What is the role of the master in sannyas?

Mahavir Jain was a great Jain master who compiled the teachings of Jainism known as the Jain Sutras. The verse begins, ‘namo arihantana’.

’Namo arihantana’ means, ‘I bow in reverence to the arihantas who achieved the highest truths.’

He is talking about the great enlightened masters. These masters not only achieve, but they radiate the truths so much that those who go near them are also inspired to achieve!

Arihanta does not mean a person who teaches. No!

Arihanta is a person who inspires. You can’t reproduce enlightenment by teaching. If we could, we would have started selling it long ago! We would have created stores like http://www.enlightenment.com. ‘Please visit our website to get enlightened!’ We would have created ‘Enlightenment Guaranteed’ shops. No!

Fortunately or unfortunately, you can’t create enlightenment in a being by teaching. You can only reproduce enlightenment by inspiring. Read More