Lord Sundareshwara

Sundareshwara is an artist, tremendous heart, ready to listen to human sufferings. He is embodiment of Shiva expressed playfully. Just feeling connection is enough for His grace. He came down as a female pig to feed the piglets. 

When He sits it is Kailash

When He walks it is tsunami

When He turns His eyes it is Eclipse

All possible glories expressed in its purest form through the muscles is Sundareshwara. Sundareshwara is energy of leela, playfulness. Ask Him whatever you want with feeling connection, He will grant it to you. He has given enlightenment even to pigs. 

Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Nirvikalpa means being without any changes. When one achieves this Samadhi, he literally becomes God. He becomes one with ultimate. It means your whole being, your whole identity is dissolving into Cosmic existence. The individual inner space has no more disturbances, differences.  Best direct experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi can be achieved by unclutching. Please understand, unclutching is not a path leading you to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It is a process directly leading you to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The moment you start unclutching you are falling into Nirvikalpa samadhi.

It is not a peak to attain, it is a valley to be fallen into. 

What steps, what tapas, what kriya need to be performed to attain it ?

Inner awakening is the steps, inner awakening is the tapas, inner awakening is the kriya – you need to perform to attain it and you are doing it. 

When you are no…

When you are not transferring the load or stress of one thought to another thought and not carrying the load you are unclutched. Unclutching is not about not connecting thoughts, it is not carrying load from one thought to another thought. When you are unclutching, naturally you experience peace.

Everything or every pleas…

Everything or every pleasure behind which you are running is nothing but meat smell on dog’s tale.

I have to be present until my last disciple is enlightened

Still Shankara is sitting, still Buddha is sitting, still Mahadeva is sitting. The moment I receive your worship. The moment you give one Bel leaf or one drop of water or one flower with respect or bowing down, I am bound by it. Its huge responsibility. I have to sit until my last disciple is enlightened. 



My Silence awakens you, My words silence you. Catch the silence between the words during the Satsang. Let the upanishad happen. Just imbibe the eternal silence. 

Whenever you ar…

Whenever you are caught by strong desires or emotions, just sit with it. Don’t judge, don’t say right or wrong. Just sit with it and suddenly unclutch from it, without even allowing your logic to question.


Nithya means past, present, future, all put together – Eternal, beyond time and something more. Ananda means being alive, existing, radiating. Nithyananda is just being, bubbling, overflowing, living beyond this mind, body and being Eternally. 

You have never …

You have never been attracted to a woman?




Attracted to men?


Then what are you attracted physically to?

I am physically attracted only to the Arunachala Hill which creates a tremendous joy and excitement in me.

Have you been physically attracted to the sense of God?

Not like that but when I see the Arunachala Hill I feel the whole body become very alive.. I have never felt a sensual attraction to anything.

The way you have been getting into trouble to the way you are being treated certainly would make some of your devotees think how a godman who could protect them cannot even protect himself?

About how I have been treated the person who treated me like that should be questioned and not me. I don’t say it is ok to be treated like that, but it is upto them. How they treated does not take away my divinity, but how I responded and behaved in that situation proves my divinity.

As long as human beings s…

As long as human beings seek something more than five senses, I will be there, I cannot be destroyed.

We always believe Master/…

We always believe Master/God has the Shakti/Power to give what we want, but we never believe that He got the Buddhi also when to give.

Put chitta (mind stuff) in such inexpressible fineness, above, below and in your heart.

Understand we have many words to describe mind. Chitta means the collection of all the memories with which you have emotional attachment. If you don’t have emotional attachment it will not be called as chitta. That becomes different part of your mind. We have too many words to describe mind and parts of the mind. This sutra means ‘If you go beyond chitta you will experience the heart and the pure consciousness’.