How can I contribute and make a difference !

The question, “My dearest Swamiji, ‘Bliss is cosmos’ is becoming profound reality within just 4 days of the IA program completion. How can we connect Swamiji to everyone so that they can taste the nectar specially our near and dear ones– especially our near and dear ones or friends who have language limitations or mind-set fixed due to their religious beliefs?

Two thing. First, you imbibe this concept / this truths as a experience so deeply, when you go and start living, constantly approach your near and dear ones, every human being with this one attitude of how can I contribute to his life and make a difference? Please understand, recently I have taken a vow. Whoever comes in my breathing space I will give something to them. May be a healing or a boon, atleast a candy. I can see so clearly, please understand, this has opened a new dimension even in me. I have the habit of always—whoever asks something, prays for something, blessing or giving them the boon. That is one thing. Now, I made it like a rule. Anybody who comes in my breathing space I will give them something; atleast a blessing from the heart, ‘let you be blissful’. My presence is always blessing, all those things are one side-it is a mystical side. Even in the practical side, when I decided, I keep this as a vow, I tell you—you also keep this as a vow—so much opens up inside you.

When you approach your near and dear ones or your family, friends, people,  anybody, you don’t even need your near and dear ones practice your love and compassion.

Go and stand outside the mall- every human being is your near and dear one only. Every human being walks in, walks out. Stand with the tremendous meditative mood, how can I contribute to his life and make a difference. What is the best thing which made difference in my life? – feeling connection with my Master or meditation, Inner Awakening. You may have different words. But all these different words are like different doors of this Chit Sabha.  Whichever door you enter you will reach me only. One door is Inner Awakening, one door is Nithya Yoga, one door is Nithya Kriya, one door is feeling connection. So many different doors. One door is energy darshan, one door is initiation. So many different doors.  Whichever door you.. door has contributed most to your life share that. Read More