My mission is removing all the prepositions and suppositions added, got loaded on Vedic tradition and bring the naked Truth as it is.

First and foremost commandment for Hindus—thou shall not die. Understand. Death beyond the frustrated poets’ descriptions, constipated philosophers, discrepancies, brain dead intellectuals ‘blah blahs’, beyond all this…the Lord of Death is directly taking the questions about Death from a small kid.

The story has lot of significance. He is able to explain it even for a small kids means, there is no propositions and suppositions. Understand, anything, which has become realization without prepositions and suppositions, that is the only Universal truth.

This modern day western mathematicians and stupid scientists, they develop so many stupid theories and formulas – constant, infinity, which has no value. Then what do you mean by this formula? Your theory, your formula has no value, because you insert somewhere one constant or infinity, which can’t be described. So these are all the so-called – appears like a truth with many prepositions and suppositions. But anything, which is Truth without prepositions and suppositions, are only Reality. Please understand, Katha Upanishad is Reality.  Continue reading →

Don’t wait until Death comes to stare at you!

Understand, who is continuously perceived will never be a mystery, can never be a mystery, who is a great mystery can never be continuously perceived. Here is a greatest paradox–constantly available, perceived. Any moment, anywhere, anybody can perceive Death. Anybody who perceives becomes ‘body’.

Constantly experienced, perceived, especially in this great land. Largest cremation ground in the world is Manikarnika Ghat. Please understand, largest in the world, not in India, in the world.  Anything related to human numbers, if you are successful in India, it is the largest, because it is the largest population. That is why any movie star, any celebrity, any guru, who has a large following in India can straight away use the word largest in the world. This land largest cremation ground, average 350 bodies are burnt everyday. On special days! I don’t know how they call ‘special days.’ Its goes even up to 500, who knows when that special day!

Largest cremation ground! Here very casually while you are walking on the road, you can see 4 people carrying, if you see anything bigger than suitcase it is dead body. In Varanasi anything you see 4 people carrying or 2 people carrying a little bigger than suitcase, covered completely with a cloth, be very clear, it is a dead body. The other day I saw, they nicely unloaded near a tea shop, chai shop, and all of them, both of them are sipping a chai and that fellow is lying there, very comfortably both of them are sipping their chai, after the chai they religiously lift the body again, start walking. Continue reading →

Kathopanishad – direct word from the Lord of Death


Kathopanishad is the last 8 sections of Taittiriya Samhita, Krishna Yajur Veda. It is 119 verses. When Sri Rama Chandra lists all the 108 Upanishads in Muktikopanishad to Hanuman, Rama lists this Upanishad as the third Upanishad.

The main subject of the Upanishad is DEATH. Even though I have spoken many times bits and pieces of this Upanishad, here and there I have quoted this Upanishad, I used this Upanishad to explain the truths, sacred secrets behind Death. In many of our programs, satsangs, but now formally, systematically I have to introduce this Upanishad. It looks tooo big. I am just wondering…It is like I have to chisel the whole mountain using a small chisel and hammer. Where will I start, how will I continue? It is just using my small words, now I will have to describe and introduce this whole Upanishad.

This Upanishad is not commandment of somebody who realized God, no! Even if you realized God, a little bit will be your Enlightenment experience, a little will be your brain masala. There is a possibility for corruption, misrepresentation, manipulation or missing it. Continue reading →