The thought current in which you are stuck which is not letting you cause your reality is karma.

Today’s subject KARMA.

Please understand, this subject can be defined, interpreted not just thousands or lakhs, millions of ways. Its literally infinite ways this subject can be defined. Of course any scared truth, any sacred secret can be defined in multiple ways. But usually the way I define, the definition itself, most provocative—provoking you towards activism, invoking completion in you.

Most provoking activism invoking completion—this is actually the definition of the way things should be defined, definition of definition – how something should be defined, it should be provoking you towards the truth, it should be provoking you towards activism, towards truth.

Understand, based on this definition of definitions, I will define the word karma. Please listen. Listen carefully.

Any thought current or thought pattern in which you are stuck is Karma.

Listen, the thought current or thought pattern, any thought current, any thought pattern in which you are stuck is Karma. Stuck thought currents, suffocating thought current, suffocating thought patterns, suffocating thought trend, is Karma.

Apply this one line definition in any zone of your life or any dimension of your life.

Health—any idea you have, thought current, thought pattern you have, which is not bringing health in you is Karma. Wealth—any thought pattern, any thought current you have which is not bringing wealth, what you want to cause as your reality in your life is karma. Continue reading “The thought current in which you are stuck which is not letting you cause your reality is karma.”

I seem always to attract the same kind of relationships? How do I get out of this pattern? How do I attract the right person into my life?

First thing, you will always attract the same kind of relationships in your life as long as you carry the same pattern. When you get out of the pattern you are carrying, when you complete with all the patterns you are carrying, when you bring yourself to Completion from all the incompletions you are carrying, you will attract the right person into your life. Right person into your life! Till you carry the same pattern, you will attract the same kind of relationships in your life. Please understand, the way you relate, the way you respond, the way you utter … Continue reading I seem always to attract the same kind of relationships? How do I get out of this pattern? How do I attract the right person into my life?

Complete with your patterns

Your fear knows how to manifest itself as reality. Your fear will attract exactly the same thing which you are afraid of. If you are constantly having the fear that you may get cancer, you will attract and manifest exactly the same thing. Understand, you can never get out of your fears or your patterns. You can only unclutch from them. Just pick up 10 major patterns which drives you. For example – pattern of getting irritated the moment I see my spouse, pattern of creating confusion and dilemma in me…pick up any 10 patterns. This one month – from … Continue reading Complete with your patterns

Being a Leader

Whenever you become tired facing conflicts, contradictions, you don’t feel responsible. That is why tiredness happens to you. Ability to face conflicts, ability to encounter contradictions, ability to face problems, is one of the important qualities you need to be a leader. Feeling responsible gives you that power. Feeling responsible gives you the power. It makes you a leader. I tell you, only if all the patterns which create panic pattern, the root patterns which cause panic patterns in you, only if they are cleared, they are removed, you will have the ability to handle responsibility.  I tell you, your … Continue reading Being a Leader

What is sex ?

The most talked about, thought about and written about subject is sex. The most misunderstood, misinterpreted and confusing subject is also sex! We either try to avoid the subject, or we try to indulge in it. Sex is deeply buried in our unconscious minds. Right from the start, we rarely find someone who can enlighten us on the subject of sex. Sex, more than any other subject, needs to be illumined with the light of consciousness.  Sex is a tremendous creative energy. It is a meditative energy. The whole world has arisen out of sex energy.  Our ancient enlightened masters, … Continue reading What is sex ?

Morality makes you totally dull and dead!

Morality always instills fear. In our lives, morality is nothing but a poor substitute for intelligence. When you act out of your own intelligence, you can be confident of yourself. But when you act out of rules and regulations, you can never be sure of yourself, because you are not yourself to start with! You are not centered in yourself; you are centered on the rules. People who preach morality are so deeply in fear. That is why they preach about it. They are afraid either because they are unsure of themselves or because they know to be moral only … Continue reading Morality makes you totally dull and dead!

Why do we feel tense during situations ?

The fact is, we are not even aware that we are working with imagination. Our imagination has become such a solid thing for us that we can’t even see it as imagination. We are caught up in it. If working towards something is causing tension in you, then you are not working in reality; you are working in your zone of imagination. Every moment, we are trying to fulfill our expectations in the world outside. The expectations could be to do with people, material comfort, name and fame, anything. If people don’t react or respond in the way we imagined, … Continue reading Why do we feel tense during situations ?


People tell me again and again, “Swamiji, I fail when I try to unclutch.’ I ask them, ‘Why are you connecting your past failure with your present failure?”. When you connect all the past failures, you create one more word – ‘Failure’. Why do you connect all of them and create the next experience also? Just relax and stop connecting, and suddenly you will see such a deep inner healing happening in you. Suddenly you will see that you have dropped out of the war, the constant running. Just relax.  Continue reading Failure

“Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 2)

….. continued from “Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 1) Now we are coming to the initiation part. Any thought may suddenly click with you. Oh God! Yes that is what is going on in me, that is what I am doing. One important truth – even if you want, even if you try consciously, you cannot possess, sit, catch your suffering. Its a very important truth. Even if you try to catch, you cannot catch your suffering. Because continuously your suffering is also replaced by different thoughts. One person came to me and asked “Swamiji, I am suffering from … Continue reading “Unclutching – De-program the inner self” (part 2)