What you cognize about yourself matters, not what you feel about yourself, because what you cognize about yourself burns away what you feel about you!

Having broad space keeps you absolutely integrated and continuously manifesting life. Manifesting life is manifesting powers. Powers are nothing but ‘life into the power of three’. ‘life square’ is bliss. ‘life cube’ is powers.

Yesterday I made two statements:

Life is all about what you cognize as you, not what you do outside.
Life has nothing to do with what you feel about you or with you, it is all about what you do to others.

They both look like they are conflicting each other, but actually they are complementing each other. When you have the right cognitions, you start serving others. Serving others becomes your lifestyle.

What you are going to powerfully cognize about you decisively, that matters! For example, you decide, ‘I am now going to feel I am a powerful god – Paramashiva – who has absolute power over the inner space and outer reality.’ you may have taken the decision only for one minute, and the remaining 23 hours 59 minutes you may be in the worst depression, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, and a space which feels shitty about yourself and life – all that feeling you are having in that 23 hours 59 minutes does not matter. That one minute which you decide you are going to powerfully cognize yourself as Paramashiva, matters! Because consciously taken decisions get recorded in your bio memory. Vague confusions, mood swings and all are recorded only in your muscle memory.

Having large expansive inner space makes you manifest life with tremendous depth and maturity.

I am reading the Shivajnana Mahabashyam of the Shivajnana botham. The book was originally from Raurava agama. It was Paramashiva’s teaching to Nandi. It was translated by Meikanda Thevar in tamil who revived the Kanchi Kailasa Sarvajnapeetham of Thondaimandala aadheenam.

Madurai aadheenam was revived by multiple acharyas. I am the 293rd pontiff. So it means that so many Sannidhanams (pontiffs) have lived before that and easily each for 50 years. This is a balasanyasa peetha, even though as exemption, elders do come to the seat. But otherwise, by the time the child is 10, coronation is done as the Uttaradhikari.

They must have lived very long because they were all yogis, enlightened beings, rishis, siddhas, glorious Guru parampara. Even if you put an average of 50 years, it comes to 292 into 50 years!

Just like how Jnanasambandar revived madurai aadheenam, Meikandar revived the Kanchipuram Thondaimandala aadheenam. From the Shivajnana Mahabashyam, I wanted to share some great truths of the universe, mapping it to your everyday life.

I want to map the Brahmanda where Swargas, Narakas, lokas are described in Shivajnana Mahabhashyam, into what we are going through in our life everyday.

Understand, if you react before even getting the full information, if you are getting into panic attack, you are in hell! You cannot go more down anymore. If you internalise, grasp and chew, then respond from your balance, I can say you are in Bhuloka (planet earth), you will be a good leader. If you receive the information and map it into your powerful cognition which you consciously decide, you will be Swarga (heaven)!

If you receive the information without reaction or a perturbed inner space, nor you react in a balanced way, but you react from the conscious identity that you want to become, then you are in Swarga, heaven!

Consciously what you want as you – ‘Swarga’ – from that if you respond, you will be in Swarga.

Start from today. All these teachings are to inspire you to start from today, not to put you in guilt that you missed till yesterday.

People say, ‘such great teachings I missed all these great years.’ that is ok. Now start! Internalise this one truth.

Having a large inner space will make you manifest love. Paramashiva is highly accommodative. I am highly accommodative but absolutely integrated. So, I am accommodative to everyone who comes into the sangha, to all, but they are not ready to be accommodative to integrate themselves!

Being accommodative, absolutely loving, having a vast inner space is one and the same. What you cognize about yourself matters, not what you feel about yourself, because what you cognize about yourself burns away what you feel about you.

Consciously if you practise the powerful cognition, in one to three months, you will forget your old identity. The ability to forget your old identity is ‘dheera’ – boldness.

Boldness is all about being able to give up your oldness. Life, enlightenment, knowledge, powerful cognitions, everything boils down to one – this one truth: what you feel about you doesn’t matter, what you decide to cognize about you matters!

A conscious decision made even for one minute is more powerful than even 23 hours 59 minutes of confusion. That is why krishna says:

स्वल्पमप्यस्य धर्मस्य त्रायते महतो भयात् 

‘svalpam apyasya dharmasya trāyate mahato bhayāt’

meaning, ‘even practising a little, cleans up large quantities of fears.

Even a few times of cognizing and declaring with powerful cognitions, is much more powerful than hours and hours of what you are feeling about you.

Whatever I am sharing, if you just listen two to three times, it will be so powerful because I am mapping the most powerful truths into your language.

The prism called ‘your individual consciousness’, if that is powerful, you will feel so powerful about your past, future, birth and death.

Many times, devotees feel so powerful about death, ‘aye, I know swamiji will be there during my death’, or even those who are connected to their ishta devata – they know god will be there when they leave the body.

Your powerful cognition, just by its very quality supplies power to you and is establishing its truth. Nothing other than the truth can supply power to you. If something supplies power to you, it is truth in some scale in reality.

So just by its virtue, the cognition that is supplying power to you is enough! Don’t get confused by the rationalised racists questioning ‘how do you know?’

What do you mean by this ‘how do you know?’ it is being asked as per ‘their’ scale. With this they are trying to put their binary logic into you. By remembering the cognition, ’Swamiji will be there when I leave the body’, if that is giving you power, it is the truth in the multidimensional logic of nyaya! As per Nyaya, your powerful cognition is true. But they are trying to measure your truth with their binary logic. That is what I call ‘invading the sacred’.

Life is not binary logic. Life is all about multidimensional spiritual logic, conscious logic.

Even in the language of binary logic, if you see, if you have the powerful cognition, ‘Swamiji will liberate me when I face death’, then when you live boldly with this, then even for the sake of logic of binary; confused, mad people, demonic logic, if you see, you because of your powerful cognition, your whole life, you live so beautifully even if I am not there during your death as per their logic! But they don’t live beautifully either when they are living or during their death. So you are the gainer! You are getting profited by the powerful cognition, ‘Swamiji will be there when I leave the body’.

The quality of life you lived is amazing because of this. Just by its virtue it is making your powerful, so apply this! Pratyaksha pramana is that which makes you feel powerful. It is a satya pramana which is a shakti pramana. Satya pramanas always gives you shakti.

The moment I say, ‘I will be there when you leave the body and liberate you,’ and you decide to consciously believe and cognize it, the very quality of your life changes from that moment. Because from that moment, no more death fear! ‘Marana smarana’ – ‘remembrance of death’, does not put you in depression any more, it removes all the bumps from the road!

So even as per the binary logic, the quality of your life is drastically improved when you decide to go with my statement of liberating you. Me appearing and liberating you is a bonus. Why do abusers not put their questions directly to me or the official channels? It is because they know that I will twist every question in such a way and give such powerful answers, and the abusers will lose the people because when I give the answers, you will repeat that to them and declare that you are going with me! More and more are joining kailaasa!

The powerful cognitions you consciously choose have 1000 times power over you than the unconscious feeling you have inside you as an accident. The accidental clouds do not have power over the conscious sun. The conscious sun is trillion times more powerful than the accidental clouds.

All you feel about you is ‘clouds’. All you consciously cognize about yourself is the ‘sun’!

There is a tradition of Paramahamsa Shivananda from Palghat, Kerala. He is from the Siddha sampradaya. My father’s elder brother got initiated into that sampradaya.

In that tradition, they will put a life-size mirror, and you will sit in front of the mirror, and they will apply Jnananjana on your third eye and your third eye on the mirror. You just have to stare in the mirror until your form disappears in the mirror. It really works! You will not see this form which you are seeing anymore. Either you will see an empty mirror, or you will see the gods and goddesses which you consciously cognize. I want all of you to try this at home if you have jnananjana.

Vadaloor Vallalar mastered this process, and he invoked Subramanya swami (skanda) consciously, and Skanda appeared in the mirror and gave darshan. Because they told me this story, I said, ‘let me also have darshan of Skanda’. He really appeared and blessed me! Of course, Skanda is real, but I did not expect He will appear just by me putting jnananjana and staring.

I want you to know, in this process, the powerful cognition they teach you is: whatever you know about you from the past, whatever you feel about you in the present, is all a delusion. Even the idea, ‘you are looking bad, good, ugly, beautiful’, all these ideas are also a delusion. With this if you sit, the form in the mirror melts down, and the form in your chit (consciousness) melts down. If the form in the chit melts down, Chit-shakti (conscious power) manifests.

source: fb.com/srinithyananda.swami

One thought on “What you cognize about yourself matters, not what you feel about yourself, because what you cognize about yourself burns away what you feel about you!

  1. *Ma Nithya Dahanananda * * Eternally in Bliss, destroying ignorance and causing everyone’s reality*

    Thank you so much, it is appreciated very much. Love all the Eternal Bliss words. Ma Nithya Dahanananda

    On Sun, 12 Jan 2020 at 18:21, Words of Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda! wrote:

    > Sri posted: “Having broad space keeps you absolutely integrated and > continuously manifesting life. Manifesting life is manifesting powers. > Powers are nothing but ‘life into the power of three’. ‘life square’ is > bliss. ‘life cube’ is powers. Yesterday I made two state” >


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