What exactly happens at the time of leaving the body during death?

This question cannot be answered by a living person as he has not experienced death. It cannot be answered by a dead person since he cannot come back to narrate the experience. Only an enlightened being, a person who has gone through death consciously and come back anew, can exactly explain what happens during death.

I am going to reveal the mystery of death now. This may be surprising, even shocking to many of you. But this is the truth. Whether you believe it or not, accept it or not, this is what happens at the time of death. We do not just have one body. The physical body is just one of the seven bodies we have. It is the only gross body that can be felt and seen in space-time. However, we actually have seven layers or bodies or planes of existence. Since these layers have a subtle existence they cannot be seen or felt by the ordinary eye.

Each of the bodies holds a corresponding emotion. For example, the pranic body holds all the desires that arise in life. The mental body holds all the feelings of guilt experienced in life. The etheric body holds the experiences of mental pain felt in life.

When the spirit leaves the body it crosses all the seven body layers. The physical body dies. But, the remaining six bodies do not totally die. If you are holding a lot of desires in your life, all those unfulfilled desires are held in the pranic body. So even though the physical body dies, the pranic body does not die. When the life force leaves the pranic body, the being experiences tremendous suffering. Continue reading “What exactly happens at the time of leaving the body during death?”

Do not engage yourself in the bondages from the body and through the body, re-cognize you are Pure Consciousness!

Constantly cognizing you are Consciousness; you are not father of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not daughter of somebody; you are not wife of somebody; you are not brother of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not even disciple of somebody. Understand even I cannot corrupt you. Then who can corrupt you? You are Pure Consciousness.

You can cherish your disciplehood, enjoy your discipleship, celebrate your discipleship as a nostalgia, as a sweet nostalgia, how I bow down to Mahadeva, how I fall flat in front of the deities in the temple, just as nostalgia. “In those days, when you came as Arunagiri Yogeshwara, how I enjoyed it so I remember those beautiful vacation moments, now I bow down to You,” that’s all, nothing more.

Actually, even Saiva Siddhanta is very clear, when I’m reading more and more Agamas, it is so clear: Shaiva Agamas are Advaitha Agamas! It is the stupid fellows, few pundits, who are actually not even pundits, bandits! It is these stupid fellows, they missed and they go on trying to fight; see just they want something different. See, somehow this Saiva Siddhantis and Advaithis have a big incompletion, because all these Shankara Sampradaya are trying to put down the Siddhantis. Siddhantis always try to put down the Smartas. This community problem you should solve it in the community level, you can’t bring that and force it on the philosophy and destroy the truth of the philosophy! These stupid fellows wanted to claim something different from Advaita because they feel if they accept Advaita they become subordinate of Smartas. Arrey, if there is a community issue, solve it! Don’t bring that and impose it on the spiritual philosophy, just because you need to tell something new, different, these fellows are saying that Siddhanta is duality, God is separate and you are separate. Continue reading “Do not engage yourself in the bondages from the body and through the body, re-cognize you are Pure Consciousness!”

Is there anything called “incompletion”? If it is not there, why are we perceiving it ?

It is like extracting the gold out of mud. See, the gold ore, they collect the gold ore, process it, boil it, acid-wash it; finally the gold comes out. Did the gold come from somewhere out of nowhere? No! It came only from itself. But was the gold there in the beginning? No! It came only from itself. Exactly like the gold from the gold ore, an enlightened being out of you, it is there inside you! Only if it is there it can come out. Otherwise it can’t come out.

Whatever needs to be added in you for you to become an enlightened being is “Completion”. Whatever needs to be removed from you is the idea you have incompletion.

There is no incompletion itself. If something is there, it will continue to be there. Listen! If something is there, it will continue to be there. From the gold ore, if all the dirt can be removed, and gold finally remains, how can you say there was a time this dirt was part of the gold? Anything which can be removed, how can you say it was part of it? You were insensitive to see both of them separate in the beginning. Now they have become separated to the level you are able to sense, that’s all! Listen! If the dirt is inside the gold, can it be separated? No! Because it was never inside, it can be separated. If the incompletions are part of your programming, it can never be separated. Because it is already out of you, it can be taken out. Understand, now they are out of you, but not to the level you can sense it. Once they are out of you to the level you can sense it, you declare:

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey || Continue reading “Is there anything called “incompletion”? If it is not there, why are we perceiving it ?”

Soul mates, Liberation, Completion

IA Participant:  So, if you have, like somebody has a lot of incompletions, they don’t finish with the person, and you were saying you have a choice about which body you want to go to, we hear about people who have incompletions again being born together or nearby, so….  Swamiji: Usually, when you have incompletions, you will never be born together or nearby.  I have always seen this husband and wife taking birth in opposite continents!  They don’t even want to meet with each other by mistake!  So, by incompletion you will never be born together or nearby.  Only if … Continue reading Soul mates, Liberation, Completion

Can we do organ donation after death ?

Organ donations, no way affect your further journey, your process in the next birth or enlightenment, it no way affects. Only if you are an enlightened while living, your body need to be retained, maintained so that the energy it radiates so many thousands people use. If you are enlightened being while you are in the body, after you leave the body better to keep it as without touching, without damaging as much as possible. Keep it as it is and make a Samadhi.  It will radiate the energy for thousands of years to come and help. Other than enlightened … Continue reading Can we do organ donation after death ?