When you are caught in an engram, just be in the Avatar’s presence, you will be completely healed of it.

A beautiful incident from the enlightened master, Ramana Maharishi’s life:

There was a disciple who was writing the Ramana Purana, verses in praise of Ramana Maharishi. But he had what you call the ‘writer’s block’ and he was stuck at one point. Somehow, whenever you write with ego, the ‘writer’s block’ will happen. Anyhow, that disciple came to Ramana Maharishi and said, ‘Bhagawan, I am not able to write further, please help me.’ Bhagawan said, ‘Put that paper down and leave. I will talk to you later.’ The disciple put the
paper down and went out.

The next day when he came back, he saw that the whole poem had been completed! Ramana Maharishi had written 300 lines himself. When the book was printed, the writer enclosed those 300 lines within quotes and below he put a footnote, ‘These 300 lines were written by Bhagavan Himself.’

Bhagavan saw the book and asked, ‘Oh! So then, the other lines are written by you? Alright!

The disciple later says, ‘Something simply broke in me when he said that. Tears rolled down, and I just dropped at the feet of Bhagavan and never got up again.’ 

Just that one comment was enough for this disciple, Muruganar to become enlightened! Continue reading →

When I say ‘I will take care’, I am actually giving you the stick with which you should stand up!

When you are with the master, be completely open. Don’t be frozen. Understand that life is a lot more than logic. Let go of your logic and be completely open and aware. When you let go and are open, the master is such a live energy that you will be transformed. You will be a new being, you will be a new energy and you will be a new consciousness.

I can say it in just one statement:

you will be new! You will be ‘new’ and ‘clear’, you will be ‘nuclear’!

You will feel lighter. You would have lost the weight of the ‘tumors’ you were carrying but that were not part of you, that were a disturbance in you. Something that is supposed to be an inherent part of you can never be a disturbance to you. If it is a disturbance, it was never meant to be apart of you. So just be open so the ‘master surgeon’ can remove these tumors you have been carrying for life over life. Continue reading →

How beautifully does a Master-Disciple relationship exists and flowers!

There are many levels in the master-disciple relationship. The first is purely at the intellectual level, based on doubt more than anything else. Numerous doubts keep coming up all the time. You think, ‘Eh! He seems to be hardly thirty years of age. How can he be a master? He doesn’t seem to be highly educated or qualified. How does he get thousands of people to listen to him?’ You have your doubts, you are cynical. In the zone of pure intellect the relationship never happens.

The next step is from intellect to intelligence. From the negativity of doubt you move to, ‘Why not attend this program and see what this person is really doing?’ Instead of remaining with ‘What can he do?’ you move to ‘I think he means something. But I neither believe nor disbelieve. Ok, let me see.’ The intellect starts to become intelligence. Continue reading →

Five attitudes with which one relates with the master

There are five attitudes with which to relate with the master. Through each attitude, a different path unfolds, taking you closer to yourself.

One path is the attitude of the mother towards her child, looking at the master as your child. This is called vatsalya bhava which is how Yashoda, Krishna’s foster mother, related with Him.

Another is the attitude of the child towards the mother. This is called matru bhava. This is how Ramakrishna related with goddess Kali, looking at the master as mother.

The third is the attitude of a friend, looking at the master as your friend. This is called sakha bhava. This is how Kuchela and Arjuna related with Krishna. Continue reading →

I am not here to prove my divinity. I am here to prove your divinity!

The poet-mystic, Kabir sings beautifully,

‘Master and god both appear before me. To whom should I prostrate?
I bow before the master. He introduced god to me.’

Swami Vivekananda, in one of his discussions with fellow disciples of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, referred to Ramakrishna as god. Another disciple objected saying, Surely this is taking it to the extreme. I agree that the master is enlightened, but how can he be god?

Vivekananda asked him, ‘What do you know about god?’ The disciple said, ‘Oh, god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.’ Continue reading →

Relationship with an Avatar, who is one with Existence, is deeper than any other relationship. It is a being level connection!

What is a relationship?

Relationship is that which can reveal to you dimensions in you that you don’t even know exist inside you. It gives you the experience and proves to you that you are also capable of loving someone or something. It shows that you can also love and you can also sacrifice to an amazing extent for the sake of someone.

When we are born, we are born with completeness. But we are not aware of many of our dimensions and when we are not aware, the outer world too does not know of it. Relationships have the power to awaken our unknown dimensions and make us experience them and show the same to the outer world. Relationship awakens the unknown dimensions in you. Continue reading →

You may not have the intelligence to always learn correctly from life, which is why an Avatar happens in your life!

You may ask, ‘Why do I need a master? I can learn from life.’

Learning from the master is a very sweet experience, a very joyful experience. The master first puts you in his lap and gives you the anesthesia of love before he starts his operation on the tumor of your ego. Because he showers his love, you will not even experience the pain of going through the transformation. Even if it is mildly painful, you will endure it only with the joy and awareness of being with the master.

Master is intense life. Not only does he teach you, he also sees to that you go through the whole transformation blissfully. Continue reading →

Why do we need an Enlightened Master in our life ?

The master speaks not to give you the truth, but to help you recognize that the truth is already within you. The master is only a mirror. You see your own face in the deep silence of sitting by his side. The body language of enlightenment is the master.

The enlightened master, Adi Shankara, recites beautifully in his verses of Bhaja Govindam:

When you have surrendered at the lotus feet of the master, 

From the chains of this world you will break free, 

Then, in complete control of your mind and your senses, 

Within your heart, you will find the Lord. Continue reading →

Lion and Cub Story

Once upon a time, a pregnant lioness attacked a herd of goats while hunting for food. As she jumped at one of the goats the strain became too much for her and she died giving birth to a cub. The new born cub could barely open his eyes. He made some sounds and moved around on the ground helpless. The goats saw the orphaned cub and felt compassionate towards him.

You may wonder how goats can feel compassion towards a lion cub. Understand, when the enemy does not disturb or hurt you and you don’t feel threatened in any way by his presence, you will feel compassionate towards him even if he is your enemy by nature. In the same way, since the goats did not feel threatened by the lion cub they started showing love towards him. Continue reading →

Enlightened Master is the doorway to one’s own divine experience

Chitram vadataror mooley vriddhah shishyaa gurur yuvah
Gurostu maunam vyaakhyaanam shishyaastu chinnah samshayah

Beneath the banyan tree they sit
the disciples, old men, the guru a mere youth!
The guru speaks through Silence alone
But lo! The disciples’ questions dissolve on their own!

Understanding of concepts will remain academic, and techniques will remain as tools without the power to transform, unless the master’s presence catalyzes the process. One needs the master to realize god. In the vedic tradition, the spiritual teacher, the guru or the master, is more important than god. Scriptures say that the master is mother, father and god, all in one and beyond all. Continue reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Get Enlightened

  1. No Worries; Be Happy! Express spontaneous creativity for assured success!
  2. Intensely Enjoy Life! Enjoy every moment of life with pure excitement!
  3. Always Auspiciousness! Whatever happens in life will be auspicious!
  4. ‘Always-Right’ Strategic Planning! Relationships, business, or life – always make right decisions!
  5. Ultimate Experience Every Moment! Expand and explode in all dimensions of life!
  6. No Study, Just Download! Science, arts, religion, business, cooking… Just download from the Cosmic archives!
  7. No Greed, No Fear! Nothing to gain or lose – get all you want right here, right now!
  8. Unclutch – the Fastest Gear! Master-mind – Forever free from the clutches of the mind!
  9. Being God! Master of your destiny – create your reality!
  10. Beyond Space, Time, and Mind! Enjoy being in the lap of eternal bliss! You are eternal bliss – nithya ananda!

source: Living Enlightenment

If you go to South India, you will see huge temples built of stone, installed by Enlightened Masters. But the palaces that were constructed by the same kings for themselves no longer exist.

Understand that if your family completely supports you and gives you the courage and confidence that you are a leader, you will be successful in your professional life or social life. The right family is really important to be successful in society because only that will give you the courage and confidence to take major decisions in your life.

In the same way, only your body can give you the confidence for you to achieve enlightenment. That is why yoga plays such an important role in the path of enlightenment. It works on the body and mind and gives you the confidence and courage that you can execute whatever you think.

During the vedic times in India, the whole life, the whole society was based on enlightenment. 70 percent of the people were enlightened and the remaining 30 percent were seeking, working towards enlightenment. Continue reading →