’Less reactionary assumptions’ is the space where powers explode and manifest!

Your future can be manifested as you want. It can be planned and planted as you want.

First – bring minimalistic reactionary assumptions in your inner space.

This is the key word: ‘minimalistic reactionary assumptions’. It means: Paramashanta swarupa is powerfulness, whereas reactionary assumptions makes you ugly, old, dead.

Minimalistic reactionary assumptions keep you young, beautiful and alive. Withdrawing from reactionary assumptions is ‘unclutching’.

Assumptions which make you abusively explode, violent, aggressive, are called reactionary assumptions.

For example, when you were young, you must have seen someone in your family – your father or uncle – violently throwing tantrums and establishing their supremacy, and getting things as they want with that.

Unconsciously you decide, ‘this is the way to get things done,’ and you associate the aggressive, violent, throwing your weight, with the methodology to get things done the way you want. And you associate that with heroism.

This is the most fundamentally flawed, wrong assumption you come to assume. This is the binary logic’s exploitation over your system. Because someone in your family threw their weight and got what they want in one reactional aggression situation, it does not mean life functions with this logic. All this might have worked in one or two situations, but if you think this is the way life happens, then your life is absolutely messed up.

Reactionary assumptions are poison planted in your bio-energy through binary logic. And every time the reactionary assumptions explode in your system, you have a nervous breakdown. And if it becomes a regular lifestyle, you will have mental breakdown.

Reactionary assumptions do not make you successful in any situation. Even if you believe in one or two situations, you got things done the way you want with it, it is like, you may have earned pennies but you would have lost billions.

Just like how you feel, when you go from dream state to waking, how you see in the waking state, that the dream is less real, in the samadhi state, you will realize that the waking state is less real.

The principles of ishana – of liberation – means, liberate yourself from reactionary assumptions. Then you will solve all the problems. You will manifest best possibility and powers.

For example – if you are in terrible confusion whether to be in this job, marriage or not (almost 99% people have confusion between these two or sometimes both!), then apply the principles of liberation – withdraw just for two days; decide: I am not going to be in this job anymore. I am not saying resign the job, I am saying just decide and withdraw mentally from the job. Then see what are the reactionary assumptions (anger, fear, insecurities whatever) that are making you feel pressured about the job. Decide: let me drop these reactionary assumptions which are instigating me and making me feel this job is a torture. Discover all this. When you discover the reactionary assumptions which make you feel the job is a torture, you will understand the real problems, and then you will understand why you were in the job.

If you decide and just unclutch, sit in Paramashanta swarupa, and see the whole thing from liberating principles, you will come to the higher state and you are liberated from the lower state. Whenever you unclutch, you are liberated from the confusion and get clarity about the whole situation.

If you are a visitor, and if you do the process I am describing, you will get clicks and understanding and you will understand how the reactionary assumptions are making you feel suffocated without the real suffocation. Then you will understand that you can manifest many more possibilities in your life.

If you are my disciple, I give you this commitment: do this process of applying the principles of Ishana – liberating principles – to the suffocation you are going through, and I give you the boon to manifest the power to change the whole situation! Your manager will be changed, or you will get promoted with a higher pay, or transferred to where you want, I will cause the miracles for you!

Apply the principles of liberation in your health, career. Tell yourself ‘I am handing myself over to Kalabhairava‘. He is the most sweet and compassionate god. You can scratch his belly and make him laugh! In our temples all over the world, you can touch the deities. Kalabhairava – the lord of time, is too sweet and cute. It is like you are too much in love with your kid and if your kid knows you are too much in love with your kid, the kid may exploit your love and use it to harm himself, so you show a firm face! Kalabhairava is like that only! He is too cute. When you go to Kalabhairava, just make him laugh, make him giggle. He is too cute!

If you have any disease, go to Kalabhairava, tell him: “I am handing myself over to you. I am liberated from this body.” I am not talking about committing suicide! Suicide is not accepted in hinduism. Hand over your body to Kalabhairava, and then scan your body without reactionary assumptions.

Apply these liberation principles, whether it is to heal your relationships, business, job or career. Apply the liberation principles in anything. A few hours ago, we experienced a miracle just by applying this!

’Less reactionary assumptions’ is the space where powers explode and manifest.

Let us say you have a problem in your career or relationship. You may be always fighting with your spouse and her parents, and made a big mess. Or in your office, you might have fought with your boss and made a mess. When you apply these principles, for a viewer or visitor, you will have clicks, and you will have to complete with your boss, spouse and you need to make them understand that you are changing, and you need to build trust and build a new life with them. You need to make them trust that you are changing. But for my disciples, I tell you, you just apply the liberation principles inside. Transforming your boss and subordinates, cleaning the old mess, is my responsibility! When I commit, you know I will make it.

If you want to complete with your boss and start a new way of relating, if you have decided internally, consciously, and you tell Paramashiva also, then he is antaryami, so with the grace of Paramashiva, if you complete with Paramashiva for everything you have done with your boss or spouse, Paramashiva is responsible for completing them and making them trust you are a new person and start fresh!

Whether if it is your job, career, health or family or body, apply these principles. Understand, your body is nothing but your life. If you have a problem with your spouse, you will have liver problem. All reactionary assumptions sit inside your system and make your body and life a mess.

When you work on reactionary assumptions and apply liberating principles and clean them up, your body also will be healed, your life will also be healed, your spouse also will be healed, your career also will be healed; in multilevel everything gets cleaned up.

I may be a little difficult to understand and digest, but I am the honest truth. Nithyananda may be difficult or a little time consuming to chew and digest and internalize, but I am the honest, integrated truth and sweet like sugarcane and haritaki when you are continuously consuming and enjoying it!

With haritaki and sugarcane – even sugarcane will not give immediate taste. A pure high quality sugar cane, only after a few bites, will give you the taste. Same way, with haritaki also, you will not know the taste immediately, but only after swallowing it and drinking water!

Apply the principles of sadyojata – creation, apply the principles of maintenance, principles of rejuvenation, principles of pulling out of delusion, principles of liberation in every issue in your life. Sit in Paramashanta swarupa and liberate yourself, withdraw from situations, whether health, or office problems, or family issues, decide and withdraw saying: “I am liberated!” I am not saying to divorce. I am just saying to mentally withdraw with these words and then apply these liberating principles.

Only to wake up a person I will raise my voice. When you wake up, I will immediately say, “now listen, now get the instruction”. Anyone who has closely worked with me will know this! I only give Prayaschitta, not punish. Prayaschitta means the tapas you need to do to recover, never any punishment. The moment they recognize their mistake and decide to be integrated, immediately they are freed from the Prayaschitta and raised to the next level!

All my disciples should have aparigraha – minimalistic lifestyle – in reactionary assumptions. For anything in life, decide: ‘oh it has happened. Ok, let us see what to do next.’

When you associate your reactionary violent burst as heroism, not only you show that on others but you show that on yourself continuously which is more dangerous for you than showing it on others. It is like electrocuting and terrorizing your system, which is not cute.

Lesser reactionary assumptions -> more Paramashanta swarupa -> more powers. A ‘less reactionary assumption inner space’ is more loving, caring, non-toxic and non-taxing on your body.

People who assume and react, never raise as leaders. If you live in Paramashanta swarupa and handle only the situations that come in front of you, will have an amazing life.

Rebuild your future with this one principle, Parmashanta swarupa – minimal reactionary assumptions. Withdrawing from this is ‘unclutching’. Bring peace to yourself.

The nyaya vaisheshika of cosmos, the multidimensional logic of the cosmos needs to be understood. When I say infinity is infinity and binary logic cannot decode existential reality, when I am saying that you can plan and plant your future and manifest it, all of it is the same truths that I am saying, but using different words. The single methodology I am asking you to practice in all of this is: Paramashanta swarupa – liberating principle. Then the principles of creation can be applied, meaning creating the right assumptions and maintaining Paramashanta and destroying all the reactionary assumptions and pulling yourself out of delusion of the reactionary assumptions associated with heroism and liberating yourself from this whole mess.

Apply all these principles and you will become the ‘Ishwara’ of your life. For all my disciples, with the grace of Paramashiva I give you commitment: apply these principles in every zone of your life and with the grace of Paramashiva, I will manifest all powers and Kalabhairava will protect you and you will be the ground for breeding all the powers.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Makara Sankaranti. It is a four-day festival. The Parabrahma swarupa, the Shiva Surya Parabrahmam moves from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana, and the Uttarayana punya kaala starts. The movement takes four days. These fours days, let us plan and manifest our future. All of you should bring a printed yearly calendar for the morning satsang and start filling the calendar with what you want to manifest on which date! We will start doing this process of applying the liberating principles on it. With the grace of Paramashiva, you will start manifesting your future as you want! I will teach you the whole jnana – knowledge and vijnana – applied science – of Paramashiva.

source: fb.com/srinithyananda.swami

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