Upanishads should not be eaten like a rasgulla, but have to be enjoyed like sugarcane!

The essence of Kenopanishad is—asking, seeking the source of the Whole.

Understand, seeking the source of you is essence of Isavasya Upanishad.

Seeking the Source of the Whole is the essence of Kenopanishad.

Seeking what happens after death is the source of, that’s the essence of Kathopanishad.

Each Upanishad, please understand, carefully you have to listen now. Each Upanishad gives a thought current, not answers, no.

If you read Isavasya Upanishad you’re not going to have the answer for “Who am I?”


If you read Kenopanishad, you are not going to have the answer for “What is the source of all this?” No.

If you read Kathopanishad, you’re not going to have the answer for “What happens after death?” No.

But if you contemplate, if you do manana, if you entertain, engage with the thought current this Upanishad opens up in you, suggests in you, you will have answers. You will have experience, you will have experiential solutions.

Listen carefully.

If you entertain the thought current of Isavasya Upanishad, you will simply have solution for the problem of —“Who am I?”

The identity crisis will just dissolve the pratyagātma caitanya jāgratam – the individual consciousness awakening, will simply happen in your system. And, listen carefully…Upanishads are penned down in such a way, if you start entertaining them, start cherishing them, celebrating them, they open up experiences in you, but you can never make a shop out of them. Means, you can’t sell the ideas from Upanishads; because in no Upanishad, no conclusion will be given to you as dos and don’ts. Do this, don’t do that, no. Vidhi niśedha cannot be given.

I am fortunate I am born in a tradition where you can’t make a franchise. You can’t make a franchisee, the franchisee religions. The Vedic tradition is so pure, it can only give thought currents. You enjoy, celebrate the thought currents, you will find solutions for your life. Continue reading →

Upanishads are the greatest medicine!

Vivekananda says, ‘Forget about all you know as “religion”. Go back to Upanishads, the Source. Drink from the Source which will strengthen you. Listen! Drink from the Source which will strengthen you.’

Many times, the “aachaara” – the every-day practices you observe – get the status of religion, and, sometimes, the “aachaara” starts even contradicting the main core truth of religion and you continue to practice the “aachaara”, leaving the religion! It is like…..they say a story:

In one mutt (Matha – monastery), they had a cat. The cat used to jump around the Sannidhanam (Head of the Matha) when he does puja. He (the cat) will create a big ruckus.

So, the Sannidham has said, ‘Hey, first tie the cat before I start the puja, so that I don’t have disturbance.’

They tied the cat, and the Sannidhanam did the puja peacefully.

On the second day, again, they tied the cat, and he (the Sannidhanam) did the puja.

Third day, again, they tied the cat, and he (the Sannidhanam) did the puja.

After some time it became a habit that before the Sannidham starts the puja, you tie the cat, so that he (the Sannidhanam) starts the puja.

One day, the cat died, and they don’t know what to do: Without the cat, how to start the puja? And they started searching around here and there for a cat. ‘Hey, we have to tie the cat; only then the puja can start!’

Finally, that day the Sannidhanam didn’t do the puja because the cat was not there!

See, the “aacharas”, unfortunately, get into the state of religion, when the reason, context, is lost in course of time. There are thousands of stories where the “aachaara” becomes, “anushtaana” becomes religion.

See, “aachaara” and “anushtaana” is a way of living religion only if you know the context of the “aachaara” and the “anushtaana”. Once in a while, you have to review yourself all the “aachaara” and “anushtaana” you are doing: Are you in the right context and doing it? Based on this, you can measure. The scale: Are you in the right context? How to align yourself to the right context? The scale to align you to the right context is Upanishads! Again and again and again, go back to the Source, the Upanishads. Upanishads will give you the clarity, setting the right context for the “aachaara” and “anushtaana” you are following, and making you live, making you live the context in your every-day life.

See, “aachaara” and “anushtana” means: “habits” and “lifestyle”; the every-day habits and lifestyle you are supposed to follow. Neither you should give up the “aachaara” and “anushtaanas”, nor you should be without knowing the context. You should do it knowing the context. Doing it by knowing the context! People who give up, lose spiritual strength. And, people who don’t know the context, become superstitious. If you give up “aachaara” and “anushtaana”, you will lose spiritual strength. If you don’t know the context and continue to do, you will become superstitious. So, for both diseases – who don’t know the life, and who are living a superstitious life – for both, the greatest medicine is Upanishads.

Is there anything called “incompletion”? If it is not there, why are we perceiving it ?

It is like extracting the gold out of mud. See, the gold ore, they collect the gold ore, process it, boil it, acid-wash it; finally the gold comes out. Did the gold come from somewhere out of nowhere? No! It came only from itself. But was the gold there in the beginning? No! It came only from itself. Exactly like the gold from the gold ore, an enlightened being out of you, it is there inside you! Only if it is there it can come out. Otherwise it can’t come out.

Whatever needs to be added in you for you to become an enlightened being is “Completion”. Whatever needs to be removed from you is the idea you have incompletion.

There is no incompletion itself. If something is there, it will continue to be there. Listen! If something is there, it will continue to be there. From the gold ore, if all the dirt can be removed, and gold finally remains, how can you say there was a time this dirt was part of the gold? Anything which can be removed, how can you say it was part of it? You were insensitive to see both of them separate in the beginning. Now they have become separated to the level you are able to sense, that’s all! Listen! If the dirt is inside the gold, can it be separated? No! Because it was never inside, it can be separated. If the incompletions are part of your programming, it can never be separated. Because it is already out of you, it can be taken out. Understand, now they are out of you, but not to the level you can sense it. Once they are out of you to the level you can sense it, you declare:

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey || Continue reading →