If we nurture the being and cause the doing to happen from the quality of the being, then we don’t have to work so much for the having

There are three important states: being, doing and having.

Right now, we move from doing to having. We continuously ‘do’ things. We learn and we put the learning into useful action. We then ‘have’ what we want: money, relationships, comfort, and what not. Then we want to have better things or have more things and so we continue doing. We are all the time between doing and having. In the process, the being is forgotten. Our real restfulness lies only in the state of being. Because of this, however much we do and have, we still search for restfulness. This feeling is the ‘call of the being’.

If we nurture the being and cause the doing to happen from the quality of the being, then we don’t have to work so much for the having. That will simply happen as a byproduct. This is the secret of Existence. But this is not seen as a direct utility to society by the universities. That is the problem. But this is what gives the real utility of every individual, not only to society but to the whole of the cosmos. We should always be concerned about the Whole. Read More

What is being ?

Being complete, total, integrated, expressing your full energy, is what I call ‘being’.

If you are partial in your experience or expression, be very clear you are being hypocritical. Even your anger is hypocritical. You just choose whether to express your anger or not. Your anger is also directly related to your logic. You never get angry beyond your logic. It is always managed by your logic. You analyze, ‘Am I going to lose anything here in this situation?’ If you are sure you are going to lose something, you just suppress your anger. If you are clear, ‘I am not going to lose anything. I can shout at this person. What can he do?’, then you just explode and express much more anger than what is necessary.

Whatever you have stored in stock, you open up everything and give!

Be very clear, when your logic manages your anger, you will have two problems.

  • First, you unnecessarily shout or unnecessarily show your anger when it is not necessary.
  • Second, even when you are not expressing, you will be suppressing it.

First, if you are expressing, you will be expressing too much, much more than what is necessary. Next, if you are not expressing, you will be suppressing it. Be very clear, both are wrong. Suppressing and expressing both are not going to help.

You may ask, ‘Then what are we supposed to do?’

You are not asked to do anything, just be. Read More

The only way to really live and enjoy life is to enjoy the very doing itself!

We all function around the three axes of doing, having and being.

Doing for having, without enjoying being, is the sole cause of all our misery. Doing never catches up with having!

Every time you work hard and fulfill one desire, suddenly that desire loses its pull over you.

As enlightened master, Ramana Maharishi, says beautifully, ‘The mind is such that it shows a tiny mustard seed to be a huge mountain until it is attained. As soon as it has been attained, even a mountain appears as insignificant as a mustard seed!’

As soon as a desire is fulfilled, another one starts pulling at you. You don’t even have time to enjoy it and feel satisfied. You may think, ‘Let me get this one more thing also. Then I can relax and enjoy what I have.’ Be very clear, your mind will never let it happen.

The only way to really live and enjoy life is to enjoy the very doing itself. Then automatically the doing, having and being, will be integrated and will happen.

Nature has its own unique way of growth for each of us.

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Questions about Living Advaitha Process

… continued from Living Advaitha III

Some people asked me, ‘Can we have pets in the teamily?

The teamily we create, you can have pets, you can have pets.  You can even have trees, hills; rivers are energetic enough, conscious enough, spirit enough to respond to you.  So, a river or mountain or a pet or a tree can be added into your teamily.  That’s the first question.

For the newcomers the word “teamily”. “Teamily” means: Family and Team together.  Unfortunately, human-beings have lost connection even with themself.  Forget about having connection with the family, even with themself they lost the connection.  The strong, deep-rooted, grounded lifestyle is lost.  Due to various reasons we became very unconscious.  Now making us come back to consciousness and created, complete, centred, grounded with yourself and with your family and team together – “Teamily”.  Means, “teamily” is the people with whom you share your life.  People who share their life with you is “teamily”.  Literally, people who are part of your living, your existence, only those people I call them as “teamily”.  Pets your trees, rivers, mountains can be part of teamily.

I have some questions.  I will try to answer.  These are from Bela Patel, California.

She’s asking, ‘Is interaction with teamily members a must on a daily basis?’

See, sometimes you will have a friend with whom you have not spoken for ten years but that friendliness is there alive in you.  So with teamily, whether you interact every day or you don’t interact, that is not a problem.  But the experience of Advaitha should be alive, that’s all!  That’s all. Nothing else. There is no such thing as just because you speak to somebody they are your teamily.  I know many people; they live in the same house, they don’t talk to each other!  No just because you live in the same place or you talk to them. There are some people, every day you talk to each other, but it is only fight….rat-a-tat-a-tat….gun! No! You talking to somebody every day, or not talking to somebody every day, all that does not count.

Please understand, Bela Patel I want you to know I am not a “good-relationship” teaching guru.  No!  Please understand, I am not teaching you to have a good, great relationships.  No, hell with your relationship! Even if you have a best husband, best wife, you are just going to die leaving him.  Neither he is going to come with you or you are going to go with him. No, no I am not the guy who is teaching how to have a great relationship, like how to win friends and influence people. No! Understand, the good relationship happens as a side-effect.  But the context I am teaching to all of you is establishing yourself in the spiritual space of Advaitha.

When you feel oneness, because of the oneness, you will know whatever insecurity the other person is feeling, you will know whatever desire or greed the other person is feeling, you will know the other person’s space.  Because of your knowledge, you will have love and compassion.  Understand, anything becomes known to you, anything becomes part of your knowledge, you start loving it.  Because you know the desire, greed, struggle, fear the other person is going through when you experience Advaithic space with them, because of that non-duality, you love them, you become compassionate towards them, the relationship may become better.  But, my purpose is not making just your relationship better. Read More

  • More and more authentic you become, more and more bigger you become. More and more complete you become, more and more bigger you become.
  • Complete with the idea “How much I can do”, you will go on doing.
  • Everything animate and inanimate will listen to you, when you are in the space of Completion.

Doing for having & Doing for being

We all function around these three axes: doing, having and being. Doing for having, without enjoying being, is the sole cause of all misery. Doing never catches up with having. Every time we work hard and fulfill one desire, there are more desires to make us run. Never think “Let me work now, I can enjoy later”. Don’t think you can come back later and enjoy! I tell you, it will never happen. Every tomorrow comes in the form of today. Doing should lead to being every moment, only then you are on the right track. 

Don’t postpone living. Celebrate! Enjoy life – it is now or never. We all run throughout our lives thinking that we can enjoy later., but we land up finally running into the graveyard. When you get onto the running track, you lose your real capacity to enjoy. You forget how to enjoy.