Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum

Ownership is formed without any bone structure by continuous action!

Your actions are like flowers. Ownership is like thread. If the ownership thread is used and actions are tied, it is ego, garland of ego. Never the real ownership happens in that way.

Real ownership is flowers are arranged so thoroughly in such packed way, it looks like garland but without thread – that is ownership.

There is no separate thread other than continuously actions being performed so meticulously, so continuously that it looks like a garland. But they don’t have a thread, ie. the ego. In a normal man, more thread and less flowers. 25 meter thread and in the end one flower! That is the energy you guys are spending on the thread which is ownership. Real ownership is constant actions performed in perfection in continuum.

Your ownership is flowerless garland. Drop that. Real ownership is felt by others by your continuous actions. Be unavailable to your lower self, be available to your higher self and enter into the battle. Understand your every day is a battle. Lay down all the effects, side effects, after effects of your actions. Don’t carry the perverted wrong hope. Relax from the iron chain of ownership. Give up the lower self, disrespect the lower self and enter into life!

Why ?

WHY?! This is the first stone you face in the life. You can take this stone as obstruction and never move beyond it. Or you can use this stone as a stepping stone and start going up. Or you can use this stone even to take off!

This great ‘WHY?’! Please understand whatever is said and done, human-beings can move only with this ability to handle the great ‘WHY?’ If you are not able to answer to this great ‘WHY?’, if you are not able to convince yourself for this ‘WHY?’ you will continuously suffer lack of inspiration, energy, laziness, boredom. 

I tell you, the worst things can happen to human-beings is laziness attack, boredom attack. People talk about panic attack. No! I tell you, boredom attack and laziness attack is more costly than panic attack.

Panic attack happens to you if you have too many answers for ‘WHY?’

Boredom attack happens to you if you don’t have answer for ‘WHY?’

Laziness attack happens to you if you don’t even want to know the answer for ‘WHY?’! 

The great ‘WHY?’ which created philosophies, gave birth to principles, gave birth even to gods, goddesses, gave birth to religions, gave birth to spiritual groups, cults, sects, cultures, we will today indulge on this great ‘WHY?’
I have a news. You can take it as a good news or a bad news. For this great ‘WHY?’ you have to discover answer. It can be a good news if you are interested in finding the answer. It can be bad news if you think, ‘Oh, I have to find out! Nobody else will give me the answer!’

I tell you, with Integrity and Authenticity I tell you, please do not accept anybody’s answer for the ‘WHY?’ If you accept my answer for ‘WHY?’ you may be living for my answer. At the most, my answer can be an inspiration for you to find out the answer for ‘WHY?’

This ‘WHY?’ created religions, made many people reach their peak and killed many people brutally in religious terrorism. For the religious terrorism to spiritual enlightenment, for the whole – see, one end of the spectrum is religious terrorism, one end of the spectrum is spiritual enlightenment – for both, “WHY?” is a reason. If you don’t find the answer for “WHY?” and eat somebody else’s answer, you can even be made as a religious terrorist! If you find your own answer for the “WHY?” you will become spiritually enlightened! 

This great “WHY?” this was the yesterday’s discussion with me and my, I can say that top organizers of Dhyanapeetam who run my sangha literally. I was having discussion. 

All of them asked, ‘We need to answer this one question, Swamiji, “WHY?”! 
So, I contemplated, contemplated, contemplated on it. I told them straightaway, ‘Now I don’t have answer. I will get back to you.’ Thanks to the disciples who give me the space to say, “I don’t know”, understand, it is a; it is not greatness of me; it is the greatness of my disciples! They are ready for an answer of this sort from me that ‘I don’t know! I will get back to you guys!’ Of course, I have started contemplating, meditating, and I can see the answer is evolving. 

They were asking me, ‘Why these four tattwas? Why meditation? Why kriya? Why all this?’ We go on teach people ‘HOW’: how to live the four tattwas; how to do the kriya. But still we have yet to answer this great question of “WHY?”

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Don’t follow rules and tradition blindly !

In the Olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines! When we don’t have the necessary understanding of a practice, it becomes a dead rule, a superstition. With understanding, any rule can become a technique, a tool that helps us to lead life happily.

With deep understanding, it will dawn upon us that all rules were basically created to help people live blissfully and happily. The rules were meant to ensure that you were in peace with yourself and the others around you. Today, we have forgotten the basis for these rules. We create hell for ourselves and others with these rules.

There are people who truly believe that meditation and prayer will save their lives. They have been told so! They fuss a lot before they begin to meditate at home. They silence the children and all others around. They turn the whole household upside down. All for the sake of ten minutes of meditation! Let us see how the meditation proceeds. The moment meditation begins, they doze off! After a minute or two, they will start swatting mosquitoes. A couple of minutes later, a major itch manifests on some part of their body. Then, the back will begin to ache. Enough is enough, they decide, “I will continue this tomorrow. It is enough for today.”

Meditation is done for the sake of peace and silence. Why meditate at all, if inner awareness cannot be created? It is like a speaker trying to silence the listeners by outshouting at them. Will it help? If the listener is not interested however much one shouts, it is of no use. You cannot silence your inner chatter by making others quiet. You need to become silent, not others. We follow rules and tradition blindly. That is why religion has such a powerful hold on us.

Let us awaken to the powers that are within us! Nature has endowed us with unimaginable energy to be free. Be alert, awake and reach for this liberation!

Anything which moves you towards completion is Sadhana.

Anything which moves you towards completion is Sadhana. Even if you go on sweeping this hall and say you will be complete – it is sadhana.
And without the action of sadhana you can neither achieve completion nor achieve enlightenment.

Cause and Effect

If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect and confused, you are in incompletion and confused. What happens is called accident.
If you know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in completion. What happens is life.
If you don’t know the connection b/w cause and effect, you are in utter clarity. You are in super-consciousness. What happens is called miracles.

Neither for chandalaas nor for enlightened beings – Cause and Effect will make no sense. As chandalaas has too much Cause and too much Effect. Enlightened beings has no Cause and no Effect.

Cause is a action/word/deed/thought which creates certain incompletion in you and in others, and pushes you to reap the fruits of incompletion in your life.
Effect is the incompletion multiplying continuously instead of moving towards completion.

Stopping the effect immediately and rewinding the effect towards the cause and merging the effect into the cause is Completion.

Anything which has not made its effect completely in you is Cause.
Any cause which has made its completion on you is Effect.

Any pattern which you have not completed as long as it remains as a pattern in you, it is called Cause. 
When it is expressed in action it is called Effect.

Cause is which happens in your mamakara. 
Effect is which happens outside you. 

You need to know it is always from inside to outside.
Whatever you give will come back. NO. How you cause that same way only it comes back to you. If you cause something out of completion what you get back is a miracle. If you cause something out of incompletion what you get back will be great hell. Even giving boon out of incompletion is dangerous – Karna.

The space you are in is more important for understanding the law of cause and effect.


Be Cause. Because if you are not Be and Cause, you will be causing the effects for which you cannot say because.


Let your being be in completion and Cause, Effect will also be in completion.

If you observe deeply you will find out,

If you observe deeply you will find out, if you have incompletion within you that day you will feel I am angry with you. When you have incompletion you will see the reflection on Me, means, if you feel I am angry at you, all you need to do is do completion with you and completion with others. I am not angry with you. If I am angry with you, then I am incomplete.

I am not angry with you because I am complete with me and with others. 

Only in completion – four tattvas work. Intention is important ingredient for Completion. Constantly you will not be able to live with you, constantly. you will be having like a life imprisonment experience. And becoz of that incompletion you will not be able to live any tattva.
Listening happens with Completion. In the state of incompletion, You don’t see, you act like seeing.
Completion has to be done with intense, complete work. When you are in completion, Shiva is available to you as Dakshinamurthy. When you are in-completion, Shiva is available in you as Kalabhairava.  Only with completion, we become one integrated being. All your inner space, body, mind under control. Everything becomes you, part of you.  When you do completion now, don’t think only from now your future will be complete. No, even your past will become complete.
Intention – decide to be complete.
Completion can be done in 3 ways:

1. Sef-completion

2. Poornatva – completing with others

3. Catharsis methods – don’t know why or with whom you have incompletion.