Technique to handle enmity

Duration: twenty-four hours

Bring the image of your enemies to mind. The moment you bring their image, you will experience hatred and so many words will come up – words, which you wanted to tell them but didn’t have a chance to, or perhaps you were never courageous enough to tell them. Sometimes, even when you have the chance, you have so many words you want to say, but you forget half of them in the heat of the moment.

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Living Advaitha – VIII

..continued from Living Advaitha VII

Yes….I will start on the process of Living Advaitha, the Teamily.  I will continue.

See, when you work with all your incompletions, I gave you the time today, with the help of teamily, you will pen down all the incompletions you need to complete with, to achieve your authentic identity.  Please listen!  Just like the same cloth, because of confusion, gets into a knot and fights with the same cloth….it is the same one piece cloth, but when it starts getting confused about itself, when it is not sure about itself, it gets locked here and there and gets knotted.  Once the knot happens, the cloth itself is fighting with itself, neither it is going to be useful, nor it is going to have longevity.  It will destroy itself.  That is exactly, our own inner-space is doing.  I don’t want to use the word “mind” for inner-space, because the word “mind” is polluted too much.  Our own inner-space is doing to ourselves.  This is what our own inner-space is doing to itself; that is the right word.

You can see, the deep tiredness you cherish, kind of a deep-rooted pattern of “Give up” that is the source of all your tiredness, boredom and pain.  Don’t ever entertain that, please understand.  Don’t ever entertain that.  Whatever field you may be in, you might have achieved the peak of your field, you would have taken up a career in a Company and become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), but, still if you have not completed with the deep-rooted pattern of giving up, you have not seen your peak, please be very clear.  You may be accidental Prime Minister, accidental Chief Executive Officer, accidental Chief Minister, accidental religious leader, accidental Adheeenam.  You may not have achieved your full potential.

Please listen!  See, from the young age people who oppose you, people whom you think are against you, it will not be some top big guys, like a Prime Minister, President of the country is opposing you; a mithaiwala who sells candy in your street corner.  All your enemies will be only that level.  You gave fifty paise, he gave candy only for forty-five paise, and five paise he cheated you.  These are the complaints you start developing in your life.  When you start building the idea that some enemies you have, some people are cheating you, some are exploiting you, slowly, slowly, your over-remembrance about them makes you shrink and stops you deciding in your continuous expansion.  That is why, in our Gurukul I said, even getting the fruits and eating in the garden…..

Rishi Advaith was saying, ‘We will get all the mangoes and serve them one day in the lunch or dinner.’  I said, ‘Have you eaten like that when you were a child?’  When you steal and eat only, it is tasty!  Not when it is served for everyone!  So, have more trees. Now you don’t even need to use the word “stealing”.  If it is banned and they do it, only then you can call it “stealing”.  We should not even use the word “stealing” for our kids, because we never banned them.  I only tell them, ‘Tell your tree; let it give ten times more mangoes, and all of you enjoy; that’s all!’  So, there is no question of stealing, because they are the owners, they are the inheritors.  So, it is their own father’s property.  You cannot even use the word “stealing”.  But, anyhow, we always feel it is tastier when we directly pluck, and eat, share only with people whom we love.  That is a kind of a pattern with which we start growing.  Anyhow… is okay. Continue reading “Living Advaitha – VIII”