. Learn to understand His response.

In binary logic, words are conversation. In multidimensional logic, silence is deeper conversation. When you know Paramashiva is real, and intensely talk to him, sometimes he may use words to respond to you, sometimes he may just pour silence and fill you. That peacefulness is the response to you. Whatever happens inside you after talking to him is his response to you. Do not expect words as per binary logic as response. Learn to understand Paramashiva’s language.

When you start talking intensely to Paramashiva, just remember these three:

  • Paramashiva is real.
  • Start talking to him. You can be complaining, enjoying, angry, thanking, aggression, surrender, screaming, anything. Know that he is real and go on internally talking to him. Before sipping a cup of coffee, say, ‘Swamiji, here is sweet coffee, enjoy!”
  • He is older than the sun and fresher than the breath you are taking inside.

Go on and on and on talking to him. Once you feel you are dreaming, after that, even if you slip into the dream, all those dreams only lead you to waking state!

Even if you don’t wake up and fall, and slip into the dream again, that every dream will only lead you to wake up. You will only wake up!

The independent intelligence who is creating, sustaining, renovating, rejuvenating, pulling out of delusion and liberating all of us and this universe is Paramashiva and He is real. He is available in the form of Nithyananda Paramashivam to all of us.

Cognize this fundamental principle and go on talking to him. Every word you talk to him will bring tremendous completion. Stop talking to yourself and start talking to Paramashiva.

This is the essence of today’s satsang:

Stop talking to yourself, start talking to Paramashiva. Talking to yourself will bring more frustration, anger, incompletion. Talking to Paramashiva you will get Paramashanta, extreme joy, patience, activism.

Paramashanta gives you activism in life. You all mistake activism as aggression. Paramashanta flowing in the positive direction is activism.

I have seen in my own life, activism and aggression from people. Activism is Paramashiva flowing for life, pro life. Aggression is anger, violence, frustration, flowing life negatively.

Make Paramashiva as your own company. That is why wearing the atmalinga below the heart area and above the navel, that is in the Anandagandha, should be done.

Wear the atmalinga near your anandagandha always. It can be vertical or horizontal. Be clear, Paramashiva is invoked in the atmalinga, but the atmalinga itself if damaged, it does not mean Paramashiva is damaged! So you don’t need to be incomplete about it. Don’t mishandle it, true, but don’t get worried if accidents happen.

I sincerely request all of you to be sincere and protective about your atmalinga, but if it is damaged or broken by accident, you can get a new one. We have reference for this in the Hindu scriptures. Always wear the atmalinga and intensely converse with Paramashiva.

Sometimes your conversations and intuitions that you have, become reality, and sometimes it doesn’t become a reality. Don’t worry about it. Go on conversing.

Bring intense conversation with Paramashiva. Suddenly, you will see, it becomes an unbroken upasana and ajapa japa. It will be like how the Mahavakya is continuously reverberating in your inner space.

How to know whether ajapa japa is happening or not? You will see that the waking hours and quality of your waking state will drastically increased! The sleep and dreaming state will shrink like anything. And all the time you will feel alive, awake, fresh. You will feel like doing something all the time. Intense activism with eternal peace will be inside you.


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