Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6. Verse 5

uddhared ātmanātmānaḿ nātmānam avasādayet
ātmaiva hy ātmano bandhur ātmaiva ripur ātmanaḥ

Raise yourself by yourself, do not let down yourself by yourself, it is the self that gives respect to the self and it is the self that deceives the self. Your Self is your friend. Your Self is your enemy. It is you who need to decide whether to raise yourself, or let yourself down.

What is will. How is it related to mind, being ?

Will is neither part of mind nor part of being. It is a bridge. It is just like a grass floating on your ocean called ‘mind’. Neither you can use will to control mind nor vice-versa. You can only increase the frequency of the being which reduces the strength of the mind. This is the only way. 

Being is the land or earth, ocean is the mind, will is the piece of straw lying were ocean meets the land. 

Increase the land. 

Feeling connection/Devotion is the ultimate technique. You don’t need any other solution, method to get out of any problem. Problems of planets, disease, negativity, black magic, anything. One feeling connection is enough.

Just before having your meal, feel the food. Gently touch it with your hand and feel that the food which is in front of you is going to be part of you. 

  • Enlightened masters do not do anything bad, they do only good. 

  • Advaitic experience is million times more deeper than experience as human being. 

  • Ultimate sacrifice is the sacrifice for the people who don’t even understand your sacrifice. 

  • For the darshan (presence) of Self or God, anything and everything else is worthy of losing. 

  • Anything is worthy of giving up to be centered on the Self or do unclutching. Do not divert.

  • Till you die your mother’s patterns are very important and mother’s part in you has power over you. 

  • Let your inner space not be affected by the things which have a beginning and an end. 

  • One who is able to ‘endure’ the agitation caused by desire or anger towards objects is self-controlled and happy. 


If you want to get rid of a pattern, it should become useless to you. When you remember you are consciousness or soul, there are millions of patterns in your life which become useless. 

  • Everyone of you carry the innate intelligence of totality. 

  • In Spirituality, you just need to have patience to forget the doubts like whether I am progressing or not. 

  • When you judge, be ready to be judged. 

  • Partiality is no way absolute reality. 

  • Sat-Chit-Ananda is available in every being. Awareness that I exist and celebrating that I exist. 

Blessed are those who have seen in their life something beyond their logic and senses.

The attitude with which you start your journey is going to play a major role in your journey.

Everything happens by natural flow of prakriti. Pure Self in you is neither affected nor disturbed but resides in pure strength.