Ashtanga yoga principles

  1. Yama  is understanding about the law and the power which executes the law.
  2. Niyama  is raising the coherence of your consciousness to the cosmic consciousness.
  3. Asana is aligning and preparing your body for the cosmic experience.
  4. Pranayama is aligning and elevating the life energy in your system through the proper life breath process.
  5. Pratyahara is withdrawing from the things which distract you from cosmic experience.
  6. Dharana is centering on the great truths which leads you to the Cosmic experience.
  7. Dhyana is merging or becoming one with the Cosmic experience.
  8. Samadhi is completely experiencing the non-return zone, the space where you do not get seperated or you do not come back.

When you do not own, possess, feel one with the body you are carrying, you will have body and brain, not mind. Mind is the pollution created when you handle the body and brain.


Secret for Enlightenment

Do not continuously look at the ideas in which you fail or stuck, but continuously look at the ideas which you are able to make physically real. Please understand, even if you think you are the worst seeker, you will have at least 10 ideas which has become physical reality

Even in being bad you are not that Big.

Even among the worst, you are not number One. Don’t be Egoistic. So, even if you think you are the worst person, you have at least 10 ideas able to make it into physical reality. Hold them. That is the secret to enlightenment for you. Swamiji_Kailash

People ask Me, am I intellectual type, spiritual type, being type, which type ?  This is the way to find the scale. There are some ideas or truths which intellectually does not click. There are some ideas which intellectually clicks. There are some which physically clicks and you made it into reality. Looking those few and celebrating those few truths which have become physical reality will bring tremendous energy flow into the physically stuck ideas, those breakages will drop. Then that will spread into that intellectually stuck ideas also and break that also.  For example, I am giving the example of an ashramite. You have made living around ME as physical reality. Catch that one, all other things will lose its power over you. Such a big Himalayan task, after so much of obstructions, disturbances I made it a reality. I made it. Then, I am worthy. I can. When that shift happens, all other things which you are mid way or not even started will lose its power over you. 

The secret is ‘shifting your vision’. 

The mind is such a cunning fellow, he will remind only your silly failures. I tried many times to stop smoking, nothing happened. How can I even stop thinking. Smoking is such a superficial habit even that I am not able to stop, how can I stop thinking. NO. I can tell you, may be in smoking you are stuck but in stopping thinking you may be successful. You don’t know. There is no scale. You think one by one every engram you have to clean and then you will become enlightened, NO. Just hold the chain hanging on the wall, walk and jump that side. 

The secret is turning your attention to the truths which you made it into physical reality.

Loan, Fire, Enmity and Samskaras should not be left even a little bit.

Respoding spont…

Responding spontaneously with integrity and authencity is responsibility.

Seen, Seer and Seeing

Drik darshana shaktayo ekatmatate vasmitha

Egoity is the identification of the seer with the instrument of seeing.


Do not bother about the scene, seer and seeing. Just see where that ‘you’ who is perceiving everything, starts feeling, the instrument through which you are perceiving everything as one. Your eyes are not seeing. You are seeing through the eyes. But slowly you forget and start thinking your eyes are seeing. When do you slip into the idea that your eyes are seeing, instead of you seeing through the eyes ?. Look into that, that’s all. When that unconscious slip happens. That slip is Ego.

Akashic Readings on Death – Part 3

Purity poverty …

Purity poverty chastity – this three is the essence of sanyas.

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Don’t agonize for the dead

English: An overview of the structure of DNA.


I always tell people whenever their parents or somebody passes away in their family, I tell them – ‘Don’t suffer. If you suffer, you stop their journey, further journey’. You will not give them beautiful farewell. Because whether you like it or not, want it or not, our bio-memories or DNA‘s are interconnected. Thoroughly interconnected.

I have seen in my experience many time with many disciples. If the father or mother passed away, even though they are not psychologically attached, suddenly physically they will be down. And the suffering and pain will be there. Because the bio-memory is down. 

So, if you elevate your consciousness, naturally like Bhageeratha you will infuse life into the DNA structure of your ancestors and raise their frequency. If they are in ‘Pitruloka’ you will promote them to higher level. If they are in ‘Bhooloka’, you will elevate them to higher consciousness. Its like – when you beat the water, both side the water will splash. Same way when beat the consciousness and raise yourself, not just future even the past will be raised. Unfortunately you can only see future you do not have energy to look into the past. But I can see the past, that’s why I am telling you it is possible. 

Ananda Gandha

There are 7 major energy centers. The 8th energy center where all these 7 merge, become one with, is what is Ananda Gandha. It is not even a separate chakra, it is a space, source of super-conscious energy; where the matter comes in direct contact with Consciousness, where the Consciousness is directly touching the matter. It is the experience where the consciousness has Samyoga into matter, where matter has Samyoga with Consciousness. When you relax into that space, Consciousness fills matter, so naturally Super-Conscious healing happens. It is the highest happening which can happen to matter. Not just physical healing or mental healing, radiating pure consciousness. 

The source of Ananda Gandha which is source of spiritual super-conscious healing is the ultimate science towards enlightenment. Not just physical healing or mental healing. Physical healing also happens, because the very DNA structure gets re-altered when you relax into super-conscious state. 

Ananda Gandha chakra is the door where Consciousness can infiltrate matter. Where it can fill you. Where it can give you the extra-ordinary conscious experience means break-through in consciousness. The subtlest possible chakra is Ananda Gandha chakra, where you are no more ordinary human and just disappeared into the extra-ordinary super-consciousness. 

The technique or process for the Ananda Gandha to be opened is two:- 

1. If it has to be done by your effort – Unclutching.

2. If it can be done with My effort also – Process.

3. If it has to be done only by Me – Initiation.