The urge to Re-invent yourself should become urgent

Listen. Please listen with all your attention. The constant happening of life can be perceived as constant rebirth or a constant death. If you perceive as a constant rebirth, or a constant death, if you perceive it as a constant rebirth, you will experience the beauty of life. If you perceive, listen, if you perceive life as a constant rebirth or constant death, both the ways, whatever way you may be perceiving, life is not going to change. Please understand, reality does not wait for your acceptance.

I think I need to give more examples, then you can grasp, you catch what I am saying.

Whatever need to be taken away from you, when that is taken away, your hue and cry, non-acceptance, screaming, shouting, cursing, all that will neither stop nor reduce the speed of those things being taken away from you. Same way, whatever needs to be showered on you, your blessing, your praising, all those things will not multiply the things which is going to be showered on you. Please listen, praising God, or Life or Guru, is not to please them, but to keep you in a pleasant space. Understand, be very clear, praising God or Guru or life, is not to please them, but for you to be pleasant. Never ever think you can bribe Mahadeva. No! If you are in the mood of praising them, you will be in the pleasant space. That is the result, that is the fruit of praising Gods, Goddess, doing Sahasranāma (chanting 1000 names of Gods), doing archana, vandana, bhajana, pujana, seva—worshipping, chanting, serving, praising—all that is for you to be kept in the space of pleasantness. Bribing Mahadeva is not possible. Listen, no bribing is going to work. You can’t bribe Him. You can’t bribe Him. Continue reading →