When you are in incompletion, in all places you will experience only fear and lust.
If you are in a state of completion, you experience humor.
If you are in a state of incompletion, you will feel that the whole world is laughing at you.
If you are in a state of completion, even if the whole world is laughing at you, you will also laugh at yourself.

You only have to discover whether life has a purpose or not. The philosophies based on advaita which are based on poornatva teach you that life has a purpose. The philosophies based on shunyataa teach you that life has no purpose. Both are truth. Buddha and Adi Shankara both are Truths. Mahavir and Madhva both are Truths.

Sometimes, people come to me with big problems, if I tell them to try completion, they feel that by giving such a simple solution, I am offending them. Most time in our life all complicated problems are based on simple incompletions. When you complete with one incompletion, all the problems related to that incompletion disappear.

Decide that everyday just 1 hour you will be in the state of completion.

I request all people to do nirahara samyama. When without eating you take only liquids, you will find that in you can get established back in the state of completion. When you are happy or sad, in those moments you are vulnerable; whatever work you do in those moments is very important. In that time, you should read spiritual books, not put food inside you. When the unconscious state presents before you the questions of life, in that time you are vulnerable to being programmed.

Why the solutions you give others don’t work for you?

Humanity suffers from 1 disease – wrong association – dussanga. When you are not associated with you but with your powerlessness, you are in dussanga. When you give words as solution to others, you don’t associate with others’ powerlessness. That is why you are conscious and clear. But the same words when you use to get the solution to your own problems, you associate with your powerlessness. That is why you become unconscious and the solutions don’t work for you.

Keep enriching others.

Continuously when you will see that the spiritual solutions are working for them, you will see that for your won problems also these solutions work. When you give spiritual solutions to others, you are in the right space. Again and again when you are in the right inner space, you are more time in completion, you become mature. Then you will see that the same right inner space also gives the solution for your problem because you learn how to use the right inner space.

First bring distance between you and your powerlessness.

Don’t try to hide your Powerlessness inside you and don’t celebrate it either. Know clearly, nobody is interested in your powerlessness. Don’t encourage your powerlessness. Powerlessness destroys you physically and psychologically both levels. The problem is the inner space with which you work with others is different from the inner space you use to work with you.

If you are in the space of completion even for few moments, you will experience a new different consciousness.Same way, being in the state of incompletion few moments, years of tapas and spiritual growth can be destroyed. Continuously keep enriching others. Help everyone complete with their root thought patterns. People should importantly be given the science of completion.

Completion or incompletion are not logical. They are vertical truths.When you are incomplete, in one moment you can straight fall down.When you are complete, in one moment you can fly.

101 definitions of Living Enlightenment

1. Changing what you need to change, accepting what you don’t need to change.
2. Approaching life with sincere playfulness.
3. Feeling a constant connection with cosmos.
4. Enjoying without craving and renouncing without suffering.Swami (13)
5. Living beyond your ordinary logic.
6. Discovering and celebrating that you are unique.
7. Welcoming every way in which life introduces itself to you.
8. Working with passion, waiting with patience.
9. Intensity becoming part of your bio-memory.
10. Restful awareness in every action.
11. Living with a deep feeling that the whole cosmos is miracle.
12. Surrender without guarantee from to whom you surrender.
13. Constantly supporting the needs of your being instead of the needs of your ego, the needs of your individuality not the needs of the personality.
14. Running your life on inspiration, not on effort, fear or greed.
15. Unclutching.
16. Living with yogic body and Vedic mind.
17. Living with a free and open liberated inner space.
18. Freedom from whims and fantasies.
19. Remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you to forget.
20. Not carrying vengeance against others or oneself.
21. Taking responsibility for everything happening in you, to you, and around you.
22. Living with the power to create your destiny every moment.
23. Having the courage to change when change happens to you.
24. Living without the gap between inner and outer worlds.

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Do you feel how hard you work, you just can’t seem to create enough wealth?

How do you see yourself – as a worker, a manager or a high achiever? The worker does his job, but he never bothers to go beyond the brief. He procrastinates, passes the buck, occasionally cheats and generally tries to get by doing with as little work as possible. He lives for payday. The manager takes up some responsibilities and struggle to fulfill them. He is anxious to produce results and impress his superiors; he lives for rewards and recognition.A high-achiever is one who simply keeps on performing with no thought for rewards. He is fueled by sheer inspiration. He has abundant energy and is not afraid to take risks. He takes ownership. He lives for the joy of creating and expanding his boundaries.

Wealth is for high achievers! Wealth chooses those who don’t bother to compare what they give with what they receive.

How often we limit our expression based on the expected returns! When we work based on expectation, we can never exceed our expectations! We are stuck with a limited vision that destroys our spontaneous power of expression. And it’s not as if a high-achiever does not gather wealth! When you work intensely to create wealth, with the clear awareness that wealth is just a utility and not the goal of your life, you will not calculate your performance in advance based on what your might receive in return. The attitude of a high-achiever is purely spiritual. Treat the task ahead of you as sacred, and you will spontaneously become a high-achiever.

Just decide this much: I will not calculate. I am not going to stop my life flow. I am going to break into life. I am going to explode in life!

Simply keep on expressing yourself, and the energy and the resources will be made available to you. You will expand into areas you never thought possible, and wealth and abundance will automatically gather around you. You will become an inspirational force for those around you. The more you give, the more you allow wealth in all its forms to flow into you.

Why spiritual practices and religious living ??

The moment you assume body, the moment you are embodied, you have already received the possibility of Super-Consciousness. You have to become enlightened, no way, either by being beaten strongly by the fear or greed or spouse or mistress.

You do not have choice whether to experience Super-Consciousness or not, but you have a choice whether the transition into Super-Consciousness is going to be smooth or difficult. 

Life is as such is transition into Super-Consciousness. Nothing else. Even if you drink whole day alcohol and womanize whole night and eat all filth and do all the extreme negative things, you are transitioning into Super-Consciousness. But, difficult, long, hard way, that’s it.

If you are feeling you exist, anything you do is transition into Super-Consciousness. Spiritual practices, religious techniques makes the transition blissful happy. That’s it. 

Life is super-conscious transition, any action you do, the transition is happening. The actions through which the transition is hard, difficult, complicated are called  Wrong acts and wrong thoughts. The acts and thoughts which makes the transition smooth, joyful, relaxed, blissful is called ‘Spirituality’. 

Let the world not create words in you. let the words create world around you!

Authenticity means keeping the ahamkaara, mamakaara, anyaakaara in tune being integrated. Being established and respond to life from ahamkaara : what you believe ass you, mamakaara : what you project yourself to others, anyakaara : what others believe as you which is independent of what you project as you. you are responsible even for anyaakaara. Only when you feel responsible even for what others hold you which is independent of your projection or your feeling. You may feel how can I be responsible for how others perceive  me? Only when you feel responsible, you will feel powerful, empowered, responsible. You will not feel powerless. Life cannot bring any surprises to you. I will expand step by step.

Take responsibility for your ahamkaara, mamakaara and anyakaara. No suffering can come to you. No one can bring suffering to you. It is a part of the anyakaara we don’t want to take responsibility that is why life brings surprises to you. Life brings surprise sufferings to you. When the churning starts, everyone was waiting only for nectar. That is why poison was suffering for them. But Maha Deva was waiting for poison also that is why it could not bring suffering to him. Neelakanta is the symbol he takes responsibility for the anyakaara. In your life also you have alt he 3 – mamakaara, ahamkaara, anyakaara. Take responsibility for all the three. When you take the responsibility for all the three you will feel empowered. You won’t feel powerless. You won’t feel something unexpected is happening. Just let your inner space be completely integrated with the words you utter with authenticity. If you can’t be made to believe you are wrong, you are not wrong.

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Ananda Gandha

There are 7 major energy centers. The 8th energy center where all these 7 merge, become one with, is what is Ananda Gandha. It is not even a separate chakra, it is a space, source of super-conscious energy; where the matter comes in direct contact with Consciousness, where the Consciousness is directly touching the matter. It is the experience where the consciousness has Samyoga into matter, where matter has Samyoga with Consciousness. When you relax into that space, Consciousness fills matter, so naturally Super-Conscious healing happens. It is the highest happening which can happen to matter. Not just physical healing or mental healing, radiating pure consciousness. 

The source of Ananda Gandha which is source of spiritual super-conscious healing is the ultimate science towards enlightenment. Not just physical healing or mental healing. Physical healing also happens, because the very DNA structure gets re-altered when you relax into super-conscious state. 

Ananda Gandha chakra is the door where Consciousness can infiltrate matter. Where it can fill you. Where it can give you the extra-ordinary conscious experience means break-through in consciousness. The subtlest possible chakra is Ananda Gandha chakra, where you are no more ordinary human and just disappeared into the extra-ordinary super-consciousness. 

The technique or process for the Ananda Gandha to be opened is two:- 

1. If it has to be done by your effort – Unclutching.

2. If it can be done with My effort also – Process.

3. If it has to be done only by Me – Initiation. 



Understand, My advent has happened to give a break-through to human consciousness. To bring new consciousness, new age man. I am breaking the very consciousness on which they are standing.