Identity crisis

A seeker undergoes everything other than clarity during Identity crisis. Anything negative above the sky and below the sky, and under the earth, he goes through. Usually you react to such a crisis in a very foolish way. When you get disease, that is the time you need to have more trust and closeness to your doctor and obedience to your doctor. But, because you got sick, you say ‘how dare …I have such a best family doctor, still I have fallen sick, I don’t trust him, I will not go to him’. In this way you doubt him and escape from him. Then happens ‘death’. This is what people usually do when they have identity crisis. 

You create your own theories, theologies and interpretations for My words. Suddenly, from your eyes all My grace disappears. Everything looks like a pain and even if He helps who knows if I will be able to retain that help and stay in that state itself. Your foolishness does everything, all asanas!. 

When you have identity crisis that is the time you need to have more trust on the Master, you need to be more close to Him, you need to be available to Him, you need to do what He says. It is unfortunate how much ever you tell human beings, only during the identity crisis they get bumped out of this whole enlightenment machinery. Its like in a car assembly line, just before the engine is installed, the car gets dismantled.  Continue reading “Identity crisis”


Responsibility in simple terms, is the ability to respond to life spontaneously. We don’t respond to life spontaneously. We always need a cushion, buffer spring between us and life. As a child you need fairy tales, as a young adult you need fantasies, as a grown up man you need desires. These are acting as buffer springs, shock springs, shock absorbers between you and reality – Life. Meeting, responding, connecting with the life without this shock absorbers is Responsibility.  

There are two ways in which you can respond to life – one is responding to life in a deep, welcoming and accepting way, the other is responding to life with resistance, reservations, judgement and attachment. You can hit the reality either in a beautiful smooth way or in a strong way.

Paramhamsa Nithyananda during an IA session

Of course strong landing sometimes takes away your very life. If you look deeply you will realize that most often 99% of the time, you respond to life with resistance/judgement/attachment. This happens because almost all that time, you consider the source of whatever that is happening in your life as something external or outside of you. Whether it is a challenging or conflicting or unpleasant situation, you always consider that the source of the situation lies outside of you. This is why you feel powerless or helpless in most situations of your life. And almost always you blame the others for the situation you are in. Whenever you are making the other responsible for your life, what you are actually doing is giving the control of your life to the other. You are making the other powerful, by making him or her responsible for the whole situation and the irony is that you keep wondering why you are powerless and helpless.

We often relate to responsibility as a burden – something which makes us do more work, puts us under undue pressure or stress. But please understand, that responsibility is actually a great power. Putting the blame on others and responsibility on others creates violence , resistance. Putting the blame on you and responsibility on you creates guilt. Taking the responsibility but not putting the blame on anybody is power. This is what i call – Freedom. It liberates you from the clutches of your own helplessness and from another’s power on you. It leaves you with the power to respond to the life with creativity, intelligence and spontaneity.  Continue reading “Responsibility”


When a thought rises in you, without supporting, suppressing, encouraging, entertaining or being entertained by it, relaxing from it is Unclutching. Mind as it happens is already unclutched. It means ‘ moving out or moving back ‘ so that you can clutch when needed. To know more about unclutching – read these 108 definitions => Continue reading Unclutching

Nine levels of Unclutching

  1. From outer world problems related to name, fame, money etc.
  2. From outer world identities related to professional, social, national, racial, caste etc.
  3. From thoughts i.e. verbalization and visualization happening inside. When you stop inner chattering and visualization, you become unclutched. Even feeling boredom and restless is one more thought or verbalization or visualization.
  4. From Emotions like pain, pleasure, fear, anger etc Continue reading “Nine levels of Unclutching”

Creativity, Efficiency, Perfection

Creativity is the depth of honesty expressed towards your possibility.Work more on creativity not on changing work. There is no plan-B. Breaking the blanket of lazyness whenever you think you have done too much or breaking the not to do anything feeling is Efficiency. Perfection in the action is measured by quality of action but not by result. Continue reading Creativity, Efficiency, Perfection