Meditation technique to be aware of your self at every moment, in every action

All your entertainment is nothing but trying to forget yourself.

All you have to do is remember yourself, remember I am – when you are eating, drinking, walking, talking. Be aware that I am and discover within your self an ever-living current.

All your entertainment is nothing but trying to forget yourself. Do not try to forget yourself. Trying to forget yourself will only add more and more difficulty to your life. Read More

One of the fastest techniques for instant relaxation

Duration: as little as two minutes – longer if time allows

If a private space is available, practice this technique lying down. Otherwise, just make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Close your eyes. Take a big, deep breath. You are going to be holding your breath, so breathe in as deeply as possible. Read More

Meditation technique to be more energetic, more centered, more at peace with yourself and with others.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stand before a full-length mirror and look at yourself. Take a good look at yourself from the outside. You are the subject, and the reflection in the mirror is the object of your attention. You will feel your energy flowing towards the object. You are looking, and your reflection is being looked at. Read More

Beautiful ‘emptiness meditation’ technique

This is a  Empty out whatever is inside you, and be ready to receive the energy of the Divine. Become the Divine.

Duration: 21 minutes

Sit still in a calm, silent place. Just become aware of your body. Feel completely at ease with your body. Read More

Meditation technique to experience expanded awareness

Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes. Take a few moments to settle down, being very patient.

You are going to consciously practice awareness. First, start with the chair you are sitting on because it is the nearest object to you. Visualize you are alive inside the chair. Feel you are alive inside the chair you are sitting on in the same way you feel alive inside your own skin. However much you feel alive inside your skin, feel that alive inside the chair. The same life is radiating in the chair that is radiating inside your skin. Read More

Realize the internal changing reality and let it grab or swallow the external changing world, then nothing will touch you.

Understand the change that is happening and consume the change through the change. You will find the ultimate unchanging consciousness.

You are constantly changing eternal energy. Let you consume the constantly changing external world. Let the changing internal world swallow the changing external world. Let the chaos swallow the chaos. Let the chaos be covered by chaos. Let the chaos be filled by chaos. Become centered in the peaceful, deep, restful awareness. Read More

Consciously go into it the emotional memory to disconnect your inner space from it

Whenever you are stuck with some emotional memory, sit with it and meditate on it, consciously going into it. Whether it is fear or love or greed, go fully into it. Slowly, your inner space will be disconnected, purified from that emotional memory. As long as there is any energy or charge attached to that memory, continue to meditate on it. You will soon go beyond the memory and enter your inner space.

When you reclaim your inner space, you will be able to fall in love with the Whole, your heart will melt effortlessly. If you practice this a few times, you will see the Truth.

source: Living Enlightenment

Just Stop!

This is a very powerful technique to strongly bring your awareness to the present moment.

Just Stop! was used widely by enlightened master George Gurdjieff. Read More

Experience deep restfulness by accepting completely the inevitability of the present and future moments

Total Duration: 21 minutes

Sit straight in a very relaxed way. Close your eyes and continue sitting in this relaxed way without moving the body. Body movements will create thoughts. So if your body is stable without movement, it can take you to the deeper silence. Read More

Vipassana meditation technique to realize the truth

Vipassana means realizing the Truth step by step. There are three ways in which you can do vipassana: Deep awareness of your body, your actions, your mind, your heart

When you walk, when you move your hand, when you smile, do it all with awareness. Know perfectly well that it is you who is doing that action. Be alert. Not a single moment or movement should pass in an unconscious state. Not a single action should happen in your body without your awareness. Read More

Between every incoming and outgoing breath, the Self shines through, the Truth reveals itself!

Total Duration: 21 minutes

This technique is to be done with a feeling of deep devotion. You may feel deep devotion to someone, you may feel deeply connected to someone in your life like god, master, parent, friend, teacher, a leader who inspired you, a person who contributed something memorable to your life. You can remember more than one person as well, even two or three people who mean a lot to you like your beautiful mother, your wonderful master, your favorite god or your beloved friend. Read More

Technique to bring Awareness of the neutral space while moving the body

Total Duration: 30 minutes

Sit straight, preferably on the ground. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale as slowly as possible, as deeply as possible.

Step 1: Duration: 3 minutes

Slowly, very slowly, put your attention only on the incoming breath. Be aware of the incoming breath. Read More