When an enlightened being does spiritual practices it is not just for him. It is to create the right formulas for the disciples, so that he can reproduce the same experience in them

The person who has removed hypocrisy from his inner space will experience enlightenment.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the enlightened master from India, says beautifully, ‘Integrating your inner chatter and your spoken words is enlightenment.’ He says, just integrate your inner chatter and the words that you utter. Let both of them be integrated and you are enlightened.

I tell you, to live in a body in which inner chatter and outer words are connected is heaven. Nothing else can give you more joy than living in a body where the inner chatter and the spoken words are integrated. It is just pure ecstasy! This constant ecstasy is what I call nithyananda or eternal bliss. If you can live inside a body in which the inner chatter and the spoken words are integrated, in tune, suddenly you will see that you are living inside a hollow bamboo. You are living with such a vast inner space! Read More

Enlightenment does not lead to the absence of troubles. It leads to the presence of courage to handle troubles!

When you are enlightened, there will not be any movement of letter or word or thought between your navel and throat. Words will come only from the throat. I can say this is one of the precise descriptions of enlightenment. There will not be any word, thought, syllable, or sound movement between the navel and the throat.

Words will be there only when you are talking. When you are not talking, there will not be any words inside. Only the energy movement will be there. There will be no thought, no verbalization, no continuous inner chattering.

Your inner chattering is the only thing that disturbs your whole life. This is very difficult for most people to understand. Read More

Few changes happened permanently in His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam when He became enlightened

The first thing was that all inner chatter disappeared. By inner chatter, I mean the constant chatter of words that
goes on inside us normally. In the gap between my words as I talk now, even in those few seconds, there is no chatter inside. It is simply pure space, silence.

The second thing is that the idea that my boundary ends here at this body, and there starts the rest of the world disappeared. Border consciousness dissolved. I don’t feel I am just this six foot form. I see and feel myself in everything. If you watch me, I will be the first one to enjoy all my photographs after a photo shoot or on the book covers! I will just play with them for four or five days. Read More

When you go beyond the sixth layer into the nirvanic body, you don’t come back to assume another body!

There are seven layers or bodies in you.

The body of flesh, bones and blood that you see is the physical body.

The energy moving in you as prana or life energy is the pranic body. There are five kinds of prana or air movements that happen in the body: air that enters into the body, air that circulates inside the body, air that spreads all over the body as life force, air that comes out of the body, and air that cleanses. These form the second body or the pranic body.

The third body is the body where inner chatter continuously happens. Inner chatter is nothing but the continuous stream of words or thoughts that move within you.

The fourth body is made up of emotions like fear, anger and greed which spread as feelings all over the body without even words coming into play. An emotion by itself can simply shake you. This is the emotional layer.

The fifth layer is the body that you experience in deep sleep. This is where all the engraved memories or engrams are stored in the seed or causal level. The engrams are not active but they are not dead either. It is like a deep coma where you are neither living what you want nor are you dead. You are just stuck in this layer. Read More

Once you live this present moment consciously, you no longer have to regret about your past or worry about your future as it from the present, future is made!

The doors of entry to our mind are our sense organs. Without the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin we will not be able to give any input to our mind. The sensory inputs are the foods that the mind thrives on. We assume that all that we see and hear are authentic. We believe that the sights we see and the dialogues we hear are the way that things happened. A little reflection will show how untrue it is. How many times have you interpreted a scene to be very different from what it really was based on your own conditioning? For instance, the moment you see a man and woman in close proximity interacting emotionally with one another, perhaps hugging, you immediately jump to the conclusion that they are lovers! They could be friends, brother and sister, father and daughter or mother and son.

It is the conditioning that we carry in us that drives us to interpretations of what we perceive through our senses.

That is why I say that we first decide on the judgment and then collect the evidence to support the judgment we have already made.

We have made the judgment already. All we need is a few bits of data to support that conviction, that’s all. Read More