Enlightened Master is the doorway to one’s own divine experience

Chitram vadataror mooley vriddhah shishyaa gurur yuvah
Gurostu maunam vyaakhyaanam shishyaastu chinnah samshayah

Beneath the banyan tree they sit
the disciples, old men, the guru a mere youth!
The guru speaks through Silence alone
But lo! The disciples’ questions dissolve on their own!

Understanding of concepts will remain academic, and techniques will remain as tools without the power to transform, unless the master’s presence catalyzes the process. One needs the master to realize god. In the vedic tradition, the spiritual teacher, the guru or the master, is more important than god. Scriptures say that the master is mother, father and god, all in one and beyond all. Read More

Why does an Avatar happen on planet earth ?

We now reach the ultimate, or what I call the peak experience. Realization of who we are and our role in this universe is the ultimate knowledge and experience that we can have. From the darkness of ignorance we move into the light of truth. We become enlightened.

When you see somebody swimming, you understand three things. The first thing is that swimming is possible, that a man can float on water. Secondly, you have a tremendous urge, ‘If he can do it, why not me? Why can’t I? I can too.’ The third thing is, ‘Let me jump in!’ You get inspiration and courage!

The Divine energy does not need your cooperation to perform the first four actions of creation, protection, destruction, and putting you in maya, but when it comes to pulling you out of maya, it needs your consent and cooperation!

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His presence was so intense that a person could touch it, feel it, and almost see it!

There was once an enlightened master by the name of Dakshinamurthy Swamigal. He used to sit under a banyan tree. His presence was so intense that a person could touch it, feel it, and almost see it. His silent presence was so powerful that neither he needed to talk nor the other person felt the need to speak.

One of the court poets of the kingdom sang a thousand verses on Dakshinamurthy Swamigal, whom he referred to as a saint. This poet said Dakshinamurthy Swamigal was ‘the greatest warrior’. By tradition, you would be given the title of greatest warrior only if you killed one thousand elephants in a war. Read More

Only in completion – four tattvas work. Intention is important ingredient for Completion. Constantly you will not be able to live with you, constantly. you will be having like a life imprisonment experience. And becoz of that incompletion you will not be able to live any tattva.
Listening happens with Completion. In the state of incompletion, You don’t see, you act like seeing.
Completion has to be done with intense, complete work. When you are in completion, Shiva is available to you as Dakshinamurthy. When you are in-completion, Shiva is available in you as Kalabhairava.  Only with completion, we become one integrated being. All your inner space, body, mind under control. Everything becomes you, part of you.  When you do completion now, don’t think only from now your future will be complete. No, even your past will become complete.
Intention – decide to be complete.
Completion can be done in 3 ways:

1. Sef-completion

2. Poornatva – completing with others

3. Catharsis methods – don’t know why or with whom you have incompletion.