Science of Causing

My bones are Arunachala, and blood is Ganga!

A few days before, I went to the banks of the Ganges for a walk. Nothing big, a very simple act: A few kids were selling flowers there. They asked us to buy flowers and put it in the Ganga. I told our Swamis who were there with me, I said, ‘For all these kids, given ten-ten rupees.’ There were only five kids; so, fifty rupees; less than fifty cents, or less than a dollar I can say, a little more than fifty cents and less than a dollar….less than a dollar. I told our Swamis to give ten-ten rupees. All put together it will be less than a dollar. ‘Give ten-ten rupees to all these kids.’ Only five kids were there. I said, ‘Don’t take the flowers, let them sell the flowers to somebody; just give them money.’ Small kids. And one kid shouted, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’ Such a simple word. And the child was really happy…..really happy! Very sincerely the child shouted, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’ I tell you, the next twenty-four hours that joy was there in my system! Even to my system which is twenty-four hours in the bliss of the Cosmos a child can bless and add a little more joy, understand! Neither the act from my side was with the expectation that the child is going to bless me or thank me, nor the child had the expectation, ‘If I thank them now, I will get something more’.

No! From both sides there was no plan. A simple sincerity….that’s all! I was very sincere seeing all those small kids trying to sell and earn; they are not begging; they are trying to make their living. What they will do with these few rupees given? At the most, they will spend in their school, or they will make some clothes for themselves; that’s all. From my side it was simple sincerity. Same way, from the kid’s side, it was such a simple sincerity; that’s all. I tell you, be a sincere catalyst for others to cause their reality.

I tell you, the effect of that kid’s “Thank You”, next few hours I allowed whoever wants to touch me, I allowed whoever wants to have photograph with me! I am not a guy who will allow that. Especially when I go out for a walk, I will try to protect my privacy. I will say, ‘No, don’t photograph me.’ Especially with Ganga… is almost like my romance moment with Ganga! Ganga and Arunachala are just part of me. My bones are Arunachala, and blood is Ganga! So, whenever I sit with Arunachala or Ganga, I ask for my privacy. But even that I renounced; the next few hours whoever came to take photograph with me, I said, ‘Come on, have photographs.’ Some people started touching my feet, because that whole area is full of Sadhus….Swarg Ashram area. It became almost like a visit to bless all those sadhus who are doing tapas there! All the sadhus started coming from their “kutiyas” (huts/shacks/cottages) and started touching my feet. They started saying, ‘Swamiji come to my “kutiya”! Come to my “kutiya”!’ Somebody gave food, somebody gave orange, somebody gave dry fruits.

They all ran to their rooms, and the best food in their room they ran and brought and gave me. It is such a joy to see sadhus giving; they are always taking. Especially, when they see some rich sadhus, they take from the rich sadhus. First of all, the sadhus who are doing tapas, they will never touch others’ feet. And when they see a rich man, they will take from that rich man. In my case, I was a sadhu…..and a rich sadhu. But they were so respectful, they were only giving me! I also was with empty hand. I spent time with all of them, had “chai” (tea) in the road-side shop. This whole thing, that girl’s (kid selling flowers) one word, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’, is responsible! So, please understand, just be a sincere catalyst to cause others’ reality; you will be showered more than you want… will be showered more than you want!

The fifty rupees (given to the kids selling flowers) would never have added joy to me in any way. I can say, that fifty rupees was put to best use! If I planned and gave also, nothing would have happened. No! I can never imagine that one small girl saying, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’, can add so much of joy to me, because I am established in the “Parabrahmananda”, “Paripoorna Satchitananda” and “Nithyananda” (Sanskrit terms indicating extreme joy and eternal bliss)! The joy caused in that girl was sincere….small kid. And the way she screamed is from sincerity; that’s all! I tell you, when you are a sincere catalyst, when you are a sincere catalyst, life goes on showering; that experience “Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam” just lives with you; the joy, “Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam” just stays with you! 

  • First, always be a cause for others to experience their reality.
  • Second, when you start causing others’ reality, the expansion happens in you, the joy happens in you, which is a Sacred Joy which strengthens you and makes even your own reality more powerfully.
  • Third, Ashta Maha Siddhis are simply available to you when you cause others’ reality.
  • Fourth, carry the space of possibility in you. Go on causing it for others.

I tell you, human life is supposed to be lived with lot of joy, lot of joy. 


When you decide to cause to make others  reality, even your ability to think expands, Expansion always brings sacred joy.

Keep this message as life for this whole year, till next Jayanthi – 17th Dec 2014.
Let this be the message to contemplate:

Provide authentic listening to yourself.
Provide authentic listening to others.
speak into the listening of yourself
and speak into the listening of listener.
Above all decide sincerely you will be the cause for others to realize their reality.

Working for a cause together is Action. Being a cause for an Action is a Leader.

Cause and Effect

If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect and confused, you are in incompletion and confused. What happens is called accident.
If you know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in completion. What happens is life.
If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in utter clarity. You are in super-consciousness. What happens is called miracles.

Neither for chandalaas nor for enlightened beings – Cause and Effect will make no sense. As chandalaas has too much Cause and too much Effect. Enlightened beings has no Cause and no Effect.

Cause is a action/word/deed/thought which creates certain incompletion in you and in others, and pushes you to reap the fruits of incompletion in your life.
Effect is the incompletion multiplying continuously instead of moving towards completion.

Stopping the effect immediately and rewinding the effect towards the cause and merging the effect into the cause is Completion.

Anything which has not made its effect completely in you is Cause.
Any cause which has made its completion on you is Effect.

Any pattern which you have not completed as long as it remains as a pattern in you, it is called Cause. 
When it is expressed in action it is called Effect.

Cause is which happens in your mamakara. 
Effect is which happens outside you. 

You need to know it is always from inside to outside.
Whatever you give will come back. NO. How you cause that same way only it comes back to you. If you cause something out of completion what you get back is a miracle. If you cause something out of incompletion what you get back will be great hell. Even giving boon out of incompletion is dangerous – Karna.

The space you are in is more important for understanding the law of cause and effect.


Be Cause. Because if you are not Be and Cause, you will be causing the effects for which you cannot say because.


Let your being be in completion and Cause, Effect will also be in completion.