Anything you write in your inner space from inside will become reality

Cognition – the process where we receive information through our 5 senses, process them based on our root patterns and respond to them based on our root patterns.

 Authenticity – being sincere to the 4 aspects of you – your mamakara (your image about yourself), your ahamkara (the way you present yourself to others), swa-annyakara (how you perceive life and other people), annyakara (how others see you). In all these 4 being sincere, meaning having best inner image, having best outer image, having the best idea about life and others and being very sincere about what others hold you for. 

Spend a few minutes with yourself and define what you want to feel about you, what is the “best you” for you, what is the best outer image for you, what is the best image you want to have about others and life and what are the best sincere expectations others have from you. Anything which disturbs any to live any one of these 4 images is incompletion.

 In all these 4 you are the centre. If you are at the peak and best at all these 4, you are living in the state of completion. Have the best inner image, have the best outer image, have the best image about others and life, decide to hold yourself in the highest space of what others hold you for, being at the best in all these 4 is Authenticity.

 If you have a feeling that you will never be able to achieve this, that is what I call self-doubt. If your pen is stuck when you are writing these 4 aspects of your personality, that is a sign of your self-doubt. I want you to understand that your consciousness is the ink, Kala – the time – is the paper, your body is the pen and your will is the decision to write.Anything you write in your inner space will become reality,when you are writing about you with the paper and pen and you feel stuck, or you have doubts whether you can do this, that is self-doubt. If you feel obstacles for your being sincere in these 4 areas, that is the incompletion you have.


How to experience this as a reality? How can this become our life?

 I have a great news for you:

Cognition is not an established organ of you, it can be programmed as you want. From today if you strongly start believing that this pillar is God, the way you behave towards the pillar and the power of your cognition will cause, that few other people will also start to believe the same thing and maybe in the next few months or few years this pillar will become God and it will have a separate temple.

 So your seeing is programmable, your seeing is changeable, your seeing is transformable. Cognition is changeable, it is programmable, it is transformable.

 If you doubt that it is possible to change, if you have a doubt whether you even want to change, why do you have this doubt? You want to cook without turning on the stove, you tried 10 times, after that you decide whole cooking is a lie, but you forget one important thing that for cooking is fire which you did not create.

 “Do I want to change? I feel lazy.”, is also only one more cognition you have, it is also one more cognition which is transformable, which is changeable. Anything that exists as your reality is only based on your cognition. So whether it is incompletions or completion, it is all just your cognition. The great news is, that cognition is changeable, transformable.

 All incompletion is just your cognition. All completion is also only your cognition. Your cognition alone binds you, your cognition alone liberates you.

 Before I give the conclusion you need to understand all this. Before you start cooking all ingredients must be ready.

 So this is the process for you:

  1. Sit down and pen down all these 4 aspects of you: the most sincere inner image for you, the most sincere way how of projecting yourself to others, the most sincere image about others and life and the most sincere others’ views of you. Make a clear description of all these 4.
  2. Write down what are the obstacles that are there for you to realize and experience it. These obstacles and obstructions are your incompletions, list them down.
  3. Understand, these obstructions are only your cognition, which is changeable. Actually you have only one root pattern and that is that you believe that your cognition can’t be changed. This belief is the root of your root patterns. Because of this root of your root patterns no completion works on you. Any amount of completion will not work for you.

So first thing you need to understand is that your cognition is changeable. With a deep understanding that your cognition is not changeable, any number or completions you do – the result will be zero. Understand that your cognition is changeable, transformable, this is the first cognition you need to have.

 Whenever people realize that cognition is changeable, spontaneous enlightenment is possible.

People who complete, do completions again and again – that is gradual progress to enlightenment.

People who understand that a cognition they have is changeable will experience instant enlightenment.

 The ingredients you need to add to your cooking are: a right and sincere mamakara, a sincere ahamkara, a sincere swa-annyakara and sincere annyakara. They can be based on your sincerity, not on others’ sincerity.

 Peel the skin of all these vegetables, that means remove all obstructions which are stopping you from being at the peak of all these 4 aspects of you.

 Just if you decide that “From now onwards I decide to cognize these authentic 4 ingredients about me as a reality and whatever are the obstructions for me I decide not to see them in my life anymore.”

 Understand, if you change your cognition, your incompletions will not have any power over you. How many you strongly believed until today that your congnition is not changeable? With this understanding any completion you do is not going to work. If this basic cognition is not changed, nothing can be done.

 You need to change your cognition, because COGNITION IS CHANGEABLE, IT IS TRANSFERABLE. The basic cognition you need to have is this, that your cognition is changeable. 

 If you come to the clarity that your cognition can be changed itself can lead you to completion. With this one idea “cognition can be changed” pen down all the incompletions, look in and decide to think based on the truth “cognition can be changed” and based on Authenticity – best mamakara, best ahamkara, best swa-annyakara and best annyakara. In these 4 just if you start thinking in this line, your very thinking will be the completions process.

 Without any separate completion process, just based on this understanding and your decision to live the best 4 parts of you will lead to spontaneous completion, your very thinking process will be completion. Your regular thinking and your day to day life becomes completion. Your dreams will become completion. In your dreams you will be experiencing completion, your thinking becomes completion. 

This is the science of instant completion, a process for spontaneous completion. Just have this clear decision and think with this decision. Start this process immediately and be complete NOW!