When you live intensely, automatically you will be liberated. If you don’t live any moment intensely, what happens?

You cannot feel fulfilled by offering sense pleasures to the senses. Living intensely does not mean fulfilling your senses, pouring pleasures into your senses, or living as you wanted.

Somebody asked me, ‘Since bondage and liberation is relative, why not just eat, drink and be merry?’

That is perfectly all right. Be intense. That’s all.

Eat intensely. When you are eating, only eat.

When you are sleeping, just sleep.

When you are drinking, only drink.

When you are making merry, just be merry.

Master’s words should be understood completely, with intensity and clarity, not superficially.

If you can be merry, you don’t need anything else. The whole problem is because you can’t really be merry. That is why you need so much of teachings and ideas about liberation. See, that’s why here you think, ‘Why not just eat, drink and be merry?’ You think it’s very easy.

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