Constantly, the emotions you cherish becomes the source of your bio-energy. Whatever is the source of your bio-energy impacts your thinking. Please understand, it is like a vicious circle. It is like one feeds to the other. If you are constantly agitated, having depression, that becomes your bio-energy. If depression and agitation become your bio-energy, naturally you tend to think towards more depression and more agitation. So, what you think becomes your bio-energy, what is your bio-energy forms the basis for your thinking. Continue reading

Inner Potential Energy – Kundalini

I wanted to present to all of you is: “YOU HAVE MORE POSSIBILITY THAN YOU ARE”!  This is the beginning of life. This truth – you have more possibility than you are – is the beginning of life in any philosophy, any way of living, any way of thinking, any way of living, any system of thinking, or any religious thinking tradition. You have more possibility than what you are now. That “more possibility” is what we call bio-energy, inner potential energy.   In Sanskrit, we have the word “Kundalini”.  You can see in your own life, when your power of … Continue reading Inner Potential Energy – Kundalini