*Just because u got it easily, it is not that it will leave u easily. Just because you got it by hard work, does not mean it will always be with you. This is a delusory understanding you have.

*Whether something stays with you or goes away from you depends on how powerful you are with it. If you are powerful with your body, you will never have sickness. The parts over which you lost your power, gets into disease

*Wealth – if you are powerful with it, it will never leave you. When your powerlessness is awakened by wealth, you get greedy with wealth and lose whatever you have..

*It is your powerlessness that decides whether what you got stays with you or leaves you. Not the way you got it or how u got it..

“I want to do it” without the weight of “I am doing it” is the definition of CREATING THE SPACE..

*I want to do it without the weight of “I am doing it” is the definition of SPACE..

*I am not telling you to accept the problem. I am only telling u not to resist.
Non-resistance is not acceptance.

*Liberal thinking is your senses feeling free. Liberated thinking is You becoming free.

Whoever you love is extension of you,
Whoever you hate is extension of you,
Whoever you doubt is extension of you,
Whoever you trust is extension of you,
Everthing is extension of you, you.

Tapas means sacrificing things without bothering when you are internal understanding is trying to set a new routine and trend to your body. 

When you handle with incompletions how the Completion can be done, Completion can be easy. See, when you sit for completing with your incompletions, understand the futility of the incompletions; means, they do not have any value, utility value in your life; they are not going to give you intelligence, they are not going to give you inspiration, they are not going to give you excitement, they are not going to add joy to your life. Other than being cancerous and self-destructive, the incompletions have no utility value in your life. I can say, in a way, they are futile. Remember that and go back to the same incompletion patterns you started creating in your life from the young age; that frightened child who is living inside you, adamant child is living inside you.