Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has the power to transform you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let me explain what I mean by health in these four areas.

Physical health means digesting whatever you eat and having that food become part of your body. Mental health means digesting all the ideas and problems that you encounter and forming a clear solution. It is living without conflict. Spiritual health means receiving all the great teachings and energy, digesting them and living a liberated life. Having all three is total health. Read More

Enlightenment does not lead to the absence of troubles. It leads to the presence of courage to handle troubles!

When you are enlightened, there will not be any movement of letter or word or thought between your navel and throat. Words will come only from the throat. I can say this is one of the precise descriptions of enlightenment. There will not be any word, thought, syllable, or sound movement between the navel and the throat.

Words will be there only when you are talking. When you are not talking, there will not be any words inside. Only the energy movement will be there. There will be no thought, no verbalization, no continuous inner chattering.

Your inner chattering is the only thing that disturbs your whole life. This is very difficult for most people to understand. Read More

When you experience intuition, not only you get the intellectual clarity, but you also get enough power to execute it!

Let me now describe how a mind-body system that is free from samskaras will improve intuition and innovation.

Intuition is a wonderful subject. If you ask modern day CEOs, how they took major decisions in their lives, what caused the turning point in their lives, again and again their answer surprises us. Again and again they tell us that their success came from something beyond their intellect, something that gave them the energy or the guts to take the decisions. This is not just the case with successful CEOs, it is the same with scientists also.

The other day I had a chance to have lunch with Dr Charles Townes.

I asked him ‘Sir, how did your discovery happen? How were you able to do it?’

He answered in a beautiful way, ‘I was just sitting in a park in Washington DC; suddenly something happened. The conclusion was there in me. Suddenly the conclusion was revealed to me. I penned down what I experienced. Now I had a big difficulty. I had the conclusion but not the steps. I was not able to present this to anybody else because I knew only the conclusion, I didn’t know the steps.’

This happened not only with Charles Townes , it had also happened with Albert Einstein. He says, ‘Whatever new happened to me, came through intuition and not through intellect.’ He summed it up beautifully, saying, ‘ Read More


Suddenly you know for sure that something is the right thing and you feel that you have enough energy also to do it, but you don’t know the steps involved in doing it. You don’t know the steps that led you to the conclusion but you know for sure that your conclusion or decision is right. This is intuition. 

If you can infuse deep silence and awareness into the unconscious zone and replace your engraved memories or files with silence and awareness, you can be at the intuition level.