A wave can never be separate from the ocean

The one who sees everything as movements in consciousness, he transcends sin and merit, bondage and liberation.

We are in consciousness, you are consciousness, just consciousness is moving inside the consciousness. There is no matter or ‘jada’ or ‘outer world’. The outer world also is inside your consciousness. This can happen to you when you start witnessing what is happening to you inside and outside. Suddenly you will see all movements, whatever is happening including you, is just part of your own consciousness. What you think as you, what you think as world, everything is just movements in consciousness. This can happen to you when you unclutch from your body and mind. As long as you connect with your body and mind, you create a boundary between you and the whole. When you unclutch, suddenly the boundary disappears. You are no more separate from the truth.

When you look at a rose, you will create an idea about this rose, and start thinking all ideas you have about the roses, all the roses presented to you or given by you..slowly in few seconds you are away from the rose, you are no more connected to the rose. Anything in the world, the moment you see, words are created, you are away from the ‘Reality’. You are now in your own dream world. ‘Seeing’ but not creating a word and directly trying to connect just like kids…when kids see something their whole being sees it, as if they are enjoying it, as if they are living it. So, see without using the name or word, then suddenly you will see strange thing happening between you and the rose. The idea or the boundary you are different from the rose will disappear. You will see you are slowly becoming one with the rose. You are becoming one with ‘the truth’/’the reality’/’satya’. Same way with anything, a tree or a person or a situation, always you have a prejudice. For example in a particular situation if you think you should be depressed usually you respond only through a depression. When that situation arises you will see that you will be depressed.  If you are prepared for depression at a particular situation, you will have the same mood, same dialogue throughout the life when that kind of situations arise in you. So, the whole life is nothing but a ‘psycho drama‘.

One disciple goes to master and asks “Master you have become a master, please guide me also on how to become a master”

Master says “Who said I have become a master?. I am a master because you want to be a disciple. As long as you are playing the role of a disciple, I will be in the seat of a master. The moment you are no more a disciple, I will not be a master anymore.”

Disciple was shocked. Master says “Only when you want to see a guru, you will see a guru in me.”

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Be liberated even from the idea of liberation

Whatever you think as liberation is nothing but a mere idea. I always say ‘Unclutch even from the idea of liberation, you will be liberated.’ Otherwise, you will have an idea if I am liberated I have to be like this and you will try to fulfill that idea and you will never be liberated. Liberation is nothing that you should be like this or that, you should feel intensely that you are liberated, thats all!. You have nothing to achieve when you are free. That can happen to your being when you liberate yourself even from the idea of liberation.

You are not an island as you believe

The power which runs your body is running the sun and the moon. The force which is working inside you, is the same force which is running the solar system, running the whole world. If something is happening inside the body it directly affects the sun and the moon. You will realize you are not an island as you believe. Your belief you are an island is too small. Its like in a big ocean a piece of straw is floating. A piece of straw is too small to make the ocean into two halves. Same way your ignorance is too small to take away your enlightenment. You are fortunate your enlightenment is more strong, more powerful than your ignorance. That is why Enlightenment is possible.

You are a spiritual being having human experience

As long as you think you are the body, you can’t escape from the pleasures of the physical world. When you think you are mature, naturally the small attachments like attachment to toys disappear. Till you are mature, you may try to renounce  physically but you will be thinking about it. Same way, till you experience the consciousness you can’t renounce the physical pleasures, even if you renounce you will be mentally thinking about it.The one who doesn’t know the difference between matter and consciousness, won’t be able to practice restraint. You are not human being having spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having human experience. Only when you understand the truth, you are a spiritual being having human experience, suddenly you will see the pleasures of the world is not attracting you at all, it is not affecting you anymore. You are just beyond all these things. You are just living in a different space.

spiritual being

Why do I insist on being around the master ?

These words which I utter you can learn from this blog or from my audio/video discourses or dvd. But when you sit in front of the master you will see the honesty which radiates in My eyes. The truth, which expresses in My body language will catch you. You will feel that ‘click’, that connection – yes, he is talking the truth. Even if you want to suspect it, suddenly you will see your logic has no power anymore over you. Beyond your logic simply these words are going inside you.

Your logic is crying….i am dying, i am dying, i am losing ground; But just these words are going inside, they are just filling you, they are just overflowing in you.

This will happen only when you sit in the presence of the master. This is Upanishad!. Just being around, sitting, opening to the master.

I always tell people, even if you die, die around the master in his presence. The greatest thing that can happen to you, can happen only in his presence.

Uncompromising compassion

I had such a non-compassionate mentors and masters for me. I am really lucky. As far as techniques and spiritual knowledge is concerned they are so compassionate. But they will never, ever give me any support for my human weakness. When I say human weakness, its like – “tomorrow we can do the practice, its Ok. We can do the practices later on. I don’t want to do meditation.”, this laziness. They never bent for this, they just stood strong. One side compassion, the other side completely cruel. Because of them, again and again and again standing up has become very easy.

I need a vacation…..

Whenever you see in movies scenes like beautiful snow covered mountain or beautiful beach or beautiful natural places, you feel like you should be there. But actually when you go to that place, you think when is the next flight. Alright what should I do next. Why always you feel go to that place and after going there you should do something next. Why you are not feeling the relaxation or joy which you think you will have it ?

Because I am a traveller, I will tell you the important secret, truth. First of all why you want to go to that kind of places you know, deep down always you have the thirst to go away somewhere where nobody knows you, where you don’t need your logic to protect you. Understand, it is not interest towards that island or mountain or ocean or place, it is actually not even interest towards vacation. But actually you go because you just want to be free from your social identity which is like a prison to you. You just don’t want to be recognized by anybody and the same way don’t want to see the faces which you know. Deep down everybody has got that craving. Whenever you see that place for the first time, you know that nobody knows you there, so naturally you like being there. But after going there you realize that you know ‘you‘, you are carrying a person who knows you completely. ‘He‘ is constantly behind you to haunt you wherever you go. Your intimate being with you. So you are not experiencing the joy or the feeling which you thought you will experience for being there. Even after going there you will try to introduce yourself and establish your new social identity. In within one or two days, you have created your new hell. Now many people are known to you and they recognize you, and again the charm of the new place is lost. Now you are back again in the same rut.

It is not the interest towards the place, but you just want to be in a place where your identity is not needed to protect you, where your logic is not needed to run your life, where you can survive without your identity.

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Anger or lust or greed or fear or any emotion is neither bad nor good. Anger is like money. Use it when needed. Don’t pay more than the worth. If you do, you are energy corrupt.  Trying to fight with these emotions, you will end up in suffering.

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Simply do it

You are an integrated individiual. What you want, you can do it. Don’t say “I want to do this, but I am not able to do this” or “I am trying to do it”. Simply do it.  ‘Aghories’ are the people who simply do it

What you want your body does.

What you want you mind does. 

What you want you do. 

If the mind is standing by you and your body is standing by you , you can win the whole Cosmos. 

Porn is trying to have something impossible

Porn is nothing but trying to be impractical. It takes away love, lust and passion from your life. It doesn’t enrich you, but you think it enriches you. Do not bring too much of fantasies in your life. Have deities, do puja, take deeksha or do penance or vrata. Keep yourself busy by doing productive work. 

Love the life….

Love the life even if it rips you apart. 

The greatest and toughest problem a working man is facing is much better than the ultimate comfort a sleeping man is having.