When you are really blissful, you work with higher intelligence!

Intelligence is not to do with the information that you have or receive. That is only intellect. In other words, intelligence is not the totality of your experiences, but the lessons learned from those experiences.

Understanding happens only when you are open and spontaneous without prejudice. If you are with prejudice, the complete understanding does not penetrate you. If you are open, then the complete understanding penetrates you and you become intelligent.

For example, a person touches a burning matchstick and learns that it burns. Next, the person touches a gas flame and learns that it burns too. Next, he touches a blazing fire and finds that it also burns. If that person waits for learning this way, from experience, it will take him ages to learn the lesson that fire burns. And when he finally learns, it will be time for him to go to the burning cremation grounds! The intelligent person figures after touching the first fire of the matchstick, that any type of fire burns. But the even more intelligent person does not even wait to touch the fire of the matchstick, he learns even when he sees another person touching it! Continue reading “When you are really blissful, you work with higher intelligence!”

You cannot become intelligent because it is not attaining something new, it is discovering your very being!

Intelligence is being open to life. It is being welcoming to people, situations and everything in life. Many times you can see that you have your own expectations and ideas of how things should be. You are afraid to receive life with open arms. Can you put conditions on how the weather should be tomorrow?


Then why do you put conditions on how the ‘weather’ at home, the mood of your wife or child, should be?

Understand, there are two things that we can do. One is collecting the data, making the argument and making a judgment. The second is forming a judgment and then collecting arguments to support that judgment. Most of the time we have already formed the judgment and then we pay attention only to those incidents that support our judgment. For example, you have formed an opinion of your husband or wife. By now you know what your husband will say if you ask him to come shopping with you. By now you know what your wife will say if you ask her to join you in watching the Sunday football match. Based on just these few incidents, you would have made so many more judgments about them. You don’t credit him or her to have an intelligence that gets updated from every moment of life. The problem is, you don’t even credit yourself with having that natural intelligence. That is why you can’t believe others can become updated.

Operating with intelligence is the process of going back to the innocence you were born with.

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Anything you write in your inner space from inside will become reality

Cognition – the process where we receive information through our 5 senses, process them based on our root patterns and respond to them based on our root patterns.  Authenticity – being sincere to the 4 aspects of you – your mamakara (your image about yourself), your ahamkara (the way you present yourself to others), swa-annyakara (how you perceive life and other people), annyakara (how others see you). In all these 4 being sincere, meaning having best inner image, having best outer image, having the best idea about life and others and being very sincere about what others hold you for.  Spend a … Continue reading Anything you write in your inner space from inside will become reality

Conflict-free life

The outer world is nothing but a reflection of your inner state. We continuously experience some conflict or other every moment – in our relationships, in our goals, in our desires, in life-situations. We invariably attribute our conflict to someone or something in the outer world. We blame the outer world for our problems. People ask me, ‘How can I be conflict-free in a world that is filled with conflict? Only when the whole world is silent, happy and peaceful can I become conflict-free.’ Understand, that is never going to happen! There is no such thing as bringing peace into … Continue reading Conflict-free life

Why is listening so important to people?

Because listening is attention, and attention is energy! When you genuinely listen to someone, you not only boost their self worth, but also their energy levels! This is why people feel so fulfilled when someone listens to them. If you listen closely when somebody is sharing, especially if they are sharing a problem, you will see that almost always, what they are looking for is understanding and empathy, not your solutions for their problems. It is also a commonly held notion that one has to be loud and heard to be noticed and to progress in society. In fact true … Continue reading Why is listening so important to people?