Do we have the ability and the right to decide, what is good for us ?

Mohandas Pai: Swamiji, in our lives, we are subject to so many external rules. We are told to behave in a particular manner, to live in a particular manner, to eat in a particular manner. Now do we have command over our own lives? Do we have the ability and the right to decide, what is good for us, as we seek happiness and peace in our lives?

Swamiji:  Whoever does not understand the context is bound by the rule. Whoever understands the context is empowered by the rule.

Mohandas Pai: Oh…

Swamiji: Any rule. Whether it’s a traffic rule or dressing rule or eating rule, any behavior, any rule, if we do not know the context, why it is formulated, that will be binding us. If we know, why it is formulated, 2 thing will happen –

One – Even while you follow, you will not feel you are bound. You will not be feeling bound if you stop in the red signal in the traffic rule if you know the context. While you were following, you will not feel bound.

Second – All the grey area will be your freedom. 

The freedom which comes by knowing the context is two end – One, even while you are following, you will not be bound. Second, all the grey area is your freedom. But when we don’t know the context, even while you are following, we will feel we are slaves and we do not know the grey area and we do not have the freedom or command over the grey area. At the end of the day, even Powers, is nothing but knowing the grey area of the Cosmic Rules. When we know the context, context of the Cosmic rules is Dharma. When we know the Dharma, even if you follow the rules, you will not feel bound and because you know the grey area, you know where to play. Knowing where you can play and where you need to obey, itself is a Power.

How do all of us find peace and happiness in our lives?

Mohandas Pai – Swamiji, thank you so much for talking to me. Is very fascinating to be here. 
Swamiji – Thank you for being here.

Mohandas Pai – It’s very fascinating to be here, to see so many people who have come to meet you and talk to you. I want to start off this dialogue by asking you a very simple question – how do all of us find peace and happiness in our lives? What is the magic that we need to do, to be happy and to be peaceful within?

Swamiji Happiness is actually a alchemy process in us, independent of any external happening. We are trying constantly, to achieve happiness in the wrong direction, thinking that only certain permutation, combinations of the external happening can cause happiness in us. It is like a completely misunderstanding the chemistry. If A + B is going to be C, and we go on try to add C + D and reach the A, it is never going to happen. Same way, the alchemy of the happiness, has to be understood as a independent process than the external happenings and permutation, combinations of the external happiness. This itself solves almost 80% of the problem. Then, building happiness is a separate profession we need to do; like making business.

Mohandas Pai Oh…

Swamiji It is unfortunate, we believe just by making business or building our career or building a relationship, happiness is achieved. NO.!  It’s a separate alchemy process. Of course, thousands of times simpler than building a career and profession. It may be simple, but it is separate process. We need to look in, to the basic understandings which makes that spiritual alchemy process of happiness happen in us. May be looking into that and following that science, happiness can be developed. And developing happiness can be the first fundamental foundational requirement, even to develop our business and career and all the other things; because if we develop happiness, peace will be side-effect. Peace itself is not main effect. Peace will be side effect. That will equip us, to handle all the things we need to do, to build our career, profession, relationship and all that.

Without building the happiness inside, if we directly start building external things –

1st – Tremendous stress.

2ndEven after achieving the goal, we suddenly feel whatever we lost in the path is too much, to reach this result. So that leads to frustration. I call it – Depression of Success.

Mohandas Pai – Oh…

Swamiji – Successful, but whatever we gave up, looks too much of…too much we gave up, to achieve this. After achieving that only we understand, “I think this may not be that worthy”. So building happiness is an independent science, alchemy, which every individual need to do, before even beginning the life. If we missed, at least now.

Decision Fatigue

Paramahamsa Nithyananda comments on a very popular concept used especially in the corporate circle called Decision fatigue. Decision fatigue supposedly happens as a result from the “pressure” to make decisions, and often times, you expect a reward as a result of all the hard work you have done. You go to play golf or to the pub, allowing the Maya Matrix to pamper your decision fatigue and arrogance. The bad news is that if you justify the decision fatigue, feeling you are doing such big things, then you are actually cheating yourself. And the result is not a reward but the loss of your very life. The good news is that there is a remedy for you to come out of this deadly mental setup: Sadashivoham 2016 and Spiritual Alchemy Products, both of which have been designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to get you out of decision fatigue and the Maya Matrix. Paramahamsa Nithyananda announces that preparation has officially started preparing for the enlightenment pill! Stay tuned for more details! Get out of the Decision Fatigue and the Maya Matrix: Be the first in this Age to receive the Enlightenment Pill: .
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Today Karnataka State’s 60th birthday. I bless this punya bhumi, land of dharma from the time of Adi Shankara, giving shelter to all the great Saints; Adi Shankara, Ramanuja, from Adi Shankara to Nithyananda. The land chosen by all the great Mahapurushas, Incarnations, Acharyas, to live and lead the world. Let this land, let this state, let this people all the auspiciousness, peace and bliss. Let Sadashiva’s grace be on Karnataka. Blessings to Karnataka. So first thing, today I wanted to explain in the Satsang—yesterday successfully, we had a Prana Prathistha of the Pullurvis to make Enlightenment Pill. The Enlightenment Pill will have a 11 material, matter, which is independently energized and packed together through various methods, procedures, items. So yesterday one of the important component is ready. One more very important truth, I wanted to discuss about it in today’s Satsang—one stupid term, stupid concept, very popular in the modern day, especially in the corporate circle.

Fatigue Decision or Decision Fatigue – means fatigue which happens to you by making decisions. Actually, decision fatigue is fatigue decision. Listen. Decision fatigue is nothing but fatigue decision.

I’ll explain.

When you decide to superimpose elephant on a wooden sculpture, elephant; the fear or greed or other emotions, opinions, associated with elephant, gets aggravated in you—when you go through the ups and downs, incompletions, you become tired. Listen carefully. Yesterday, I was discussing with some of the Aadheenavasis, preparing for Sadadshivoham, actually whole day nothing is being done, other than making few phone calls, but everyone is tired, fatigue, thinking they are doing too big things. Nothing. Nobody is building here. Even if buildings are happening, big – big buildings are happening, what you are doing is only phone call. Nothing else. If you just do the postmortem and see exactly what you are doing— it’s only phone call, and talking and at the most signing, that’s it. But you are so arrogant, you don’t want to believe, you are not doing anything. Because you are always…you thrive on pampering yourself with arrogance. Pampering yourself with arrogance is the way you thrive, so naturally to cheat others, you started using the word, “I am doing this, I am doing that.”

And finally, you yourself start believing and get cheated by it. You getting cheated by yourself is what I called fatigue decision or decisions of fatigue. The decision making leading to fatigue, or out of fatigue you decide to be arrogant. I tell you, fatigueness when you are tired, you decide to believe you are doing, too big things—because you need to justify to yourself, you are big, you are doing something great. I can’t understand, people becoming tired by traveling. They say, “Oh, I came from Chennai to Bangalore, I am tired, I have to go and lie down.” Eh! What have you done? Other than sitting in the AC car? It is just most cunning arrogant way of cheating others. Unfortunately while you utter these words, to cheat others continuously, after 4-5 times, you start believing and get cheated. Get cheated terribly. Understand. If you cheat your boss, you are doing great, you may gain some money. If you cheat yourself you lost your very life. Anybody who cheats himself or herself loses life. You are in utter confusion, don’t know what to do, don’t have direction, don’t have any real moment done. Tired! Busy! End of the day, if you see, just a blown arrogance. I am this, I am that, I am doing this, I am doing that. Actually if you see, what you are doing – nothing more than calling or talking. I told, to the Aadheenavasi to whom I was talking, Now you are standing here, holding your hands. For this at least100 decisions your brain has to take. To put the weight on the right leg, left leg, hold the hands together, all that. To build this whole campus, less number of decisions only, your brain need to take. Actually even for your breathing, how many decisions your brain need to take. Less than that, number of decisions only you need to take everyday, even your most productive, much better than Me. Even if you are in that space, you need to take only less decisions, which you need to take for your breathing. For your breathing, if you are taking 200 decisions and if you take just 100 decision for the work, the whole thing will be successful. It’s arrogance.

The false identification, because of your decision, whoever is working, you attribute all the glory to you. You attribute all the glory to you, which is not true; which is not true. Arrogance, because decision makers are paid more money, than the people who are working, you develop certain arrogance. See, if you cheat others, you may get money, name and fame and all that, but if you cheat yourself, you lose your life. I tell you, in My inner space I am very clear, I am not doing anything. No work at all, I am just loitering around, moving around here and there, talking to My disciples, which is a joy, smiling, laughing, that’s all. I do not feel I am doing anything. That is why I continue to retain, my joyful, blissful, active, inner space. What are you doing? You make one phone call and give a contract to a person, to build one lakh square feet building and it took only half an hour of talking, thinking, decision making, because one lakh square feet building, you have done a great achievement, now you should be tired, you should be revered, respected, supported, pampered. All the best things should be given to you, that’s all. Destroy yourself. Your illusory concepts, you contributed too much, will never be revered by the Existential Reality. That is why you always opt for Matrix, which is ready to revere your stupidity. Matrix keeps you under itself by revering, honoring, all your stupid ideas. You take 100 decisions, because of that, 200 buildings stands up and you start believing, you built that 200 buildings. No!

The moment you start believing you built it – that is Matrix. If you understand, for your breathing how many decisions you took, less number of decisions only you took, so it can….. your breathing cannot make you tired. So this number of decisions also cannot make you tired or bored. Just be in that space of reality, you will not become old. This decision fatigue destroys you and makes you old. Do not lose life. Decision fatigue is the direct result of the mental set up you carry, whether you are under the Matrix or outside the Matrix. Please be informed, anybody who has the decision fatigue is inside, under the Matrix. You are under the Matrix. Anybody who understands, actually if you see more subtler way, for breathing how many decisions you take, less number of decisions only you need to take, even to be a ultimate successful billionaire or to do any work done. If you understand that, suddenly work will bring lot of strength, joy, activism, being alive.

If the micro management does not being frustration and fatigue in you, you are out of Matrix. Even your so-called macro management brings fatigue, decision fatigue in you, you are within the Matrix – arrogant, violent, you are dangerous to live with. Fatigue decision people’s prana is dangerous to breathe – kandumuttu kenduumuttu – don’t even see them, it will be disaster for you. Don’t even talk to them, they will put poison into you.

Understand. Cobra, Sadāshiva, both of them have poison in their throat. Why you are afraid of cobra, but love Sadāshiva? Cobra keeps it to kill you, to vomit on you. Sadāshiva keeps it away from you, for you to live. Cobra keeps it to kill you, Sadāshiva keeps it away from you, for you to live. Understand. Maya Matrix, your corporate structure, the arrogance boosting ego, pampering materialistic thought current, makes you constantly believe, “decision fatigue is cool, you are great, come on now you have the right for golf, and pub and bar and club. From morning you made 100 decisions and built 10 flyovers, 2 kilometer road.” You have not even gone into the sun once. Understand. Most of your problems, stupid thing called Decision Fatigue and arrogance developed due to decision fatigue destroys your life and Matrix always pampers it. If you come down to the Existential ground Reality and see your life; “Aye, nothing but few decision I took which is as easy as breathing, few words I uttered which is as easy as flirting, few signatures I made which is as easy as autographing, that’s all. Nothing else is done.” If you understand that, you will be light being. You will be young forever. You will never become old, you may become bold but not bald. If any thought current makes you believe you are working, you are tired, you need to be pampered, you are worthy of this – that, they will destroy your life. They will make you old. They will swallow your life. Anybody who makes you believe, makes you understand the ground reality, actually you are not doing anything. It is as simple as breathing and chatting, just walking around, as simple as… see, if you have a vacation what all you will do, you are not doing anything more than that, in any of your job. I am telling you. It is just your idea of, ‘today vacation,’ ‘today office.’

Nothing else. This is mine, this is somebody else’s. When you decide it is somebody else’s, you call it work. If you decide something is yours, you call it as a vacation. The person who makes you believe you are doing too much, is robbing your life. Person who makes you believe nothing is being done, relax, be cool, is making you younger and He takes away arrogance part of you, gives life to you. Become bold not bald. It is such simple seeing through.

The decision fatigue is a fatigue decision. When you are tired, when you are bored, irritated, angry, even one small stone you moved, not…no, no, no, you have not moved, you decided that somebody should move, you think, “Wow, what a job I have done and I am not given a credit and the responsibility, my value is not respected. Now I need few hours of golf and few glass of wine and bar and club and pub and dance and what not, I should be pampered by now and because so much I have done. Everything which is denied for common man should be provided for me now because I have done so much.” Stupidity. Fatigue decision and decision fatigue is the acid used in the tub, in the Matrix movie. How in the acid you are made to sleep and kept in the slumber, that acid is decision fatigue and fatigue decision, both. Both are one and the same. Tiredness comes by the decision-making and you deciding to entertain that tiredness and out of that tiredness, making more and more stupid decisions that you are too big. How much ever big you may be, till you experience, manifest Sadashivatva, you are replaceable.

Understand. Only if you manifest Sadashivatva, you are worthy of being reproducible. As long as you start manifesting Sadashivatva, you are just replaceable. I don’t even want to say, “You are not even worthy of penny, because penny is no worthy of penny, that is different.” You are not even equivalent to the dust on road. Even dust, sometimes is useful. As I said ‘triple dash’ hole. Understand. Come down to the ground reality. You are not doing anything more than decision making, which is actually your way of existence. For you to exist every moment you make at least 3 digit decisions. To sit, you make a 3 digit decisions, to move your hand you make that many decision, to listen you make that many decisions, to process information you make that many decision. Nothing more extra need to be done. It is like you cook for 10,000 people and 2 people suddenly come and enter newly, are you going to cook for the 2 people extra? You will not even know that 2 people came inside and ate along with your 10000 people! It is that easy. Converting bread into blood, how much of decision your system is making, you need to make only 1% of that number of decisions to run your life, as a most active, successful, billionaire. You just need to know and get out of this stupidity of decision fatigue.

Actually the spiritual alchemy products I am evolving, is mainly to attack your decision fatigue and ground you to Existential Reality. I am now programming it specifically. Manifesting powers is Sadashivatva. Decision fatigue is Chandaalatva. Today Facebook status for all of you and the subject for Vaakyartha Sadas – Manifesting powers is Sadāshivatva, decision fatigue is Chandaalatva. You use this very word, “C-h-a-n-d-a-a-l-l-a-t-h-v-a.” Understand the spelling. “C-h-a-n-d-a-a-l-l-a-t-h-v-a” – Chandaallathva. You will use this very word in your status. Decision Fatigue is Chandaallathva. Means even seeing that person, talking to that person, listening to that person – is dangerous. Dangerous! That’s the right word. Anybody carries decision fatigue. Don’t see him, don’t talk to him, don’t relate with him. He is Chandaalla, he will put the poison in you. He will rob your life and the decision fatigue concept carrying people will really pamper you. You will feel, “Wow, what a loving people, this Swami all the time…He is ferocious. How long I can stand this ferociousness, I think this guy is little cool. And he asked me to drink cup of wine and calls me for a dance and he takes me for golf.” Decision fatigue people will pamper you, but rob your life, you will lose life. I may be LOUD conch and wake up call, early morning 4.30, but I will give you life. Wake up from this stupidity of concept called decision fatigue.

Homework for all of you, Vaakyartha Sadas on this stupid idea – decision fatigue, how to avoid it and Facebook Status for all of you – Manifesting powers of Sadashivatva, decision fatigue is Chandaallathva. And today, everyone of you should internalize this idea and make at least triple digit number of decisions today and see how it is not leading to tiredness, just with this one understanding. Just with this one understanding. So no more Chandaallathva, no more Chandaallathva.

Understanding about the Universe and the Ultimate and you, is needed, even to handle your small headache.

Understanding about the Universe and the Ultimate and you, is needed, even to handle your small headache.

[Various Bio-memories open various levels of your Existence]

Listen. Now I will try to compare with some of the ideas, they try to express in the Matrix. The various bio-memories you can open up, will open up various planes of existence for you. Various bio-memories you can open up, opens up various planes of your existence. When you open up the bio-memory of your dream, you open up the dream plane for your existence, perception, experience. When you open up the dream space, you experience dream as your reality. When you open the dream bio-memory, you experience dream as your reality. When you open waking state bio-memory, you experience waking state as your reality. Poor are those who experienced only lower bio-memory opening and lower levels of existence. In the dream state and waking state, you are too engrossed in the details and opinions — you never look at the Source. That is why it called lower planes, lower planes where details become too much. Details become suffering. I have seen people, who get shaken even for a small injection or even hot water. If it was little more hot and they touch unexpectedly, the way they jump and roll, make the drama and finally tumble the tub and pour the hot water all over, get burnt.

That is what you do. By mistake if you touch the hot water, the way you jump and roll, you tumble the whole bucket and pour it on you. I have seen people doing it. For the sake of small temporary mood swing, they create permanent damages into their system. Small temporary mood swing, permanent damage is done to their Being.

Listen carefully. The planes where your life is more based on the cognition of the Source, not the opinions about the details, is what I called higher planes, there your life is more based on the understanding about the Source, not the opinions about the details.

The more and more your cognition is based on the Source, more and more you become Evolved Being. More and more you are caught in the opinions of the details, more and more you are inside the Maya Matrix. Listen. In the dream state or waking state you are more involved with opinions, good or bad, right or wrong. With opinions all movements, all actions and reactions are failure because whether you win or lose the game, you are under the bondage. You fight with a ghost, which does not exist, with your sword. Whether you win or lose, you are fool because you fought with somebody who don’t exist. When you fight with a ghost who doesn’t exist, with your sword, whether you win or lose, you are a fool because you fought with something which does not exist.

Life based on the cognition of the Source, is what I call Living Enlightenment. Understand. Poor are those who live only in the lower planes of existence, never had openings towards the higher planes of existence, higher possibility of existence.

Opening the doors of the higher possibility of existence and making you manifest those powers of the higher possibilities of existence is Sadāshivoham 2016. Helping to cognize more and more the Source, helping you to settle down more and more with the Source, helping you to cognize more and more with the Source, helping you to settle down more and more with the Source. Listen. Understand. It’s all about experiencing 25 different states of Consciousness, higher states of Consciousness, instead of just 3. Experiencing 11 Dimension of the Universe instead of just 3 – Length, Breadth, Depth. Experiencing all the aspects of Sadāshiva – Generation, Operation, Destruction, Delusion and Liberation. Instead of just 3, G O D – Generation, Operation and Destruction. Actually, if you don’t know Delusion and Liberation, even Generation, Operation, Destruction, you will not know. There are tons of your questions, will not have an answer – about why, when, what of Generation, Operation, Destruction and you will be foolishly believing, few 1000 years before one fine morning God woke up and made all this for few days and then He rested. Alright, after all you made God in your own mold. Understand.

If you understand all the 5 aspects of Generation, Operation, Destruction, Delusion, Liberation, you are made as an extension of Sadāshiva. As I said, “Sadāshiva made all of us into HIS SEE.” If you do not understand all the 5 aspects and are able to grasp only this Generation, Operation, Destruction, you made God in your own mold. Be careful are you worshipping man-made God or living as God made man. Worshipping man-made God is so called religions and living as GODDEL made man is Sanatana Hindu Dharma. For Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the ultimate is not G O D, Generator, Operator, Destroyer. No. Ultimate is Generator, Operator, Destroyer, Deluder and Liberator. If you don’t understand delusion, even your understanding about Generation, Operation, Destruction is too shallow, too poor. If you don’t understand, delusion and liberation, you are only chatting with God through the Facebook and you will be thinking profile picture is the real picture. Most of the time, it is not. It is not! The real picture is what is in Aadhaar Card not in profile picture. Only if you know delusion and liberation, you are seeing Sadāshiva face to face. If not, it is like a relationship built through the Facebook and when you see face to face, you will be shocked. Son was telling Dad, “I have 10 fake IDs in Facebook.” Dad said, “What’s the problem?, you can have it.” “No, the Shalini whom you invited for tonight’s dinner, is my fake ID.” When you face Sadāshiva directly, be prepared to face HIM. If you are living with the idea of just G O D without Delusion and Liberation, when you face Him, this is what will be happening.

The fake ID relationship is what is the relationship with G O D, without understanding delusion and liberation. Fake ID relationships are okay for time pass, entertainment, not for Enlightenment. Entertainment religions are different and Enlightenment religions are different. If you know only G O D , it is a photo shopped or shopped photo. The profile picture is photo shopped or shopped photo. It’s not real. Understand. Without understanding delusion and liberation, if you think you are chatting with God and relating with God, you are only relating with a fake profile ID, fake ID and fake profile picture. It can be an entertainment not Enlightenment. When you come face to face, you will have a rude shock that you missed. Of course, sometime people prefer fake ID pleasure, fake profile picture pleasure because that gives some kind of a time pass. Understanding various dimensions of the Universe. Understanding various aspects of the Ultimate is needed even to run your day-to-day life. Understand. You go on living as if the understanding about the Universe and life and the Ultimate is not required or relevant for your everyday life. For your everyday life, you only need to understand your boss and your wife, your job and your career. No. Understanding about the Universe and the Ultimate and you, is needed, even to handle your small headache. Otherwise you will not know the Source, you will go on, be perceiving lot of wrong things.

Doctor asked a patient, “How is your headache?” He said, “She is fine.”

You will go on be perceiving non-existent. You will go on be perceiving things which does not exist and pursuing the goals which does not exist. Listen. Listen. Upgrading your understanding about yourself, as all the 25 states of Consciousness. What psychology talks 3 states of Consciousness, deep sleep, dream and waking state, is a homeless man, poor man’s version of the reality— 25 states of your Consciousness. What the entertainment religions talk about G O D – Generator, Operator, Destroyer – is the poor man’s version of Sadāshiva, GODDEL – Generator, Operator, Destroyer, Deluder and Liberator. Don’t think if I know God, I know 60% of the GODDEL. No! It doesn’t work in that way. The 5 aspects does not mean 20- 20-20 percent. No! If you don’t know delusion and liberation, you don’t know A B C D of God. If you don’t understand the delusion and liberation, you don’t know even know the A B C D of God. Till now you were chatting with the fake ID, fake profile picture. You may be inviting. Listen. You can make it, you can make it. You can cognize the Source material Sadāshiva, just because you are still alive. Understand. Listen carefully. Still you are alive, means you are perceiving, you have decided ‘for life.’ You just need to know why you decided for life. If you know why you decided, what you decided, you are liberated. If you don’t know why you decided, what you decided, that is delusion. Not knowing why you decided, what you decided, that is delusion. Knowing why you decided, what you decided is liberation. Everyone makes the decisions for name and fame and appreciation, but no one has time to appreciate the other person. It means you are all running towards the currency which is not, not only available, which is not worthy. Even the organizations which gives you award, rewards, try to maintain their credibility. Even the so-called award, reward organizations are always bothered about their credibility, credibility of their awards and rewards.

[Two Dimensions of Maya]

All it takes is being ferocious with yourself and just picking Saffron Pill. The Matrix movie; only 2 hand and 2 choices, in reality of life – there will be 20 hands and 20 choices. Always choose the right, not the pleasant.

Understand. In every situation choose the right not the pleasant. If you are tired, if you feel about you, “I am tired of being good, now all I want is to be free.” You are fool, you don’t know what is freedom, If you feel, “I am tired of this so-called freedom, I am sick of this so called freedom, I really want to be right.” Understand.

This is the 2 dimensions of Maya.

What you call, consider as freedom is not freedom.

What you consider as right, take up that, you will taste real freedom.

The ability to choose is freedom. No! Ability to handle yourself is freedom. Freedom is not choices. If you believe freedom is choices, you are a middle class Indian, who is believing fairness is beauty. That is why this country is madly, I can say sickening, madness about the fairness and the fairness cream products. Fairness is not beauty. English is not knowledge. These are the great Matrix beliefs of middle class Indians. Currency is not wealth. Fairness is not beauty. English is not knowledge. Currency is not wealth. Multiple choices are not freedom. Always choose right, not pleasant. Choose right, not pleasant. Sometimes right may come with pleasantness, but even there, the pleasantness should not be the reason why you chose that. It should always be the right, not pleasant. You can see how your mood swings, when your body is filled with hormones, what you think as pleasant, suddenly loses its power over you. A small hormonal change, it loses power over you. A cup of coffee is enough, sometimes to change your Identity, not just feeling tired or freshness, your identity goes through a change, by just cup of coffee, then what kind of identity you are carrying, which can get drowned in cup of coffee.

Understand. Physical, physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs you go through, keeps you constantly inside the Matrix.

The uniqueness of Sadāshivoham is not getting you out the physical, physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs—supporting you with the spiritual alchemy products, so that the highest frequency is permanently bolted in your system. It stays in your system. I tell you. The spiritual alchemy products are going to be my unique contribution to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and to this world. I will establish the authenticity and legitimacy of this spiritual alchemy products through various powerful scientific researches and studies and the personal experiences. Soon you will see, we will create tons of material on establishing the authenticity of the spiritual alchemy products, that is going to be My unique contribution to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and to the planet earth – evolving literally Enlightenment Pills, which you don’t even need to consume it, you just need to have it around you, pill will consume you. You don’t need to consume it, it will consume you.

Somebody asked Me the question, “When I look at the things that blocking me from coming to Sadāshivoham, how do I know, which ones are real and which ones are just my opinions?”

Everything is your opinion. Whatever is blocking is your opinion. Understand. Whatever is making you come to Sadāshivoham is real, whatever is blocking you, is your opinion. Array, even people who are dead are coming and attending Sadāshivoham. I told them, even the idea you are dead is an opinion, come and attend. Even if you think you are already dead and you can’t attend Sadāshivoham, it’s an opinion, come and attend, it is not real. It is not real. So now I think I made it very clear – everything, which stops you from Sadāshivoham, is opinion. Everything, which makes Sadāshivoham for you, is real. I am also sending the Garbha, which is ready now, prepared for all the people who caused themselves to Sadāshivoham. All of them, will be receiving it, just keep it under your pillow and see the miracle. Nothing else. Just keep it under your pillow and sleep. Sleep your way to Enlightenment. It’s actually the initial preparatory level, a spiritual alchemy product. It is filled by literally God particle – Sadāshiva in powder form.

In Hindu tradition we have a science to infuse the highest Consciousness into matter, the highest Consciousness is made to reverberate, vibrate in all its frequency, in a matter and molecule, it is possible.

These 3 things are unique to Sanatana Hindu Dharma .

One: Worshipping divine in the female form as Mother, unique to us. Anywhere, any other religion has it, it is from us.

And, declaration, Divine can be made to manifest in a matter like Deity or a statue or a product like this. This is unique contribution to our Sanatana Hindu Dharma, whichever is unique to us, that is what was being attacked.

I tell you, if something is not attacked in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, a concept, an idea or Guru, don’t go to him, he is useless. These concepts and sciences are unique to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and I am making these truths available to you. Understand. I am making it very clear, I will make it happen for all of us. I will make Sadāshivoham into reality for all of us.

If you ask, how? The answer is – I CAN, THAT IS WHY I AM STILL ALIVE. These spiritual alchemy products, you just need to keep it under your pillow and sleep and you will see the whole transformation of the quality of Consciousness. You will go beyond waking, deep sleep, dream states, into awakened Turiya. Your body and mind will be prepared to experience Sadāshivoham here. So I am sending it now itself, keep it under the pillow and sleep your way towards Sadashivoham. Sleep your way to Sadashivoham. Everything available in Sanatana Hindu Dharma to raise your Consciousness and make you experience SADASHIVATVA, I am making everything available. Maybe all this, everything is made available for the first time after a long gap. Everything which stops you from Sadāshivoham, is opinion, everything which lead you towards Sadāshivoham is real. Anything, which is under the Maya Matrix, cannot stop you. Declare your supremacy over the Maya Matrix and wake up. Welcome to Sadāshivoham . So today, your Facebook status and the subject for Vaakyartha Sadas is:

I am declaring my supremacy over Maya Matrix, I am in for Sadāshivoham . I am declaring my supremacy over Maya Matrix, I am in for Sadāshivoham.

Getting into the details but not developing the opinions and going to the Source is Micro-management.

Listen carefully.

Getting into the details, not forming opinion, is what I call Micro Management. If you get into the detail and getting burnt, that is Micro Oven. If you get into the detail and don’t form opinion, that is Micro Management. Without forgetting the quality of the Source, getting into the detail is Micro Management.

I know what I am talking is just going above the head for some people. I will give you some more examples, then you will understand. If you develop opinion about person and situation, you will never look into the Source of that material or that person. Always liberation comes by getting into the Source about a person or about the situation or about the object.

Understand. Getting into the detail and developing opinions is Maya. Does not want to get into details and developing opinions is Boredom. Getting into the details but not developing the opinions and going to the Source is Micro-management.

Listen. MAYA when you look around, when you see around, when you feel around, when you perceive around, if you are constantly looking for the Source it goes on liberating you, goes on liberating you. The more and more opinions you create, more and more you are in prison. More and more layers and layers of chain, getting tied around you – layers and layers of rope, layers of layers of thread. No one can free you from your opinion, even you cannot free yourself from your opinion. The only way you can free yourself from your opinions, is start looking at the Source.

Listen. If you are tied by 200-meter rope, even you cannot break the rope. You just have to jump into the fire and allow the rope to be burnt. Before the fire touches your body, you have to roll on the ground. Looking at the Source only can burn the ropes, with which you tied yourself. I have seen, one of the most powerful psychological disorder, is being highly opinionated, constantly developing opinions. You can’t perceive without dove-holing them. You can’t perceive without dove-holing them. I tell you whether good or bad, the moment you dove-hole them, you accept their reality, means you are defeated. Your opinion makes Maya powerful. Whether it comes to thought current, whether it comes to emotional current, whether it comes to bliss current, whether it comes to even the so-called idea of tiredness and boredom.

Getting involved with opinions, whether it is good or bad, keeps you engaged in Maya Matrix.

Listen. One of the very powerful verse by a direct Disciple of Sadashiva: a Yogi called Tirumular defines, decodes, this whole Maya Matrix. I will recite that verse and then give you the translation.

“Marathai Maraiththathu Mamatha Yanai, Marathil Marainthathu Mamatha Yanai
Parathai Maraiththathu Par muthal Boodam, Parathil Marainthathu Par Muthal Boodam.
Ponnai Maraiththathu Pon Ani Booshanam, Ponnil Marainthathu Pon Ani booshanam
Thannai Maraiththathu Than Karanangale, Thanil Marainthathu Than Karanangale”

I will give you the translation .

                                                     In a wooden elephant carving, if you see the intricacies of carving and perceive it as elephant, you forget it is wood. If you perceive it as a wood, you forget it’s a carving.

                                                      Listen carefully.  When you get involved in every intricacy of what is shown in front of you, by building an opinion about everything as good or bad, you are caught in the Maya Matrix.   Listen.  The every curve, ups and downs of what is being shown, what is appearing in front of you, whatever, whatever is appearing in front of you….     Listen carefully. Getting involved with opinions, whether it is good or bad, keeps you engaged in Maya Matrix.

                If you build opinions about every person, every situation, everything around your life, you will polarize the whole life. All this good for me, all this bad for me! Building more and more opinions, you have to be very clear – building more and more opinions about the things you are seeing, within the Matrix keeps you engaged with the Matrix and establishes Matrix’s authority over you.

                           Understand. Building opinion as good or bad, is what I call seeing the elephant and forgetting it is wood. Understand. In THE WORLD it is the wood sculpture…. wood sculpture of elephant, but if you perceive that as elephant, it’s MY WORLD. It may look very funny, but I should ask this question. In your IPad when you are seeing some video clip about cobra or python, or a big snake – how many of you don’t even touch the IPad, where the face or the head of snake is….raise your hand. Do you remember you are all adults and it cannot bite you from inside the iPad. Listen. So much of opinion getting built about what is seen. Many of you have not raise the hand, I know but you will not even dare to touch the screen. I know. I know. No, in LED screen, if I project a huge cobra which is moving, a video about the cobra, let Me ask and let Me see – how many are able to touch LED screen.

                  Listen. It may be very simple pattern, it may look too simple but it is not. I want you to contemplate on it. It is one of the very important revelation I wanted to share today.

                            Opinions, building opinion about everything is taught to you as knowledge.Understand. Understanding about the Source Material of everything is wisdom. Building opinion about everything is knowledge. Knowledge is Western. Wisdom is Eastern. In the opinion-based education, thought current, opinion based lifestyle, it is all about conquering. In a way, I can’t even say – Eastern-Western – in the modern day because in the modern day, there is no East or West. It is all one and the same. A Global City Internet has no East or West. The largest city in the modern day is Internet. At any given point, 1.05 billion people are living in it. 1.05 billion people are living in it, at any given point. So in the modern day, the largest city or largest country in the world, is Internet. So I cannot say Eastern – Western. Let Me put it in a more practical way.

                                 Opinion based education, thought current, which is constantly asking you to build opinions. Listen carefully. When you are asked to build constantly opinions, you are asked to conquer whatever is perceived by you as bad. Listen carefully. Whether you are going to conquer or lose is different, the moment you decide to engage, you are conquered, you are trapped under the Matrix. Because the moment you decided to engage you accept the reality of the Matrix, which is not real.

Understand. About a person, if you built an opinion good or bad and unfortunately your agitated mind cannot be casual and light, why should everything be classified constantly, as good or bad. No need. Light Beings walk through the gates of Kailasa. Actually Kailasa don’t have…..doesn’t have a gate. It’s a different plane. Light Beings can only even reach that space.

“Marathai Maraiththathu Mamatha Yanai, Marathil Marainthathu Mamatha Yanai

Listen to this translation.

When you see a powerful elephant, forming opinion about the every intricacy carved in the wood, whether you fight with the elephant, conquer it or control it, get killed by it, the moment you believe, the moment you believe it is elephant, you are gone, you are under the Matrix.

Developing more and more and more opinions, whether good or bad about the intricacies of life, keeps you inside the Matrix and the feeling this Matrix is real. Please listen. Please listen. The Maya Matrix, how it traps you and keep you within its boundaries. Whenever you look at the Source, the moment you see the wooden sculpture of elephant, if you see what it is made of, what is the Source behind— you will just see the wood. The fears and greed about the elephant, will not be aggravated in you. But if you allow the fears or greed about the elephant, either owning it or afraid of it. You will continue to see elephant in that wooden piece. Seeing elephant in that wooden piece, whether you are enamored by it or agitated about it, you are within the Maya Matrix, you are gone.

“Parathai Maraiththathu Par muthal Boodame”

What you perceive as 11 Dimensions. Pancha Bhutas – 5 elements, Par muthal Boodame – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Ether. I should use the word Ether, that is much more right word. Listen. When you experienced this 5 and intricacies of this 5, the Source material is forgotten, the Source is forgotten, you are caught in the Maya Matrix. When you start looking at the Source, this 5 is forgotten. I should say, this 5 does not put you in powerlessness, as usually it does. I won’t say it’s forgotten, it’s not that I don’t see this 5 elements, but this 5 elements cannot see Me. Better not! It cannot put you in powerlessness. Listen.

“Ponnai Maraiththathu Pon Ani Booshanam, Ponnil Marainthathu Pon Ani booshanam
Thannai Maraiththathu Than Karanangale, Thanil Marainthathu Than Karanangale”

When you see the intricacies and beauty and the symmetry in gold jewel, you forget it is gold, you are lost in the art work, enjoying the symmetry and the designs. When you remember it is gold, you forget the designs and symmetry of the jewelry.

Listen carefully.

More and more you go to the Source, more and more you are liberated, free. More and more you go to the Source, more and more you are liberated, free. More and more you go toward the opinions, more and more you are bound, trapped. Because you built a pattern of building a opinion with the details, sometimes you are afraid to get into the details—because if you get into the details, you always on opinions and it hurts you.