Vacuum is energy not absence of matter

Q: According to science, vacuum is the absence of matter. But according to you, vacuum is energy. Matter is manifestation of energy. How would you define vacuum?

Please understand that science has changed its view. Now scientists are coming up with a clear-cut idea that no such thing as ‘vacuum’ can be created. Even in space, where you say vacuum exists, ether is present. Ether is the gross form of energy. Science is also coming up with the fact that ether is also matter. It can be measured and handled. Science has evolved to the extent that it can understand spiritual truths to a certain degree. They have started understanding that vacuum is not the absence of matter. It is the absence of certain parts of matter. There are five major elements – earth, fire, water, air, ether. Vacuum is the absence of four of these major elements – earth, water, fire, air. That’s all. It is not the absence of matter, it is the absence of four elements. Thousands of years ago the eastern rishis developed the science of Vastu Shastra. It is the science that teaches one how to utilize the power of ether in daily life. It is the technique of building homes and houses in a way that the ether energy is enclosed in the space of the home in the best possible way. Today, scientists are working to understand methods of how to use ether! So, according to me and according to science, vacuum is energy. Vacuum is not the absence of matter.

source: Living Enlightenment

In a hologram, every single part of the hologram, even if split, reflects the totality of that hologram. Likewise, Universe is a hologram and we are a part of that hologram, we too reflect the totality of the universe!

If you have observed a school of fish swimming or a flock of birds flying together, you will see a fleeting synchronicity in their motion. There may be hundreds of birds flying together in a V-shaped formation, but when they have to change direction, they will all do so at the same time, with no confusion or time delay! Scientists have been trying to understand how this is possible. Even studies of insects and animals have shown that when faced with threats, their responses are so fast that they cannot be explained by normal methods of communication.

Because of our false sense of identity and ego, we have lost touch with nature and have become insensitive to the direct signals of nature

An interesting experiment was done to study the power of thought on dogs.

The dog owners were asked to leave the house with no intention of going to any particular place. After leaving the house, they were given instructions to go to specific places and then at random times, they were asked to come back. It was found that at the time the owner started back home, almost always at the same time, the dog would go to the door and wait for the owner.

In the huge tsunami that rocked the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India, it was found that before the tsunami hit the islands, all the animals, including the huge ones like elephants, had all moved to higher grounds, safely away from the ocean. There have been a number of accounts of animals and insects being aware of upcoming earthquakes minutes before the earthquake actually strikes.

There are hundreds of electromagnetic waves in the air but your television set picks up only the waves of the frequency to which it is tuned. Similarly, the minds that are ready and waiting for the floating ideas will tune in and convert that potentiality into reality! Continue reading →

Once you become aware and realize that you are a part of the Oneness or Collective Consciousness, that you don’t have an individual identity, that you don’t have a separate ego, you don’t suffer.

We are not disconnected and separate islands as we think. Maybe in the physical layer, we all seem like individual islands. But whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, whether we want it or not, we are all interlinked by the collective consciousness.

It is like this: if the food is poisoned, only the person who eats it will suffer, not everyone. In this sense, you can think of yourself as an individual. But as you move towards the subtler levels of Existence, you can see our interconnectedness more clearly. For example, if the air is poisoned, whoever is breathing it will suffer, even if they are a long distance from each other. This connection is at the breath level. This means that in the subtler energy layers, the distance between us is reduced. Even more than the physical and breath levels, we are connected more closely at the mental level.

When I say mental level, I mean the level of thoughts. Our thoughts affect not only us but also everyone around us and beyond. Your thoughts are more infectious than your cold. In fact, people may escape from your cold, but they cannot escape from your thoughts. Take a simple example of going to a college football match on a Sunday. When you enter the stadium itself, you can see the air charged with emotions. You are also immediately affected by the cheering mood prevailing there! Similarly, if there is group violence, like a religious fight or collective grief, like a death in the house, the mood affects you beyond your control. If you catch a cold from someone, you might suffer physically for a few days and then finally get over it. But when you catch thoughts from people, you suffer mentally with them. Continue reading →

What does ‘seer’, ‘seen’ and ‘seeing’ have to do with ‘Enlightenment’ ?

We see two things in the process of ‘seeing’, the seer and the seen object.

Actually, what is happening in the process of seeing?

From the seer, consciousness takes a jump continuously to the seen, because it is not able to relax into the seer itself. Because of its restlessness, it gives life to the seen. The continuous jump that happens between the seer and seen – from the seer to the seen, from the seen to the seer, again from the seer to the seen and again from the seen to the seer – is what is SEEING. When the seer is not completely in bliss within himself, he starts becoming restless and jumps. When he jumps, he gives life to the seen. Because he gives life to the seen, the process of jumping becomes SEEING.

There are two ways to drop this process of seeing.

Whether you are stuck with the seer or with the seen, get completely stuck and you are enlightened!

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Cosmos responds to your thoughts, to your prayers, to your being, because it is intelligence!

Whether it is the energy in the atom or the energy in the cosmos, there is a big chaos in the energy play. Within that chaos, there is an order that you cannot even imagine. When chaos moves in an order, it creates what is called consciousness or intelligence.

Anything in chaos is wild and energetic. Anything that has order is dull.

In our life, we can see: anything in chaos, anything wild, radiates energy. We can see that when kids are allowed to be free, they are so wild. They radiate so much energy. In our own lives, if we are allowed to break some rule, we feel so much joy. We radiate so much energy. Chaos is directly related to energy. The freedom of chaos, and not being bound by rules, is the reason why we feel so energetic while dancing freely, without any decided steps. The moment we know we are bound, we will be dull. The dullness will automatically enter into us, even if it does not affect us directly physically. Continue reading →

Eleven Dimensions of Universe

We think we live in a world of the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time. However, there are actually eleven dimensions. The fundamental dimensions are length, breadth, depth, time and consciousness. The higher dimensions are combinations of these fundamental dimensions.

For example, a stick has length, breadth and depth. It is in time and space. Now, if we keep length and breadth and just remove the depth, the stick will be seen, but the hand will pass through the stick. You can also keep the depth and remove the length and breadth. Then nothing will be seen, but the hand will hit something if you try to pass it through.

In this way, there are various combinations leading to the eleven dimensions that make up the universe. When you are in a plane above the four dimensional space time you can currently perceive, you can see these eleven dimensions, you can see Reality as enlightened beings can.

source: Living Enlightenment

From whatever quality of consciousness we see, that appears as our reality, not the absolute Reality.

 Let us analyze what space is.

Take a basic element, a point, a one-dimensional object. When a point traces across a direction, it generates a line. Now, let us trace the motion of a line, a two-dimensional object. If it moves in the same direction as it is in, of course it will just continue to be a line. If it moves in a direction not contained in it, it traces a surface or a plane. Similarly, if a surface or a plane moves in a direction not contained in it, it will trace a solid, a three-dimensional object. So, a line is an infinite number of points. A surface is an infinite number of lines. A solid is infinite number of surfacesSimilarly, we can imagine a four dimensional space as an infinite number of three dimensional spaces.

Now, just as we built up these higher dimensions from the lower dimensions, we can also see the lower dimensions as parts or sections of a higher dimension space. For example, a point is the intersection of two lines. So, a point is a section of a line. A line is a section of a surface. A surface is a section of a solid. Extending this, we can say a solid is a section of a four-dimensional body. Our three dimensional space is a section of a four dimensional space. Continue reading →

What really happens on a physical level when we perceive things ?

When there is a perception of physical reality, the various parts of the brain show a change in neural activity as the neurons, which are the basic building blocks of the nervous system, fire in synchronicity. This results in the random visual patterns of light being perceived as specific shapes and forms. This is how the input from each of our senses is perceived as an experience of particular sound, touch, smell, taste or sight. If you now step back and look, you can see that before the observation or the perception, both the world as well as you, that is the seen and the seer, existed in a dynamic and chaotic state of activity. The act of perception changes that chaotic state into some sort of an order that becomes both the seen in the outside world and the process of seeing in the seer (as the activity in the nervous system) at the same time. At the moment of seeing, the probability of what is seen collapses into a specific form. Continue reading →

Our very effort to perceive the infinite risings of the ocean of Existence causes it to appear as what our limited mind perceives!

We see this causeless and ecstatic play of Existence through our own individual perception! Our very perception collapses the beautiful happening into a localized reality. Each individual ‘boils down’ the beautiful happening into his own individual reality.

Someone asked me, ‘I see this table here. All the people in this room see this same table. Then how can you say that this table is not a reality?’

Please understand that what you see as this table here is not the same as what the other person sees! Each person in this room sees this table differently! That is the truth. That is what I am trying to explain here. As long as the mind tries to perceive, what is perceived is not the ultimate reality. Only an infinite being can perceive reality exactly as it is happening. Also he cannot explain it in words, because words cannot describe what is beyond space and time. He can only tell you to wait for it to become your own experience! That is why Shiva answers not with philosophy but with techniques. He directly gives techniques for Devi to experience the reality, the nature of the universe. Continue reading →

Out of the causeless, overflowing ecstasy, the wave of creation rises in the ocean of Existence!

Matter is actually energy vibrating at various frequencies and manifesting itself in various forms. We are not able to see this vibration with our eyes because the frequencies of vibration are too high. It is just as when movement is too fast, the eye cannot perceive the moving objects as independent frames. The eye sees the objects merging into each other continuously. In the same way, the vibration of energy cannot be perceived by the eye. It appears to be solid matter!

Energy in gross form is matter. Matter in subtle form is energy. The body is the gross manifestation of the subtle mind. The mind is the subtle manifestation of the gross body.

An important thing to be understood here is that the perception of the world varies from person to person because the functioning of the mind varies from person to person! Even interactions between people are only energy interactions. For example, an atom that consists of a nucleus with a cloud of electrons around it can be compared to a football field. The nucleus is like a peanut in the center of a football field and the cloud of electrons is like the empty space in the field. Continue reading →

All that exists is energy, declares the first line of Ishavasya Upanishad!

What is this world made up of?

Our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are our gateways to perceiving this world. They tell us that this world is made up of matter or objects in various forms, shapes, colors and qualities. We see ourselves living in a three dimensional world fundamentally made up of the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. We see all the objects in this world undergoing change with time. They all undergo creation, sustenance and dissolution with the passage of time.

Classical physics tells us that matter is governed by the laws of physics like the three laws of motion, the law of gravity, the laws of fluid dynamics and so on. All objects are considered to be made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which in turn are made of three types of particles – protons, neutrons and electrons. We learned all these fundamental things in school. But according to modern science, the world is not fundamentally made up of matter. The fundamental particles are not protons, neutrons and electrons. Continue reading →

Innocence is keeping the consciousness at the level of the heart, not allowing it to settle in the head!

We always think children are immature. We think that the grown ups who cry are immature. We are conditioned to believe that expression of any emotion is immature. Expressing the emotions in an unfiltered way is a sign of innocence. The cunning ones edit even their emotions. Once in a while it is good to cry in front of people. What is wrong with it? What are you trying to hide? By crying you are only expressing your true feelings. What is there to hide?

The problem is that society has always taught us to hide our true nature and show only our projected personality. That is why with time we forget what our nature is. We forget how to be innocent.

One teacher told the parent during the parent teacher meeting, ‘Your daughter is very good in all her activities. She is just a little emotionally immature. But she will be alright.’

The parent looked at her in a puzzled way and asked, ‘At three, how else do you expect her to be?’ Continue reading →